Is Jacoby Ford the Oakland Raiders' 21st Century Prototype Player?

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IIJanuary 22, 2011

Is Jacoby Ford chasing toward greatness?
Is Jacoby Ford chasing toward greatness?Tim Umphrey/Getty Images

Some of us are good at making comparisons, but by doing so, we learn more about the current Oakland Raiders and their potential and their movement toward greatness.

On this Saturday morning, I thought about looking at selected data on Jacoby Ford. Since I have read more than once that folks tagged Warren Wells as a prototype receiver for the Oakland Raiders, I smiled and began to aggregate data in certain categories.

Here is a partial list for both players' very first year with the Oakland Raiders.

Jacoby FordWarren Wells    
23 25 age   
1280 302 yds>Ford dominates
7 6 tds>Ford dominates
101 50 lng>Ford dominates
18.8 23.2 y/r<Wells dominates
29.4 21.6 y/g>Ford dominates
42 36 pts>Ford dominates
1.6 0.9 r/g>Ford dominates
3 0 fumbles   

Jacoby Ford is looking mighty good when compared with a senior player.

Al Davis has given Hue Jackson someone outstanding to shape into a great player.

John Madden is still around, so I wonder what he has to say about Jacoby Ford. I have read several times that Madden ranked Warren Wells as one of the best players he had coached.

It looks like Jacoby Ford is going to chase greatness and go far beyond earlier generations of Oakland Raiders.

Go Raiders! Continue your chase toward greatness, Jacoby Ford!


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