2011 NFL Mock Draft: 10 Teams Who Could Benefit from Trading Up or Down

Dallas Davis@SpreadANDTotalCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2011

2011 NFL Mock Draft: 10 Teams Who Could Benefit from Trading Up or Down

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    AUBURN, AL - NOVEMBER 13:  A.J. Green #8 of the Georgia Bulldogs against the Auburn Tigers at Jordan-Hare Stadium on November 13, 2010 in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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    As the draft approaches, many teams are gaining intelligence on some of their favorite superstars from the 2010-2011 college football season.

    Certain teams have spots that don't exactly reflect their needs, while other teams would like nothing more than to claw their way to a position to take a player they feel might take them to the promised land.

    Let's take a macro look at some teams that could benefit from changing their positions in the first round. Keep in mind, we will only be looking at this through the frame of these teams finding a way to get the draft pick trades they want, not at how the trade would go down or what it would take as far as value to obtain their hypothetical desired pick.

St. Louis Rams Trade Up for Julio Jones

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    In a swap with Washington, the Rams could benefit big-time by trading up to spot No. 10 in hopes of getting the big play receiver.

    Julio Jones, should he fall to No. 10 overall, would pose a trade bait situation for St. Louis. I'm not sure if there are many Rams fans that would be mad with a Sam Bradford to Julio Jones connection.

    The big item to keep in mind here is whether or not Jones is on the board.

Washington Redskins Trade with Rams to Get Cam Newton and Additional Late Pick

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    This could be a safe pick for the Redskins should they want to replace the quarterback position and figure out what to do with Donovan McNabb.

    Again, that's unclear, but we've heard some rumblings about Cam Newton and Washington being a good match. Therefore this move would work for both teams.

    The only thing to watch for would be if the Vikings or the Lions set their sights on Cam.

Dallas Cowboys Trade Up to No. 7 If Patrick Peterson Is Still Available

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    In a swap with the 49ers, the Cowboys would have to pony up some later draft picks in order to attain a eventual Terence Newman replacement.

    Patrick Peterson might still be on the board in spot No. 7, and if he is, the Cowboys would love to get a guy like him to step in immediately at corner.

Raiders Sign Zach Miller As Restricted FA, Trade Him for Falcons First Rounder

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    This one would hurt me as a fan of Zach Miller, but I can't deny it would be a great draft day should it go down.

    The Raiders could use the 27th selection on CB Aaron Williams out of Texas or another cornerback available. In my opinion, that is certainly a position we should look into during the draft.

Atlanta Falcons Offer First Rounder and Various Picks for Bengals' No. 4 Pick

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    Imagine if Matt Ryan had Roddy White and Julio Jones at the wideout positions.

    Imagine if A.J. Green falls to No. 4 and the Bengals are willing to sacrifice a big payout for more talented guys.

    Both of these options are intriguing, as well as if A.J. Green is a big enough prospect to warrant a blockade put up by the Bengals camp if he's still available once they hit the clock.

Denver Broncos Trade No. 2 Pick to Drop Down to No. 7, Take Prince Amukarama

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    The Broncos need a corner with Champ Bailey possibly being on his way out. If not now, they certainly could use a young corner to build their corner strength on defense.

    Prince has the tools, and even if he's not as good as Patrick Peterson, he still is the second best cornerback in the draft.

    If you're not a believer in Prince, take a look at him against, in my opinion, the best returning receiver in college football.

    This would mean the Cowboys could take Da'Quan Bowers, which will be our next slide.

Dallas Cowboys Trade Up to No. 2 for Da'Quan Bowers or A.J. Green

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    The Cowboys could use Bowers, and Bowers could use the Cowboys to start his career. After a disappointing season in Jerry's World, the Cowboys need to find a way to put more pressure on the quarterback and running game.

    Bowers would be an awesome addition, especially with DeMarcus Ware already in place on one end.

    On the other hand, it might be a toss-up between Bowers and if they'd rather take another top receiver in A.J. Green.

    I think he will entice everyone in the draft.

San Francisco 49ers Trade Up Two Spots in Swap with Arizona for Von Miller

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    This idea is purely because I think it would be so raw to see Patrick Willis and Von Miller playing next to each other.

    I don't know if the 49ers even need a another linebacker, but this would send their defense into a frenzy.

    In fact, if Miller is available at No. 5, the Cards will probably take him considering it's one of their needs.

Arizona Cardinals Trade Down to Take Jake Locker, Gain Extra Picks

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    It won't be Seattle giving up this pick, especially because their needs can be filled without having to trade up and sacrifice multiple players and/or draft picks.

    For Arizona, they would get the quarterback they need, and with picks presumably early in the second round, they could also address getting an outside linebacker in Justin Houston should he fall outside of the late first round.

    I see the Cards making this switch with the 'Phins.

Miami Dolphins Swap with Arizona Cardinals, Take Blaine Gabbert

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    I would rather the Dolphins see what Chad Henne is all about, but I can't speak for Dolphin Nation.

    Blaine Gabbert is a solid all-around player, and I feel as if he would have a great home in Miami. The Dolphins certainly need a running back as well to replace Ricky Williams. However, quarterback is also a need should things not work out currently.

    If the 'Phins don't trade up, maybe they will trade out of the first round for additional second-round picks, possibly opening a door for QB Ryan Mallett and/or RB Ryan Williams.