NFL Playoffs 2011: Jets Tackle Patriots, but Is There Any Hope for New York?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IJanuary 12, 2011

What are the Jets chances of rattling Tom Brady?
What are the Jets chances of rattling Tom Brady?Elsa/Getty Images

The New York Jets have a mountain in front of them.

Or, should we say, they have Tom Brady.

Brady is a mere 28-1 in his last 29 games in Gillette Stadium and he's there, with his offense, with his defense and with his coach, Bill Belichick, watching the snow fall and waiting for Sunday afternoon.

Back in New York, Jets fans have to be wondering if Rex Ryan and his band of merry men have a snowball's chance in Panama of pulling this one off.

The Patriots started as a nine-point favorite and have dropped to eight and a half, still a healthy margin with the painful memories of that 45-3 blowout last month still lingering.

Back in New York, they may be thinking you have a better chance of getting a cab at rush hour than the Jets have against the Brady Bunch.

These disciples of the Evil Hoodie finished the season on an eight-game victory sled and basically went without a turnover until little Danny Woodhead had the nerve to fumble against Miami. His punishment might have been to spend the night at the Patriots headquarters and sleep on Belichick's air mattress.

Back in New York, they must be wondering what Ryan can come up with if he expects to have a blabbermouth's prayer on Sunday.

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Did we mention that the Lord of GQ threw only four interceptions in 16 games?

Back in New York, Rex and his staff had better come up with some new wrinkles to throw at Tommy Brady.

Perhaps a quick phone call to Ray Lewis, who thinks he has the answer, or in this case, the kryptonite that might weaken Superman, aka, Brady:

"The bottom line is, if you can get to Brady and rattle him early, you have a great chance," says Lewis, who knows a little something about rattling quarterbacks.

The only problem is that Brady is difficult to rattle, although it seems to happen about once a season.

So back in New York, perhaps there's a shopping list, or some sort of list of things that have to happen to pull off what would be a stunning upset, perhaps the upset of the 2011 playoff season.

1. Rattle Brady early (good luck with that one).

2. Get some New England turnovers (double good luck with that one).

3. Get the ground game going (are you listening, LaDainian?).

4. Help Mark Sanchez (catch every pass you can, even if it's off the mark).

5. Make the special teams special (a mandate for any playoff win).

6. Hope Brady has an off day (the law of averages has to kick in sooner or later, doesn't it?).

Yes, there's the list and it came straight from the "easier said than done" file buried somewhere on Ryan's desk, underneath that pile of socks worn by women in the New York Marathon.

Do these Jets really have a shot at THE upset?

You'd think Rex Ryan has a better chance of shedding 50 pounds in two weeks.

Does anyone believe that this is one of those Any Given Sundays?

Yes, the Jets have a chance, and that chance is sitting right there next to those two free tickets on the 50-yard line at Gillette for Sunday's game.


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