Atlanta Falcons: Time for Arthur Blank to Decide If He Really Wants a Super Bowl Victory

Frank SpartiCorrespondent IIMarch 1, 2011

Falcon's Owner Arthur Blank
Falcon's Owner Arthur BlankStreeter Lecka/Getty Images

The time has come for Falcon's Owner Arthur Blank to reveal if he really wants a Super Bowl Victory. The only thing we know for sure is that the days of fielding a team on the cheap, like Rankin Smith did for years, is no way to win the big prize. We can at least agree that Arthur Blank cares at least as much about his players and football as he does his bottom line.

However, now it is time to step up and go that last mile. Bring in Asomugha and move Brent Grimes into the slot. Yes, there will need to be a rotation but what a good problem to have.

When the Falcons were in the playoffs last season, their payroll was the LOWEST of any team still playing. They were paying out just under $100,000,000. The cap was $40,000,000 higher. This means that the Owners Management Team was bringing out a team that did very well but "on the Cheap."

I know that Robinson received a "gift" contract last year but that is no reason to avoid bringing in one of the best cornerbacks to play the game. He is also a high-character guy.

My guess is that the Falcons will try to be like New England and let some free agents go. This is an effort to "game" the draft process and get more compensatory picks (or trade picks). I personally think this is a mistake. It is better to spend some money if you want to win a Super Bowl.

So now is the time for Mr. Blank to show his cards. We will know which way he is going if he keeps payroll down and doesn't make that last necessary push to victory. Keep and pay the guys that deserve it. Bring in that RARE free agent that is extraordinary and build through the draft.

I know this is a business and profits matter, but you can't put a price on the self-satisfaction of having a team that is a Super Bowl Winner! Let me know what you think.


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