Jay Cutler: What Exactly Has the Bears QB Done To Earn So Much Hatred?

Chris Murphy@@SeeMurphsTweetsAnalyst IJanuary 14, 2011

CHICAGO - OCTOBER 24: Jay Cutler #6 of the Chicago Bears sits on the bench a game against the Washington Redskins at Soldier Field on October 24, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. The Redskins defeated the Bears 17-14. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Chicago fans and ESPN, please stop whining about Jay Cutler.

I'm sorry. Did I miss the story about Cutler killing people while driving under the influence or sending naked pictures of himself to women working for a team or being caught with steroids?

No? Oh, he doesn't smile and has short answers for the media? That's seriously why you don't like him?

He wanted to be traded from a team that was shopping around for a quarterback behind his back. How'd that turn out for Josh McDaniels by the way?

ESPN, according to your logic, we are supposed to glorify Josh Hamilton and Brett Favre, a former drug addict and a guy who asks, "Can you see me now?" when using a cell phone, but question a guy because he doesn't smile and he seems like kind of a jerk?


Why is it fearless and gutsy when Tom Brady yells on the field, but it's cocky when Cutler pounds his chest or wrong when he doesn't smile?

If Cutler did smile it would either be perceived as him not taking the game seriously or him being too full of himself.

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Should Cutler become addicted to drugs and quit and relapse and quit in order to win over the hearts of the media and fans?

Not to mention, why does any of this matter? It is completely erroneous to sports, but I suppose that isn't anything new for ESPN. They gave up reporting on sports years ago.

I believe we have another example of ESPN casting characters in its sports play. You may remember such characters as "the captain" played by Derek Jeter, "the nation" played by Boston Red Sox fans, "the talented baseball player, but we'll call him a grinder because he's short and balding" played by Dustin Pedroia or "the hardest worker in college sports" played by Tyler Hansbrough.

In this case we have "the bad guy" played by Jay Cutler. Granted, he's done nothing that would justify being a bad human being, but we don't like him because he looks kind of mean.

Why does the media simply expect everyone to be nice to them when answering questions about their day at work? Would you enjoy answering questions regarding why you messed up on every little thing and having to hold back comments explaining it was the fault of the idiot in the cubicle next to yours after each day at work?

Has Cutler ever complained about his offensive line that has allowed the quarterback to be sacked a league-leading 56 times, which is six more sacks than any team and seven more than any playoff team?

Talk to me when Cutler gets caught doing something inhumane. Oh, and he delivered gifts to an entire ward of sick kids at a hospital a couple days before Christmas this year, but didn't make a spectacle out of it. What an ass.

And, Chicago, shame on you.

You wouldn't know a good quarterback if he punched you in the face and you are going to whine about the guy who has thrown for nearly 7,000 yards in the last two seasons because he can be a bit crabby when answering the same mundane questions after work?

I'm beginning to think Chicago Bears fans are so used to complaining about their quarterback that even when they have a talented one, they continue whining solely out of habit.

But then again, these are the same fans who tear apart Frank Thomas, Derek Lee, and Ben Gordon, but love Aaron Rowand, Sam Fuld and Andres Nocioni.

Chicago would rather have mediocre athletes who play hard than talented athletes who can help them win.

I'll take my team of talented jerks against your team of scrappy grinders any day.

I hope Cutler wins a Super Bowl and responds to any criticism about his character like the great Shooter McGavin when asked about Happy Gilmore with, "I was too busy WINNING."

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