Sean Payton Says Despite Move To Dallas, He's a New Orleans Saints Lifer

Randy SavoieAnalyst IIFebruary 9, 2011

Sean Payton says his family always planned a return to Dallas but New Orleans is his last stop.
Sean Payton says his family always planned a return to Dallas but New Orleans is his last stop.Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Sean Payton ceases to love New Orleans?

Hitches his float to a Dallas star?

Au contraire says the New Orleans Saints head man.

No, he's not going to the Cowboys.

No, he's not separating from his wife.

No doubt, Payton is a hot property among NFL coaches these days and he says he understands why his plans to move his family to Dallas is big news in small-town New Orleans.

Yet, Payton says Saints fans have nothing to fear.

He says he hopes New Orleans is the last coaching stop on the Payton journey.

"I hope when I'm finished coaching, this (New Orleans) is my last stop coaching," Payton told WWL Radio on Tuesday afternoon. "Honestly, I don't see myself coaching another 10 or 15 years."

The news of Payton's decision was met with alarm by Saints fans given Payton's chummy relationship with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the Cowboys lack of success in recent years.

Yet, Payton has two years remaining on his current contract and his family's desire to relocate to Dallas has never been a secret.

Payton mentioned the possibility of maintaining his residence in Dallas to GM Mickey Loomis when he took the Saints job in 2006. Loomis wasn't crazy about the idea in those days.

Obviously, things have changed.

After winning the Super Bowl, Payton has a lot more say in his choice of a home address.

This time around, Payton's decision has the endorsement of his two bosses—Tom Benson and Loomis.

Payton said the fact that his children are approaching the high school years factored in the decision.

One would assume the schools have to be better in Dallas than New Orleans and certainly the crime rate is lower. Not as much senseless violence in the streets, that's for sure.

He says this will not have any impact on how he does his job at all.

He says, if anything, he will be spending more time in the office since he won't be commuting back and forth to the New Orleans suburb of Mandeville everyday.

Payton's family will join him in New Orleans on weekends and the Saints head coach will travel to Dallas when time permits.

At the end of the day, Payton's decision where to raise his young family is a personal matter.

Not anyone's business but his own really.

Drew Brees maintains a home in San Diego and Who Dat nation has never been all in a tither about that.

Payton isn't doing anything that many other coaches and executives haven't done before him.

Tony Dungy lived in Tampa while coaching the Colts.

Doc Rivers lives in Orlando, not Boston.

Payton's five-year track record speaks for itself: a Super Bowl victory followed by an 11-win season and three playoff appearances in five years.

It kind of earns a fellow the right to live wherever he chooses to live.

Wouldn't you say?


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