WWE Issues List of Banned Terms to International Voice-Over Workers

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIApril 13, 2011

How long will this logo be acceptable?
How long will this logo be acceptable?

Thanks to LordsofPain.net for the following.

Just thought I'd bring you this tidbit of information which gives us yet a further insight into the mindset of the WWE. I find some of the new regulations laughable and almost embarrassing.

WWE has an information sheet titled "The Language of WWE" that they send out to people that do international voice-overs for their TV shows in other countries. The sheet includes a list of "Incorrect Terminology" and a list of "Correct Terminology."

"The Language of WWE" reads like this:

"World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a publicly traded entertainment company (NYSE: WWE) that creates and delivers a weekly action soap opera to its passionate fans.

WWE has been a recognized leader in entertainment for more than 25 years and has developed into one of the most popular and sophisticated forms of global entertainment today.

As a global entertainment brand, the language that we use when communicating on WWE is critical.

Please ensure that you are familiar and employing the below, effective immediately.

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Here's a look at some of the terms:

  • "Wrestling" or "catch" is banned. Some European countries still use the term "catch" to describe pro wrestling and "catchers" to describe wrestlers. "The Language of WWE" states that the following phrases are incorrect: "Wrestling is broadcast in 145 countries," or "Catch is broadcast in 145 countries." The correct terminology is: "WWE is broadcast in 145 countries."
  • "Sports" is incorrect. "Entertainment or Action Soap Opera" is allowed. For example, "WWE is exciting entertainment" or "WWE is an exciting action soap opera" is allowed. In the last example, "action soap opera" is printed in bold, presumably to make sure there's no confusion.
  • "Catchers" or "wrestlers" are not allowed. Incorrect examples are "Catchers are unique characters" or "Wrestlers are unique characters." The term "WWE Superstars" is allowed.
  • "Athletes" or "Sportsmen" are not allowed either. WWE gives the following example to use: "WWE Superstars are entertainers with tremendous athletic prowess."
  • The term "fight" is not allowed. Matches must be referred to as "match" or "bout."
  • "Fighting" is also not allowed but the term "action" is.
  • ''The Language of WWE" printout concludes with the following "Key Soundbytes":
  • WWE is pure entertainment
  • WWE is an action soap opera
  • WWE Superstars are entertainers with tremendous athletic prowess

That's a fairly thorough set of guidelines sent out by Vinnie Mac and Co.

While some are understandable, some are just completely ludicrous.

I also found it interesting that in the week that WWE announce that they are no longer known as ''World Wrestling Entertainment,'' they decide to acknowledge themselves as such in the opening statement.

But then again, nothing surprises me anymore.

So, what do you think of these ''Language of WWE'' regulations?

Apologies for my absence and not reading the articles links which have been sent to me. Life is busy at the moment. Should get back to normal during the summer, but until then, it will be a few sporadic appearances here and there!

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