NHL Power Rankings: Jaromir Jagr and the 20 Worst Hairstyles in NHL History

Brad LeClair@beerad87Correspondent IApril 27, 2011

NHL Power Rankings: Jaromir Jagr and the 20 Worst Hairstyles in NHL History

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    Over the course of NHL history, players have come and gone through the league leaving many lasting memories.

    Wayne Gretzky left the NHL with goal No. 802 fresh in everyone's mind. Mario Lemieux left the game with the lasting image of him returning from cancer to play once again.

    But despite their successes on the ice, some of their worst collapses came with a date with their barbers.

    The late 1980s and early 1990s were a gold mine for terrible, paper-bag-over-the-head-inducing hairstyles. These mop tops are a classic look at what hockey was, what hockey is now and what hockey could be.

    Many players such as Patrick Kane adopted a hairstyle for a playoff run. Some use beards as a way to bring good luck to their club for the stretch run.

    Here's a look at the 20 worst hairstyles in recent memory in the NHL.

20. The Bald Eagle: Pierre McGuire

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    Pierre McGuire seen here whispering sweet nothings to Mike Comrie.
    Pierre McGuire seen here whispering sweet nothings to Mike Comrie.Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images

    How can I start off a slideshow without mentioning Pierre McGuire. There was a time when this guy did have hair, a full head of it, but today his lack of hair is one of the more well-known bald heads in all of the NHL.

    While having a good knowledge of the game, it's his over-the-top love for junior players and the World Junior Hockey Championship which makes his face one of the most recognizable in the NHL broadcasting world.

    Probably the best photo I've found of him can be found here clutching Sidney Crosby.

19. The Russian Mullet: Andrei Kostitsyn

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    Brother Sergei Kostitsyn seen here staying at his brother's new haircut. He's enjoying a good chuckle about it.
    Brother Sergei Kostitsyn seen here staying at his brother's new haircut. He's enjoying a good chuckle about it.

    There are many variations of the mullet here in this slideshow and this is the first. This one adopted here by Andrei Kostitsyn is easily one of the ugliest haircuts I've ever seen in my life.

18. The Mr. Potato Head: Ken Hitchcock

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    Ken Hitchcock, missing a moustache, tells Rick Nash to go pick it back up for him.
    Ken Hitchcock, missing a moustache, tells Rick Nash to go pick it back up for him.

    Not much of a hairstyle here, more of a funny face. But his hairstyle is reminiscent of the Mr. Potato Head-like hair you find with the toy. Looks almost like a toupee.

17. The Lloyd Christmas: Pavel Datsyuk

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    The pumpkin pie hair-cutted freak, or the stainless-steel bowl haircut, this is probably a haircut you can do yourself.

    The Lloyd Christmas haircut—I see a striking resemblance.

16. The Mop Top: Darius Kasparaitis

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    Another bad haircut from the wide world of Russian hairdos. The third Russian in the past five slides, this hairstyle is a bit of a hybrid between the Datsyuk and Kostitsyn.

    The party back gives it that mullet feel while the bangs make it look like he's five years old and getting his first haircut at the barber sharp—how I dreaded that day.

15. The Sham-Wow: Michal Handzus

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    This hairstyle is probably the most high maintenance haircut of all 20 listed here. I bet when he showers, he soaks up all the excess water that's left over, like a Sham-Wow.

14: The Grease Slick: Chris Pronger

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    An instant classic, Chris Pronger here adopts the slicked-back Italian gangster hairstyle, mixed with a greasy, sweaty, long-haired back of the head, along with quite possibly one of the creepiest grins I've ever seen.

    Having that gap between his teeth doesn't help either.

13: The Not so Fabulous Fabio: Daniel Alfredsson

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    A man of many ugly hairstyles, this was probably the worst of all Alfredsson haircuts I could find. Why he's got a ponytail is beyond me.

12: The Kirk Hammett: Chris Simon and Mike Ricci

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    Chris Simon, easily one of my childhood nightmare stars, makes his way in at No. 12.

    The long hair he grew out because he heard Metallica was looking for a new bassist (jokes) grew out long and full. Too bad he's swinging his stick in the KHL with the Moscow Dynamo these days.

11. The Ginger Sideshow Bob: Scott Hartnell

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    Probably my favorite hairstyle in the NHL when he had it, Hartnell comes in at No. 11.

    I would look like an idiot with a hairstyle like this, but Hartnell manages to pull it off. Unlike most ginger kids, though, I think Hartnell may have a soul, since he plays in Philadelphia, home of the AFL's Soul.

10. The Kerry Fraser: Kerry Fraser

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    PHILADELPHIA - APRIL 11:  Referee Kerry Fraser #2 takes the ice for the game between the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers on April 11, 2010 at Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The game was Fraser's last in the NHL as he is retiri
    Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

    I honestly can't think of a name for this hairstyle, so just call it the Kerry Fraser. How he managed to keep his head of hair perfectly coiffed and sitting still while having to officiate hockey is anyone's guess.

    Still hated by many Leafs fans for missed calls in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, Fraser goes down as one of the most hated referees ever to lace them up.

9. The Bob Pinciotti: Ron Duguay

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    Always has been a touch creepy, Ron Duguay, and his full head of hair makes his way in at No. 9.

    Why he's taking a photo like this is one for the history books. The second oldest man to ever play pro hockey, Duguay played two games with the Jersey Rockhoppers and Brooklyn Aces in the first-year Eastern Professional Hockey League in 2009.

    To me, he reminds me of Bob Pinciotti from That 70's Show.

8. The Marge Simpson Blue Mohawk: Bryan McCabe

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    There are many versions of the mohowk today in the NHL, but none really come close to the color this Maple Leafs defenseman adopted the last time the Leafs made it to the playoffs.

    If Marge Simpson was actually a man and had a mohawk, I'd imagine (s)he'd look a little like this.

7. The Ronald McDonald Afro: Mike Commodore

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    Mike Commodore, along with beard, gives this haircut a total Ronald McDonald look.

    Glad to see he didn't paint his face white or else I would've believed the Hurricanes played their home games at the Golden Arches.

6. The Jesus Christ Superstar: Ryan Smyth

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    It's good that Smyth plays his games in Hollywood; I hear he's the lead candidate to land the role of Jesus Christ in Jesus Christ Superstar 2011.

    Personally I never knew Ryan could sing.

    Jokes aside, this hairstyle is the best definition of hockey hair one could find in the NHL.

5. The Just for Men: Barry Melrose

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    Probably one of the worst coaching hairstyles in the history of the NHL, Melrose's haircut blends pretty well every hairstyle into one.

    The grease slick, mullet, a little Kirk Hammett and maybe a touch of Fabio (Alfredsson), if he managed to put it in a pony tail.

    What makes it a mid-life crisis is that he's going gray in this photo, and to me that screams "I just got divorced, I'm going back on the prowl, where's Emmitt Smith?"

    Seriously though, terrible hair style.

4. The Redneck Diaries: Patrick Kane

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    Pretty well the same thing as Barry Melrose, this haircut that Patrick Kane got for the playoffs is the worst haircut of the 21st century in hockey.

    What makes it worse than Melrose's are those racing stripes he puts just above his sideburns, which makes him look quite redneck like.

    I hear he wears the No. 88 in honor of Dale Earnhardt Jr—that's not factual, just me giving him another ribbing for an atrocious hairstyle.

3. The Joe Dirt: Wayne Gretzky

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    I could easily put this No. 1, but that would be too easy right?

    Wayne takes the third spot in this show because, quite honestly, while his hairstyle is nasty in its own right, it still pales in comparison to the last two.

    You could get away with a hairstyle like this in Edmonton, but once he got dealt from the Oilers, the hairstyle soon followed for a sleeker, more Hollywood-friendly haircut.

2. The Czech Mate: Jaromir Jagr

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    The best player I think to ever dawn the mullet for an extended period of time, Jaromir Jagr comes in as the runner up for worst hairstyles ever in the NHL.

    When Mario retired, Jagr's mullet soon followed; it's too bad, though, after he lost the locks, his career started to go downhill. Who knew his hair could talk like that?

1. The "Skullet": Al Iafrate

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    I really don't know what to say to this. This is by far the worst hairstyle I've ever come across.

    The combination of long hair in the back and no hair on the top makes this hair style extra weird and creepy.

    I'm glad today lafrate doesn't still have this hairstyle. Why he has that comb-over on the top of his head, I really have no clue. Maybe his wife had a thing for men with long hair or combovers, giving her the best of both worlds possibly.


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