MLB Rumors: 10 Power Hitters the SF Giants Can Acquire to Help Repeat

Jason AllenCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2011

MLB Rumors: 10 Power Hitters the SF Giants Can Acquire to Help Repeat

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    Aubrey Huff
    Aubrey HuffDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

    Power hitters are always at a premium because of their ability to instantly change a game.

    Here's a list of ten power hitters the Giants could acquire to improve their 2011 outlook.

    And no, Prince Fielder is not on the list. He's too fat.

    Oh, one other thing. It isn't cutesy or clever to say well what if Pablo Sandoval has a comeback year, or Brandon Belt breaks out.

    They're already on the team, knuckleheads.

    Feel free to add any suggestions in the comments section below.

Mike Moustakas

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    Mike Moustakas was drafted 2nd overall in 2007 and is just 22 years old.

    As a left handed hitting third baseman, he led the minors in HRs last year with 36, smacking 21 in AA and 15 in AAA.

    Even more impressively, in making the jump from AA to AAA his AB/HR stayed about the same while his AB/SO improved about 50%.

    Playing for the Kansas City Royals, the minor league stock exchange of MLB, he could definitely be had.

    Would a combination of young pitchers get the deal done? Would it be worth it?

Mark Trumbo

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    Mark Trumbo
    Mark Trumbo

    Mark Trumbo hit 35 HRs for AAA Salt Lake City last year.

    At 25, he should be perfectly ripe to start performing at the major league level.

    He's a 6'4" 220 lbs. big boy, the kind who are a rarity in the Giants organization.

    He is another guy whose power the organization may want to flirt with.

Paul Goldschmidt

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    In 2010, Paul Goldschmidt smacked 35 HRs in High A Ball.

    He plays first base for the Arizona Diamondback's minor league affiliate Visalia Rawhide.ย 

    At 23 years old, he's got time to figure things out. And with 162 strike outs in 525 ABs, he's going to have to.

    He could end up going one of several routes, but with plenty of raw power at 6'4" 220 lbs. he's intriguing enough to keep an eye on for those looking for some pop.

    Of course, the Giants don't really have any power hitters in their minor league system since they've concentrated on pitching and filling gaps the last few drafts.

    Would it be worth it to part with a higher ranked prospect to try to develop a young power hitter?

Ty Wigginton

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    Ty Wiggington
    Ty WiggingtonRob Tringali/Getty Images

    Ty Wiggington may not be defined in the purest sense as a power hitter, but let's provide some context.

    Wiggington hit the eighth most home runs at 2B in 2010, crankingย  a healthy 22 bombs. The comparable player at 1B, Prince Fielder, hit 32 HRs.

    Given the team was unable to resign Juan Uribe, and the reality that Freddy Sanchez may be better suited to play 80 games next year due to overall wear and tear, Wiggington would have been a nice addition.

    He surely wanted to go somewhere he could play everyday, however, instead of the mix and match Giants.

    If the Rockies are out of the race come the trading deadline in 2011, however, and Wiggington is duplicating his 2010 numbers he'll become a solid possibility for the Giants.

Michael Young

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    Michael Young
    Michael YoungJustin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Michael Young would be a boon for the Giants.

    He would not just be an admirable replacement for Juan Uribe, but an improvement.

    In 2010 he hit 22 HRs, 36 doubles, and batted .284.

    Now that the Rangers signed Adrian Beltre it appears Young is headed for the DH.

    He won't be taking any fielding opportunities from Elvis Andrus or Ian Kinsler, and so he is somewhat expendable to Texas.

    Of course, the Giants don't look at any player as a one position player. Since Young has played 3B, SS, and 2B over the course of his career he would fill the biggest gap the Giants have - a healthy, proven hitter with some pop that could play multiple infield positions.

    Who knows, maybe DeRosa will have a great comeback year in 2011, but he's a big question mark.

    Young may be a pipe-dream, but even if he is, the time to dream is now since conceivably the Rangers could re-sign Vladimir Guerrero to hit DH and trade off Young for a younger player that fills a bigger hole.

    By the Spring, Guerrero will surely have a job and if it's not with the Rangers a deal for Young would be harder.

Manny Ramirez

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    Man Ram
    Man RamElsa/Getty Images

    Personality aside, Manny Ramirez is the best hitter available on the free agent market.

    Could the Giants buttress his big persona and antics and get some value out of him?

Russell Branyan

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    Russell Branyan
    Russell BranyanEzra Shaw/Getty Images

    A mostly healthy Russell Branyan hit 31 HRs in 2009.

    A down 2010, has him single and ready to mingle.

    Could he be the Aubrey Huff of 2011? More importantly, does he wear a rally thong?

Jim Thome

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    Jim Thome
    Jim ThomeJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    Jim Thome signed a one year deal with the Minnesota Twins this off season after a solid year in 2010 in which he hit 25 HRs and batted .283.

    If the Twins struggle next year or Thome starts slow, he may become available during the season.

    And if that happens, he may be in queue to pull a Pat Burrell for the Giants.

Bryce Harper

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    Bryce Harper
    Bryce HarperChristian Petersen/Getty Images

    Okay, I couldn't resist.

    This idea would never happen in a million years. But let's just play what if.

    Buster Posey for Bryce Harper?

    Who would you be willing to give up for Harper?

Mike Stanton

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    Mike Stanton
    Mike StantonChristian Petersen/Getty Images

    Mike Stanton will lead the majors in home runs many times in his career.

    What would it take to get him? Lincecum? Cain? Wilson?

Barry Bonds

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    Barry Bonds
    Barry BondsEzra Shaw/Getty Images

    Here's the question.

    One at bat. Bottom of the ninth. Two outs. 2011 World Series. Game Seven. Bases Loaded. Giants down to Yankees by one run.

    An in shape Barry Bonds or any Giant on the roster?