Chicago Bears Fans, If You Hate Jay Cutler, You Can Have Kyle Orton Back Instead

Daniel BogaardCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2011

He's planning how he is going to fake his injury right now.
He's planning how he is going to fake his injury right now.Jamie Squire/Getty Images

This is an open letter and proposal to Chicago Bears fans in light of what has transpired over the last 24 hours.

If you hate Jay Cutler that much, cannot stand him, think he is a coward or a specific part of the female anatomy, how about you petition your GM to trade him back to Denver and you can have your old buddy Kyle Orton back. 

I designed this proposal at about 3:00 pm MST Sunday afternoon. Right about the time the Bears faithful realized that Cutler was "faking" an injury and would not be coming back into the game—or so they read on Twitter.

I, like most red blooded Americans, watched the respective conference championship games—even though my team was eliminated in about Week 8.

Which is, ironically enough, directly attributed to the fact that Jay Cutler was traded to your beloved Bears for a bush league backup in Kyle Orton.

But I digress—sort of.

The Goat, Bartman, Now...The Injury That Wasn't?

As I sat and watched the Bears-Packers game with a couple of my buddies (who happen to be Bears fans) a strange thing happened from the pregame to the moment it was decided that Jay Cutler was faking his injury: The collective supporters of Cutler immediately changed their tune and I even heard one guy say, and I quote, "Are they putting Collins in? Good? Cutler is not very good!"

Of course, that is not what he said about Cutler per se, but use your imagination.

As the game continued, and the Bears finally resorted to Colorado State alumnus Caleb Hanie, more chants for Cutler's anatomy proceeded until the final moment, when Hanie's last gasp was intercepted and the miracle comeback fell short.

Then it turned ugly.

Nevermind the fact that if Cutler would have went back in, hurt and threw a couple of picks. There is simply no way the fans would have been irate at Lovie for putting him back in the game, right? Or they wouldn't have been angry with Cutler, questioning his "team first" mentality.

No...would have never happened.

Nevertheless, we didn't get to see the drama unfold. The Bears lost, to their most hated rival no less. Now the entire city of Chicago (less the rational fan), who has absolutely no problem with singling out an arbitrary individual and blaming him for the loss of an entire team, is out for blood.

There were reports and videos of fans literally burning their Cutler jerseys!

That is when my plan really came to fruition. I have read on some of the blogs, both on b/r and nationwide, stating the Bears brass should consider the realistic thought that Cutler doesn't have "it" and he is too flawed to take them to the promised land.

Now Hanie is the answer.

Orton is Available

But just think of all of the wonderful times you could have again with your old buddy Orton.

Don't forget, he's a "take your lunch pail to work" kinda guy. He'll stand up in the press conferences and give you all of the necessary colloquialisms regarding "It takes a team" and "I'm just gonna do my best" and, finally, my personal favorite: "I've just gotta play better."

Isn't that what you want?

You don't want some brash, arrogant punk with his flippant tendencies and blatant disrespect. You definitely don't want a guy who fakes an injury.

Moreover, if even he was injured, you simply cannot respect a guy who won't go back out there—clearly if he can walk, he can run. 

After all, there are a myriad of quarterbacks who played through worse.

Big Ben broke his foot and his nose in the same game—never left; Philip Rivers played with a torn ACL against the Patriots—never left; and Brett Favre never played healthy a game in his career.

Kyle Orton would have gone back out there. I watched him try here in Denver. He's all heart.

He is someone who's dedication to winning will never be questioned.

So What Do You Think?

There are some fans out there who have stated that Cutler is still their guy. He was sacked 52 times and only missed one game.

Yet, can you really trust a guy who refused to go back in, even with a torn ligament in his knee? I mean, MJD played all season with one; Cutler couldn't make it 30 minutes?

This was the conference championship, one game away from the Big Game. The 25th Anniversary of the Shuffle...the stars were aligned.

I guess, in a way, it is better to see how well you have it.

I give kudos to the Bears front office for snowing the Denver brass as bad as they did. The Denver Broncos gave up their franchise quarterback for a game-managing, system quarterback.

Now, they probably will not even keep said quarterback because of the rookie savior that the recently departed head coach decided to draft to challenge the guy he said was "his guy."

The offer still stands. And remember, just when you think you hate Cutler, remember all of the times Orton was blitzed and he fell down in a fetal position, or the one time when the vaunted Bears defense needed some help from the offense and, instead, Orton threw a pick.

Yes, think about those things and then think about how much you hate Cutler.

If you still hate him, send him back to Denver!


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