NHL Power Rankings: Top 10 Best Current NHL Team Logos

Eric CaspersonCorrespondent IIMay 9, 2011

NHL Power Rankings: Top 10 Best Current NHL Team Logos

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    A logo represents more than just a team name. It represents a city, a fanbase and character.

    The NHL started with the "Original Six" and now has grown to 30 teams. The "Original Six" logos have stayed the same to keep their originality, but many other teams have changed their logo in order to re-position their team and culture.

    With the NHL season now drawing closer to an end, we are left with the best teams in the league.

    Here are the 10 best logos in the NHL regardless of record.

10. Colorado Avalanche

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    I have always liked the Avalanche's logo.

    I think Patrick Roy, Peter Forsberg, Joe Sakic and Adam Foote really put the team and the logo on the national stage.

    What makes the logo even better are the colors. The home jerseys are one of the best in the leagues with the red and blue sweaters.

9. Tampa Bay Lightning

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    The combination of blue and black is just very intimidating. The Lightning have not had the best couple of seasons, but they are turning it around.

    The Bolts have a very simple logo, but it comes off as very neat looking.

8. Philadelphia Flyers

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    This logo represents a lot of history. It represents the Broad Street Bullies from both the present and the past.

    The Flyers logo is again a very simple one, but its meaning and tradition behind the orange and black mean a whole lot more.

7. Montreal Canadiens

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    The Montreal Canadiens are the oldest professional hockey team in North America and have one of the oldest logos.

    One of the "Original Six," the Canadiens logo represents one of the best fanbases in the NHL and is home to 24 Stanley Cups.

6. Boston Bruins

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    Right now, the Bruins logo stands for the tough and physical nature of their current team with guys like Zdeno Chara and Milan Lucic.

    That physical nature, however, is nothing new for this franchise. Boston has always been a physical team.

5. Chicago Blackhawks

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    Chicago finally broke one of the longest droughts in sports by winning their first Stanley Cup since 1961 last season.

    Chicago has some pretty good traditions, like the fans roaring during the national anthem, but one tradition has not changed...The logo has remained the same.

4. San Jose Sharks

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    Most hockey logos do not look as forceful as this one.

    The Sharks have a great and intimidating logo and very clean teal-blue uniforms to go along with it.

    San Jose is the second-newest franchise to make this list behind Tampa Bay.

3. Detroit Red Wings

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    Joe Louis Arena in Detroit is home to home of the greatest franchises in the NHL.

    The Detroit Red Wings logo represents Hockey Town USA. Detroit has one of the most recognizable logos in all of sports.

2. New York Rangers

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    Putting on the blue and red sweater and wearing the Rangers logo is one of the most historic traditions is all of hockey.

    The Rangers may not have the fanciest logos, but the meaning behind the logo is a whole lot more.

    Everyone dreams of playing for the Rangers, putting on their blue sweaters and playing in the greatest arena in all of sports.

1. Toronto Maple Leafs

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    Again, we have a very generic logo, but Toronto's symbol is one of the most historically significant logos in all of professional sports.

    Toronto may be on a bad run currently, but this logo represents almost 100 years of tradition and history.

    Toronto is the home to the Maple Leafs and possibly the greatest fanbase in hockey.