NFL Playoffs: Aaron Rodgers Proves Life Exists for Packers After Brett Favre

Dale MacheteContributor IJanuary 23, 2011

Aaron Rodgers is the man while Brett Favre is the has-been.
Aaron Rodgers is the man while Brett Favre is the has-been.Jamie Squire/Getty Images

"One of the game's greatest players has engaged in a variety of acts which have stained the game, and he must now live with the consequences of those acts."

   - MLB Commissioner Bartlett Giamatti announces Pete Rose is banned from Baseball.

The Green Bay Packers are headed to the Super Bowl behind a 21-14 win over the Chicago Bears, and Brett Favre contributed absolutely nothing to the team. Cheesehead fans are rejoicing the franchise's first trip to the biggest game in America since the quarterback was No. 4.

On February 6, Brett Favre won't be leading the Packers under center while Aaron Rodgers looks pretty on the bench.

The apprentice, or the man Favre refused to make his apprentice, is one win away from having just as many Super Bowl rings as Favre.

Years of sitting on the bench finally paid off and karma is seemingly showing its ugly side to the great Brett Favre.

He went from being one game away from the Super Bowl to one of the most tumultuous seasons of his career on and off the field.

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No matter how great a player is, he or she will always eventually become dispensable. As Favre watches Rodgers make it to the Super Bowl with the terrorizing season, which included enough injuries to end his consecutive games played streak, just six wins, and sexual harassment charges, still fresh in his mind, he might just finally understand that he is dispensable.

No team in the NFL, especially not the Green Bay Packers, have any use for him anymore. He probably thought this day would never come. His attention-craving personality finally caught up to him.

Everything Favre did towards the end of his career should have had him banned from the NFL just like Pete Rose was banned from Baseball.

Football is supposed to be the ultimate team sport, yet Favre always made sure the cameras and media coverage was waiting on his every move. Waiting to see if he would retire or what team he would play with next.

He made missing preseason acceptable behavior. To hear players like Jared Allen say that Favre missing preseason games was not a heinous crime because of his experience proved that certain players and members of the Minnesota Vikings organization felt Favre was above the franchise and even the NFL.

Favre was willing to miss preseason to keep the drama building and the spotlight on himself.

Can you imagine what would happen if Peyton Manning was asked to miss preseason?

He would set up his own camp and do everything he could to make sure he was prepared for the regular season.

Not Favre.

The Vikings hindered the possible development of Tavaris Jackson for a miserable season from a 41-year-old has-been. 

Luckily, the Packers let the prima donna go seasons ago to let Aaron Rodgers have time to develop into one of the elite quarterbacks of the NFL.

The Packers understood that the future of the franchise was more important than appeasing the most obnoxious athlete of the last 20 years.

Now, the franchise is awarded, and in two weeks, might be given a Vince Lombardi trophy.

As for Favre, he will hopefully stay retired and may no player ever try to emulate the self-centered detrimental attitude he displayed for years.

As for the Vikings, good luck looking for a replacement quarterback. It is fitting that your quarterback of the future has a delayed development because of an organization with no backbone that let one player call all the shots.

As for the Packers and Rodgers, good luck playing two weeks from today in Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas.

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