Woah Pack Woah! Packers Peak at the Ideal Time! and America Is Watching

Mark HardinContributor IJanuary 16, 2011

Rodgers leads the Packers with a calm cool demeanor of an accomplished veteran.  This quality has rubbed off on his talented teamates.
Rodgers leads the Packers with a calm cool demeanor of an accomplished veteran. This quality has rubbed off on his talented teamates.Al Bello/Getty Images

Beginning a new era in Packer Land took a huge step forward Saturday night when the Green Bay football team took the Falcons best shot and bull rushed into the NFC championship game. This performance may be a surprise to distant observers of the Pack this season.  However those that follow the NFL closely are not surprised by the balanced attack of this team from the frozen tundra. The effort over the past month has been a perfect illustration of true team leadership which has spread outward from the quarterback position.

The consistent play of number 12 brings back memories of post seasons past where a calm, consistent quarterback leads his team through the NFL post season tournament.  Aaron Rodgers, displaying excellent leadership and decision making skills has allowed other players around him to step up each week while not having to deal with the pressure of having to be the go to guy each week. That seems to be a simple concept but it cannot be overlooked.

There is something special about his cool demeanor on and off the field by not overreacting to any situation be it positive or negative. He is acutely focused on the next play or the next day of preparation. He is quick to lend a word of support and encouragement which help his teammates have the confidence to make plays and elevate their game and effort.

In our wonderful country we admire work ethic and doing things the right way. While there will always be people who attract attention with their verbal abilities and inspirational rants there is something more admirable to me when someone is able to inspire with their actions. This relatively new NFL star displayed strong determination in striving to be the best quarterback he could be. His steady growth and work ethic have helped his team and community focus on the on field play and to get past the other issues.

Aaron Rogers will continue to perform and will be heading to Big D in early February if he continues to perform as he has since November. The post season is where players become great. Aaron Rodgers is well on his way to beginning a new era of championship football for the Green Bay Packers.

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