The 20 Craziest Fan Fights

Sean BeckwithContributor IApril 5, 2011

The 20 Craziest Fan Fights

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    I used to think soccer fans were by far the craziest, most ruthless fans on the planet. After a little digging I found that they are still the craziest, but the gap narrowed.

    Philadelphia fans are the most ruthless (I mean they booed Santa Claus). However, Philadelphia fans are not the toughest. If I were to give the countdown a sub-title it would be:

    Top 20 Memorable Fan Fights


    Places NOT to Start a Fight

    And we're off...

20: Soccer Fight (Imagine That)

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    I have two favorite things about this clip.

    1. The first two fans decided to one-up the soccer game and brawl right out on the pitch.

    2. The guy in the white-and-blue-striped shirt finds a big metal cylinder and pounds it on the guy's head. (Watch the poundee wobble and then hit the deck.)

    Costa Rica Soccer stadium gets 3.5 out of a possible 4 stars for "Places Not to Start a Fight" at because if you didn't know not to start a fight at a soccer game in Central America, than you deserve to get a metal cylinder to the dome.

19: Tennis and Fighting: An Undiscovered Gold Mine

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    This fight wouldn't happen at Wimbledon or the French Open (maybe the Australian Open because Aussies are crazy). Of course it happens at the U.S. Open. In what city, other than New York, would a young man argue with a lady.

    I'm assuming two things:

    1. Due to his seasoned hand gestures, the young man argues quite often.

    2. The old man, who stood up for his daughter (I think it's his daughter), immediately regretted his decision.

    What I can't figure out is, why are they fighting in the first place? What can possibly be so polarizing in the upper bowl of a tennis match?

    The U.S. Open gets 3.5 out of 4 stars for "Places Not to Start a Fight." Right now you're probably saying, "Sean, how can Costa Rica and the U.S. Open get the same rating?"

    They received the same rating because in Costa Rica, you know not to start a fight, as opposed to the U.S. Open, where you didn't even know you could start a fight.

18: The Battle of the Burly

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    I know this is not fan-on-fan violence, but we'll make an exception because both genders should be represented in this count down.

    I'm assuming the Red Sox fan is drunk because there's no reason for her to get involved, much less verbally assault a female officer. A female officer who is the ONLY other female at the game who could take the Red Sox fan down.

    I like the "Maury"-esque finger pointing and the belly bumping but my favorite part is when the white girl asks the cop, "Who the F*** do you think YOU'RE fighting?"

    The Red Sox fan gets two out of four stars for "People Not to Start a Fight With."

    The female officer gets a perfect four out of four stars because she looks really mean and she's a cop.

17: Sun Life Stadium of Pain

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    This is the first of a three-part mini-segment of the countdown that I like to affectionately call: Sun Life Stadium of Pain.

    This first clip has one punch thrown. The reason it's in the countdown is because that one punch lands squarely on the Oklahoma fan's face. Starting a fight with fans of The U is a bad idea to begin with and this fact is reiterated by the douche bag in the camouflage visor and 31 jersey reaching over three people to throw a sucker punch.

    That's a cheap shot, and it's made apparent it's a cheap shot because the guy backs off immediately after throwing the punch. Maybe he's just the mad The U has been irrelevant for five years.

    Side note: I'll rank all the Sun Life Stadium of Pain clips at the end of the three-part mini-segment.

16: Sun Life Stadium of Pain Part II

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    I love this clip because Hurricane fans don't limit potential victims to just the opposing team but rather to whoever wants to throw a couple punches. It appears the fans are bored with the halftime entertainment and decide to hit anybody that moves.

    In typical Hurricane fashion, multiple sucker punches are thrown. You have to listen closely to catch the best part of the clip. As the fight goes on the lady on the loudspeaker says,

    "It's one of the best schools in the country. It focuses on academics and diversity. It's all about the U, baby."

    You know what, she's right. There is a fat white guy, a skinny white guy, a couple of Latin-Americans and an African-American all studying self-defense in the upper bowl.

15: Sun Life Stadium of Pain Part III

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    For the finale we have a Marlins fan vs. a Yankees fan. In typical Sun Life Stadium of Pain, fashion we have multiple natives not hesitating to throw a couple cheap shots.

    However, this clip takes a turn because Marlins' fans do not travel in packs like Hurricane fans. You could argue that this fight ended in a draw.

    Side note: If the Marlins' fan lands his flying punch cleanly, he wins by TKO.

    Now for the final rankings:

    Miami Hurricane fans: four out of four stars for "People Not to Start a Fight with" because they could care less about a fair fight and they love sucker punching.

    Florida Marlins' fans: three out of four stars because they're still mean, they like sucker punching but they don't travel in packs and they barely show up for games to begin with.

    Sun Life Stadium of Pain: 3.5 stars because the fans are venomous and throw an abundance of cheap shots, but that's when they show up.

14: I'd Like Two Seats in the Fighting Section Please

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    This fight takes place at a Latvian pro basketball game. Apparently ALL European sports fans are crazy, not just soccer fans.

    I like the three security guards who successfully break it up. It's a fete in its own right.

    I'll give the Latvian basketball fans 2.5 out of four stars, because they allowed themselves to get owned by a small trio of security guards.

13: Tennis and Fighting: An Undiscovered Gold Mine Part II

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    Remember when I wrote that "maybe a fight could start at Australian Open because Aussies are crazy." This is proof and I found this clip after I saw U.S. Open fight clip. I was shocked/ecstatic when I found another tennis fan fight.

    Something about Australia turns people into lunatics. These fans didn't let us down, either. It's not a minor scuffle like the U.S. Open clip, but an all-out chair-chucking brawl that took cops to stop it.

    Australian Open fans get a perfect score because it seems they'll fight over pretty much anything.

    Side note: I'm giving myself four out of four stars for the unintentional foreshadowing.

12: Note to Self: Don't Start a Fight in the Dawg Pound

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    The Browns recent play has fans on edge. Somebody should have told that to the Broncos fan who thought he could fight just one fan. Dogs travel in packs and you're in the "Dawg Pound."

    Ipso facto, you're getting a beatdown.

    I know the video quality isn't great but at about the one-minute mark you can clearly see a long-haired Cleveland fan in a No. 4 jersey land multiple overhand haymakers.

    Best thing in this video, other than the fight, is the amount of Brady Quinn and Jay Cutler jerseys in the stands. Cutler was traded to the Bears and then the Broncos traded for Quinn. (Think about that, Buffalo Bills' fan who is about to buy a Ryan Fitzpatrick jersey.)

    The Dawg Pound receives a perfect four out of four stars, because Cleveland fans deserve it.

11: Your Reputation Precedes You

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    This fight ends quickly because the stands in Jacksonville are so empty the security guards can sprint to the scene. However, what is this Jaguars' fan doing picking a fight with any fan from Philadelphia.

    The guy in the black Dawkins jersey lands quite a few blows. A Jacksonville fan trying to fight a Philadelphia fan is like Kobe Bryant trying to fight Chris Childs. One looks like he's fought before and the other one gets punched in the mouth.

    (If you didn't click the link and assumed Kobe didn't get punched in the mouth, you're sorely mistaken.)

    The Philadelphia fan gets 3.5 out of four stars because he traveled to Jacksonville to deliver a beating.

    Jacksonville Municipal Stadium get half a star because the Jaguars are moving to L.A. in a couple years, and the fans know it.

10: Hockey Fans + Free Hockey Stick = Sad Little Girl

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    This clip shows hockey fans at their finest. Did the two goons think Niedermayer was giving them his stick? Both need to grow up.

    I feel bad for the little girl. A potentially joyous life-long moment turns into a traumatic one. Although, I really enjoyed the vigor with which the lady in the gray sweatshirt starts throwing punches.

    Hockey fans shouldn't be messed with at all, but throw in a free hockey stick and you've got yourself a recipe for four out of four stars.

9: Don't Mess with Red Sox Women

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    When I first watched this video I thought the person in the Red Sox jersey and sunglasses was a dude. Nope, it's just a jacked-up female Red Sox fan.

    I would suggest the fight started because the Red Sox and Angels have an all-right rivalry, but then I saw the shirtless guy with a sun bonnet on. He didn't back down but he's still shirtless and wearing a sun bonnet.

    I just want to reiterate it one more time: he's shirtless and wearing a sun bonnet.

    The male Red Sox fan gets two out of four stars because he doesn't land any clean punches.

    The female Red Sox fan gets four out of four stars because she isn't afraid to mix it up with a guy.

    The shirtless, sun-bonnet wearing Angels fan gets zero stars and I feel like you already know why.

8: Confusion or Inebriation?

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    This is the first and only home team fan-on-fan violence in the countdown. My guess is the guy in the Portis jersey is hammered but also a little bit mean.

    I think the guy in the Redskins' windbreaker probably voiced his enthusiasm for Daniel Snyder, and that's all Portis guy needed.

    I don't know how to rank this one, so I'm going to give an average of the two fans. Redskins' fans get two out of four stars because Portis guy got four stars and windbreaker got zero.

7: When Will People Learn Not to Mess with Red Sox Fans?

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    I applaud the Yankees' fan for trying to defend his team's honor, but he should have known better. I mean just look at the previous clips and see how Red Sox fans act away from Fenway.

    A Yankees vs. Red Sox game in Fenway is going to bring out the most fanatical followers and it basically turns into a gang beating.

    I'm giving Fenway Park a perfect four out of four stars.

    Boston fans also get four out of four stars because the losing grew a mob mentality within them.

6: The Oakland Raiders

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    Initially I was going to post a video of a Raiders fan stabbing a Chargers fan and then I thought this a Top 20 Memorable Fan Fights not Top 20 Memorable Assaults with a Deadly Weapon.

    Am I shocked to see multiple Raiders' fans assaulting a lone 49ers' fan? No.

    I wouldn't start a fight with a Raiders fan anywhere, and thus they get four out of four stars.

    Side Note: I used this clip also because an Oakland fan gets tasered. Karma.

5: Rugby Players Vs. Fans Vs. More Fans

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    First question: Where are they playing this? I've been to bigger high school football stadiums.

    Second question: Where is all the security?

    I knew rugby players were tough, but I didn't know their fans were as well. This appears to be a small-time rugby match but apparently it's meaningful enough to throw chairs and beat people with sticks.

    After watching this I'm not even hesitating to give ALL rugby fans and arenas four out of four stars.

4: England Soccer Hooligans

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    I like how this isn't a fans' video but a well-done montage with music of soccer hooligans throwing chairs and getting sprayed down by a tank that appears to be made just for soccer rioters. These fans don't even need an arena to start a fight.

    Side Note/Story: A buddy of mine took a Greek guy to a pretty lively college basketball game and asked him afterward what he thought of the crowd. He responded, "Last soccer game I was at, the fans were throwing piss balloons at each other."

    Undoubtedly, a perfect four out of four stars.

3: Chinese Soccer Fans

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    How entertaining can a 13-second clip be? Very entertaining. This clip wins multiple awards.

    It beats out the Florida Marlins clip for fewest people in the stands. It beats out the rugby clip for worst stadium and it also beats out the Hurricane clip for biggest cheap shot.

    The old man gets a perfect four our of four stars. I mean you turn your back for a second, and he kicks you down the bleachers.

2: Yes, the Top Four Is All Soccer Hooligans

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    This would never happen during an American sporting event. These fans are so crazy they have a specific name.

    When you have a specific name ordained for the kind of rabid fan you are, you get FIVE out of four stars. (That's right, I changed the scale for hooligans.)

1: The Finale

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    What's more brutal than a soccer riot on a field? A preordained battle before a game.

    Soccer fans are the craziest bunch of people in sports. In America, we like to tailgate before a game. In Europe, they like to take clubs to opposing fans before a game.

    Five out of four stars.


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