Al Davis And The Oakland Raiders Making Huge Strides Early On

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIFebruary 21, 2011

WR Jacoby Ford, another new weapon in the Silver and Black arsenal of raw talent.
WR Jacoby Ford, another new weapon in the Silver and Black arsenal of raw talent.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It was only a few months ago that fans around the Raidernation were frustrated at the firing of 8-8 head coach Tom Cable.

Tom Cable had contributed in pulling the Oakland Raiders out of a decade long slump with a useless JaMarcus Russell and a tough fighter in QB Bruce Gradkowski. By bringing in Jason Campbell from the Washington Redskins, Tom Cable was able to get an even 8-8 record for the Oakland Raiders.

Then Tom Cable was released and for many, it was frustrating in part because even Oakland players such as Shane Lechler and Robert Gallery expressed their frustrations.

Yet, the fans watched on as Hue Jackson was expected to be named the new head coach.

In regard to Tom Cable, I must write that Tom Cable turned the team spirit around in Oakland. It was tough to swallow for some that he seemed to be the perfect coach for the Silver and Black.

Heck, the guy went through a tough year with a failing Jamarcus Russell, then the assistant coach "jab to the chin" fiasco, the vengeful ex-wife drama and so like stated previous, "it was tough."

However, like a Raider, Tom Cable focuses on the team and pulls it together. The guy was a good coach.

Yet today, the fans are pleased that owner, "Maverick," Mr "Oakland Raider" himself, Al Davis has turned tides in the city of Oaktown.

It is now February and the team looks like Superbowl winners early on!

Hue Jackson is the head coach now. QB Jason Campbell is the starter now and has rightfully earned the job. Protection for Campbell will get the wins.

Rod Woodson is the coach for the DBs and LB Greg Biekert is coaching the LBs. Then Al Davis goes back and gets winner Chuck Bresnahan. Brenahan worked well with Jon Gruden and should he fit in with Hue Jackson, well, the Raiders may be unstoppable.

The talent alone is just improving.

Once considered a bust, Darren McFadden has stepped up the game and become a 1000 yard RB. He is an exciting RB and under Hue Jackson should will excel in 2011.

Enter more raw talent in a bullet named Jacoby Ford and a defensive monster in Rolando "suplex, concussion" McClain.

The Oakland Raiders look like winners.

It's pretty nice that Steve Wisznieski is back with the Oakland Raiders. The Oakland Raiders sidelines next season will be a team of past and new experiences and by building on both it should prove to be advantageous for Oakland.

In fact, it's pretty funny that Al Davis has silenced the naysayers that said he needs to retire and leave the Oakland Raiders to new management so the team can win. Al Davis has improved the Oakland Raiders in a huge way and made team even stronger.

Yet, we are only in February. Yup, Mr. Davis has been pretty busy getting the worm.

A rock for the defensive line, Richard Seymour was recently re-signed to a two-year contract. Richard Seymour has been not only solid on the line, he has also become its captain.

Great news for the Raidernation was when Richard Seymour expressed his desire to retire as an Oakland Raider.

The final piece seems to be the Asomugha saga. Nnamdi Asomugha will more than likely remain a Raider. At least, thats what many are hoping for. There is no question that Nnamdi Asomugha is the best CB in the NFL.

However, with the team growing the way it is and the addition of Rod Woodsonโ€”Rod Woodson, think about that. It is just awesome.

The secondary in Oakland is going to be very very dangerous. Defensively, the Raiders will lacerate opponents. It's only February and good news just seems to pour out of the Oakland Raider organization.

The NFL Draft is the next event for the Raiders and based on past picks, it's very likely the Raiders will do well.

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