Faces In Stone: The Mount Rushmore of The NHL Rookies

Henry Dorgan@HDthaTVmanContributor IFebruary 18, 2011

Faces In Stone: The Mount Rushmore of The NHL Rookies

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    Nothing says America like apple pie, a picture of Uncle Sam, the required US History class high schoolers take, and Mount Rushmore.

    Mount Rushmore is a shrine to some of the greatest Presidents of the United States, and only four crack the list. So as I was thinking about this marvelous mountain, I thought, "How can I relate this to the NHL (Yeah I think of some crazy things during US History class. Sorry Mrs. Adams)?" 

    The NHL has some stellar rookies this year, but unfortunately, the perfect peak only has four faces, but there were some Presidents that were taken into consideration, and are referred to as "Honorable Mentions".

    While you're reading this—and you have no idea what this mountain is because you're not American—imagine four really important men's faces on a mountain that is placed in a state which would be nothing special unless it had this mountain (sorry South Dakota).

Honorable Mention: Cam Fowler-James Madison; Close, But Not Cigar

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    Fowler and Madison both put up good stats.

    Fowler has 29 points so far, and leads rookie defensemen in this category. He rarely takes a day off, playing in 51 games so far. 

    Madison was one of the "Founding Fathers," and he was the principal author of the Constitution, oftentimes being referred to as the "Father of the Constitution". He was also responsible for the first 10 amendments, referred to as the Bill of Rights.

    So why don't these two crack the mountain? 

    Well, Fowler has an unappealing -13 P/M, and the Ducks have an All-Star goalie in Jonas Hiller, so it's not his fault. It could be blamed on Fowler because the Ducks have good defensemen in Lubomir Visnovsky and Toni Lydman.

    Madison just didn't do enough to get on Mount Rushmore because he was going against some good talent. You've got Washington (a shoe-in), Jefferson (he made the Louisiana Purchase and wrote the Declaration of Independence), Lincoln (another shoe-in), and Roosevelt (Madison would've slipped in here, but Roosevelt was a conservationist, so that sealed the deal for Teddy).

1. Jeff Skinner-George Washington: First Isn't The Worst

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    What's the first thing you see when you look at Mount Rushmore? I don't know about you, but I see George Washington. When I check the point standings for rookies, the first person I see is Jeff Skinner, Center for the Carolina Hurricanes.

    George Washington is credited with a lot of our country's success, such as being a successful Revolutionary War General, being unanimously elected to be the 1st President of the United States, and making up the ways that our country is ran today.

    Jeff Skinner is making a name for himself, just like Washington did.

    Skinner has a league leading 45 points for rookies, which is a good start. Did I mention he's the youngest player in the NHL, barely three years older than me (look what I'm doing, and look what he's doing)? The Carolina Hurricanes are sitting at 8th in the Eastern Conference, which means they're in the playoffs for now. 

    If Skinner keeps it up, he'll go down in history, "like George Washington!"

    (Did you catch my Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer reference?)

2. Logan Couture-Thomas Jefferson: The Stand Out

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    Jefferson laid some of the groundwork of how our country is today (along with Washington), and established isolationism in America, which would stand for a very long time.

    Couture is isolating himself from other rookies by putting up stellar numbers. He's sniping cheddar like he's a Green Bay Packer (or in other words, he's scoring a lot of goals). He has 36 points, and is currently 2nd in point standings with 24 goals. Only Michael Grabner of the Islanders is beating Couture in goals with 25. 

    I'd watch out for Couture if I were his opponents, because at anytime, anywhere, he could have a SHARK ATTACK!

3. Brad Marchand-Teddy Roosevelt: The Hidden Gem

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    Teddy Roosevelt was a great President, but unfortunately, he was stuck with the worst spot on the Mount. It's almost hard to see him, and it seems as if he's hidden. 

    With all the hype around Tyler Seguin for the Boston Bruins, it seems as if Brad Marchand is getting the short end of the shaft. He's 7th among rookies in the points department with a solid 30. Seguin? Well he has 18 points, yet gets the publicity. Marchand also has an unbelievable 20 +/- rating, which is tied for the best in the league.

    Teddy Roosevelt once spared the life of a young cub, thus saving the bruin's life. 

    (See, Roosevelt and Marchand, a Boston BRUIN were just meant for each other.)

4. Sergei Bobrovsky-Abraham Lincoln: See You On The Other Side Of The Blue Line

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    Abraham Lincoln is regarded as the United States' best President, but until they release BCS ratings for Presidents, I'll leave my opinion open.

    Lincoln is positioned on the other side of the Mount as we all know, and if he could talk, I think he'd say he likes it there.

    Bobrovsky is the same way.

    No goalie comes close to the stats that this kid has put up. Twenty-three wins and 8 losses with a save percentage of .920%, which is higher than most of my grades. Could Bobrovsky win the Calder Memorial Cup as the Best Rookie? 

    Why not?

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