NFL Playoffs 2011: New York Jets at New England Patriots, My 3 Wishes

Richard O'Hagan@@theskiverCorrespondent IIJanuary 16, 2011

Julian who?
Julian who?Elsa/Getty Images

The Patriots playing in the postseason is becoming a bit of a cliche. And it is hard to think of anything original to hope for without being really harsh and hoping that they lose horribly, simply because it is about time that they did.

The Jets are massive underdogs for this game after their 45-3 loss at Foxborough in November. With the Patriots having been models of inconsistency ever since then, it is hard to see anything but a win for the home team. But as Green Bay proved last night, you never know what might happen by the time the season reaches this stage.

1. That One of the Unsung Players Makes a Name for Himself

With so many big name players on either side, it is easy to assume that the game will depend entirely upon the performances of Messrs Brady and Sanchez, or whether Holmes and Tomlinson have better days than Welker, Green-Ellis and Woodhead.

Wouldn't it be great, though, if this was someone else's day? If the game was won on a Julian Edelman kick return, for example? Or a Kyle Wilson interception? Just to give someone else a turn in the limelight.

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2. That Tom Brady Proves He Is Less of a Coward Than Peyton Manning Is

Against the Jets last weekend, the Colts were badly hampered by Manning's desperation to throw the ball anywhere other than where Darrelle Revis might be. No one doubts that Revis is a very fine player and arguably the best cornerback in the NFL, but Manning's tactics were tantamount to admitting, "I can't get the ball past you, so I am not even going to try."

Frankly, there is no point having two players as good as Brady and Revis in opposition if one of them is going to bottle out of the challenge. Manning clearly didn't think he was up to it, does Brady?

3. A Night Off for Steve Weatherford and Zoltan Mesko

This is a game between two sides who know how to attack. The spectacle will be ruined by it being turned into a defensive battle. Let us hope for a high-scoring contest, with plenty of first downs and little work for the punters.

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