NHL Trade Fodder: Philadelphia Flyers Trading History Shows Interesting Trend

Freddy Doll@Air_RaidersContributor IJanuary 8, 2011

Phoenix select Danny Briere in the First Round of the 1996 Draft,a pick that was originally owned by the Flyers
Phoenix select Danny Briere in the First Round of the 1996 Draft,a pick that was originally owned by the FlyersClaus Andersen/Getty Images

One thing is certain in hockey: teams make trades. No team in the NHL hasn't made a trade. While preparing for an article I planned to write in anticipation of the looming trade deadline I decided to read through the Philadelphia Flyers trade history. A lot of interesting trades can be found on that list. Some good, some bad, some that just tow the line.

As I read through this list, and read names of players who were sent back and forth, I started to notice a trend of sorts. While I'm not entirely sure that this is unique to the Flyers, or whether it was done by design or coincidence, I did find it intriguing and thought others would as well.

Flyers fans are probably familiar with the fact that the Flyers have a tendency of trading away players only to receive them in a trade later on. This trend may be a little more obscure. Some teams have tendencies while other teams seem to only make tactical trades and only when the time is right.  This, however, is unlike anything I have ever seen.

The Flyers have traded away a draft pick, only to reacquire the player taken with said pick, at least six times. I can't begin to speculate whether this was because of a great scout team who tracked their pick and the player taken with it, or just a case of the player being the best they could get at the time of the reacquisition.

The first time the Flyers ever traded a pick was on October 18, 1967. The Flyers traded a first round pick in the 1970 draft to the Boston Bruins for Rosaire Paiment (who?). The Bruins went on to use that pick to select Rick MacLeish.

On January 31,1971 the Flyers received Rick MacLeish and Danny Schock from Boston, in exchange for Mike Walton. Makes you wonder if the Flyers had watched MacLeish closely or if he was best available. Whatever the case may be this was just the first of many.

Ten years after getting MacLeish back the Flyers made this type of move again.  On July 3,1981 the Flyers sent Rick MacLeish (oddly enough), Blake Wesley, Don Gillen, a first round pick in the 1982 draft, a second round pick in the 1982 draft and a third round pick in the 1982 draft to the Hartford Whalers for Ray Allison, Fred Arthur, a first round pick in 1982 and a third round pick in 1982.

The Whalers went on to use the third round pick in 1982 to select Kevin Dineen. Ten years later, on November 13, 1991 the Flyers sent Murray Craven and a fourth round pick in 1992 to the Whalers for Kevin Dineen. This looked more like the Flyers had a desire to get Dineen, since they gave up a player and pick to get him.

Now for the Lindros trade. Believe it or not, Peter Forsberg isn't the player I'm talking about. June 20, 1992 the Flyers traded Mike Ricci, Peter Forsberg, Duchesne, Kerry Huffman, Ron Hextall, Chris Simon, a first round pick in the 1993 daft, a first round pick in the 1994 draft and $15 million (USD) to the Quebec Nordiques for Eric Lindros.

In 1994, the Nordiques used that first round pick to draft Nolan Baumgartner. Baumgartner signed with the Flyers as free agent on July 1, 2006.

The next three are a little more obscure, and surprising:

On February 16, 1995 the Flyers traded Bob Wilkie and a fifth round pick in the 1997 draft to the Chicago Blackhawks for Karl Dykhuis. In 1997, the Blackhawks selected Kyle Calder with that pick. In August 2006 the Flyers sent Michal Handzus to the 'Hawks for Kyle Calder.

Here is the one that most surprised me an sparked my interest in writing this: On November 16, 1995 the Flyers shipped a 1996 first rounder, a 1996 fourth rounder, and Martin Spanhel to the San Jose Sharks for Pat Falloon. The first round pick in 1996 was then traded to Buffalo, who turned around and sent it to Phoenix.

In the 1996 draft with the pick that was originally the Flyers', Phoenix selected none other than Danny Briere. As most Flyers fans know, Briere signed with the Flyers as a free agent on July 1, 2007.

Finally, in 2003 the Flyers traded Jeff Woywitka, a 2004 first rounder and a 2005 third rounder to the Edmonton Oilers for Mike Comrie. In 2005, the Oilers used the third round pick to select Danny Syvret. In 2008, the Flyers picked up Syvret from the Oilers for Ryan Potulny.

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