NFL Divisional Round, Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears: My 3 Wishes

Richard O'Hagan@@theskiverCorrespondent IIJanuary 16, 2011

Jay Cutler has an "Oh no, not again" moment
Jay Cutler has an "Oh no, not again" momentJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In a weekend of pedigree matches, this one is the runt of the litter. Seattle, the first side in modern history to win a division with a less than .500 record visit Chicago, the first side to win a division without possessing an offensive line.

If you thought that the Ravens/Steelers game yesterday was a bloody mess of mistakes, just wait until these two sides get going. Anyway, here are three things I'm hoping to see:

Someone in the Bears' Offensive Line Joining the Jay Cutler Fan Club

I know that Cutler is a tough guy to love, but allowing him to be sacked half a dozen times each game is just unacceptable in the professional game. That the Bears have got as far as they have under such circumstances is a testament to the skills of offensive coordinator Mike Martz and his ability to devise plays that allow Cutler to get rid of the ball quickly.

If the Bears can protect Cutler even a little better than they have done this season, it could be the game-clincher against a side which ranks 27th in terms of passing yards allowed.

That the Seahawks Can Even Find a Way to Score

It may sound like a strange thing to say, given the way that Seattle went about defeating the reigning champions last week, but when you have the 31st ranked rushing game in the NFL and you are up against a defense ranked No. 2 against the rush, you have a problem.

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The statistics aren't much better in the passing game and, for all of the successes of last week (and with all respect to the Saints' defense), Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher and Julius Peppers are a very different proposition.

Lovie Smith to Show Some Emotion

Okay, this is probably a forlorn hope because Smith is almost the dictionary definition of "impassive" most of the time, but wouldn't it be nice to see him get excited, or upset, on the sideline?

Opposite him, Pete Carroll is going to be jumping about, or ranting at an official, or doing anything else that might just catch the camera's attention. No one expects Lovie to do that, but it would be nice if he'd crack a smile occasionally.

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