WWE: What If Kurt Angle Never Left? Potential Feuds with PG-Era Superstars

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WWE: What If Kurt Angle Never Left? Potential Feuds with PG-Era Superstars

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    "Kurt Angle will retire in the WWE! It's true, it's true!"

    Imagine if Kurt had uttered these words in 2006, having decided not to ask for a release from his WWE contract.

    While in 2006 the WWE had begun the transition to the PG-era, it hadn't fully started yet, as ECW was still around to attempt to please (keyword: attempt) the hardcore-loving fans. Also, the WWE had moved Raw from Spike TV back to the USA network, meaning they had to have fewer risque segments.

    I personally feel that with Kurt Angle's goody-goody milk-drinking image, it would have been great to have him in the WWE these last few years. It would have been interesting to see the direction his character would have taken.

    Anyhoo, I thought it would be fun to match Ol' Kurt up with some WWE superstars that debuted after his departure from the WWE. While Angle was better in the WWE as a heel, he could be a face too, so I feel confident that he could feud with any superstar, heel or face.

    Here we go, in no particular order...

Kurt Angle vs Kofi Kingston

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    Funny picture, Kofi's lower region looks just as excited as his upper region.

    When I was thinking about writing this article, for some reason Kofi Kingston was the first person that I thought about feuding with Kurt Angle. Both of these guys are just super athletic, and it would be a treat to watch them compete against each other.

    Their matches would have some great spots in them, too. I could see a potential finish in which Kofi goes for the boom drop, only to have Angle counter into the ankle lock as Kofi is flipping over. Classic.

Kurt Angle vs Jack Swagger

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    The reason for this feud is pretty obvious.

    Back when Jack Swagger was relevant, his character was criticized by some as a Kurt Angle knock-off, and it is easy to see why. In spite of his athleticism, amateur wrestling background and patriotism, Swagger was pretty over as a heel. Hell, he even uses the ankle lock as his finisher!

    This match could be a technical wrestling masterpiece, as these two would utilize more holds, throws, rolls and counters than have been seen in a while.

    It is worth noting, however, that had Kurt Angle stayed with the WWE, Jack Swagger would have debuted as a much different character.

Kurt Angle vs Wade Barrett

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    When the Nexus first debuted, it would have been interesting to see where Kurt Angle fit in with their invasion. He would have been on the Summerslam team for sure, but what about before that?

    If he was a face, he would have been right there with Cena talking about getting rid of them. But as a heel? I could see Angle either running from them (like Sheamus), or more likely, attempting to join them (like Chris Jericho and Edge).

    Since Angle would still be a main-eventer in the WWE, he would have locked horns with Barrett at some point. I think that they would have a solid match, with Angle out-wrestling Barrett but not being able to match Barrett's power.

    These two probably would not have a full-fledged program together, but maybe a few good matches.

Kurt Angle vs Alberto Del Rio

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    If Kurt Angle were still in the WWE, he would have inevitably come into conflict with Alberto Del Rio during Del Rio's rise to prominence. Del Rio's brash better-than-you attitude would not have appealed to a face Kurt Angle, and the two could have engaged in a nice feud that culminated in a submission match at a pay-per-view.

    Angle would probably have the ankle lock on Del Rio in the middle of the ring, but would break it in order to smack Ricardo Rodriguez, who would be distracting the referee. Del Rio would seize the opportunity and get Angle in the cross arm breaker, causing Angle to tap out and furthering Del Rio's push.

Kurt Angle vs the Miz

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    Kurt Angle is great in the ring, there is no doubt about it. There is also no doubt that Angle is pretty easy to mock, and the Miz would have a field day cutting promos on Angle.

    In the ring, however, I am not sure that Kurt Angle could get a five star match out of the Miz. While the Miz has improved drastically in the last year, I do not think that he could keep up with Angle in a 25 minute pay-per-view match

    Still, I would love to see this feud, as the charisma exuded by both of these superstars would make the lead-up very entertaining. Alex Riley would repeatedly get his butt kicked, that's for sure.

Kurt Angle vs John Morrison

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    Ah! He's got a microphone in his hand! What a horrifying image, unless you're a female (I've been told he is good looking). Sorry if I scared anyone.

    As for this match, wow, can we dream? These guys would bring the house down every single time. With Angle's amazing technical wrestling and Morrison's amazing parkour style, it is hard to imagine them not having a great match.

    As far as lead-up goes... well... maybe Morrison can let his fists, feet and knees do talking.

Kurt Angle vs CM Punk

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    Kurt Angle would have fit in pretty well with the Straight-Edge Society, right? Doesn't smoke, doesn't drink beer, and he's already bald! Punk and Angle could have ran the SES together, sort of how the Rock and Owen Hart ran the Nation of Domination together.

    A power struggle would have eventually occurred, of course, leading either Angle or Punk to betray the other and turn him face, culminating in a big pay-per-view feud.I think their styles would mesh well together, extending their feud to several months and resulting in several 5 star matches.

    This one DEFINITELY should have happened.

Kurt Angle vs the Great Khali

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    "You do not have CURRY!!!???" Lol.

    I hate to say it, but you KNOW this match would have happened. Unfortunately, Angle probably would have gotten squashed.

    And even more unfortunately, Khali is soooooo bad that not even Angle could get a good match out of him.

Kurt Angle vs Daniel Bryan

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    I could see this feud starting because Kurt Angle hit on Gail Kim, or maybe because the Bella Twins use Angle to get back at Daniel Bryan for spurning them. Either way, this would be a wrestling CLINIC. Just like the potential Jack Swagger feud, this match would have more throwed rolls than a Lambert's Cafe.

    Also, "snap or tap" would probably be uttered more than a few times. Michael Cole would probably hate it, but this could be the feud that catapulted Daniel Bryan into the main event tier, if he ever makes it.

    This is another feud that definitely should have happened, because the IWC would love this feud more than Mark Henry loves cake, more than Matt Striker misses hearing the sound of his own voice AND more than Ric Flair loves tarnishing his legacy.

Kurt Angle vs John Cena

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    Yes, yes, I know these two feuded before, but that was the old John Cena. The potential feud that I am referring to is Kurt Angle vs new John Cena, the John Cena that wears purple and orange, the John Cena that has emerged since after Angle left the WWE.

    This feud would be best with Angle as a heel and with him calling out Cena as being a fake and a hypocrite, as CM Punk and others have done before him. Cena could then point out Angle's own hypocrisies, leading an eventual clash of "I say I am a good person, but the fans boo me!" vs "I have the WWE Universe behind me, so I must be a good person!"

    This angle has been done to death, it's true it's true, but it would get done again, as this would probably be a Wrestlemania feud for sure. Angle is great wrestler, and even though it pains me to say it, Cena is good too and these two would put on a great match. Maybe not as good as R-Truth vs Jerry Lawler would be, but good nonetheless.

Honorable Mention

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    Sheamus and Kurt Angle would probably have some sort of feud or match, but honestly, I left it out because the prospect just doesn't excite me very much.

    I left out Christian and Evan Bourne because both are currently injured, and I left out Dolph Ziggler because of his supposed firing from the WWE. However, these three would all undoubtedly work quality matches with Angle.

    Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment and/or "like" this article.