Let's End This Randy Shannon Vs. Urban Meyer Debate Already!

LilyContributor ISeptember 11, 2008

Following Saturday's Florida Gators' 26-3 win over the Miami Hurricanes, the debate of running up the score was put into effect.  Hurricanes head coach Randy Shannon's hand slap of a handshake at midfield after the game, along with his supposed "no comment" about the last second field goal called for by Gators head coach Urban Meyer, was revisited when he brought it up during his Sunday press conference.

"I'll just say this one statement: Sometimes, when you do things and people see what type of person that you really are, you turn a lot of people off.  Now whatever you want to get out of that, I won't say it again.  But it helped us.  It helped us more than you'll ever know," Shannon said.

Come on—the game was almost a week ago, yet the debate between the supposedly mediocre ACC team (they really aren't) and the supposedly dominant SEC team (they still have a lot of work to do) is still going on.  Why can't we all just let this go?  Just take the loss as a loss and the win as a win and move on.

Shannon apparently hated that Meyer ran up the score with a couple minutes remaining, and the aftereffects are now being dissected by sports analysts, columnists, and fans alike.

Without further ado, here are the cases for both Shannon and Meyer.

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For Shannon: Meyer really shouldn't have run up the score.  Being on Miami's 23-yard line and throwing before getting to fourth down was unnecessary.  He should have at least had his second-string players in, because what if QB Tim Tebow or WR Percy Harvin would have sustained a season-ending injury?  Meyer would be on the chopping block with the media, fans, and Gator nation.

Meyer also should have just taken a knee and called it a game, but since he didn't, he was probably just trying to cover the point spread of three touchdowns.  In the end, Meyer should have been a gentleman but wasn't.

For Meyer: Shannon, welcome to the BCS, where the points do matter and style points are key.  Apparently Shannon is not familiar with the extreme Miami vs. Florida rivalry, where the Hurricanes would run up the score every chance they got during the 1990s.

Shannon needs to stop whining and just accept the loss because the game wasn't bad at all.  His team played superbly, and he could definitely learn from it.  Also, Meyer was trying to get his kicker practice, and punting on the 23-yard line?  Come on.

Now Shannon is apparently a big hypocrite for complaining: Wasn't he running up the score on Charleston Southern just a week ago, scoring an unnecessary touchdown with just under a minute to go, going up 52-7?

You guys can make the decision of whether or not Meyer was just being classless or Shannon was just being a hypocrite.  We've heard from both sides and then some about how people feel.

Ex-NFL star and former Hurricane Warren Sapp called Meyer a "classless dirtbag."  Really?  My definition of a classless dirtbag would entail a cheating spouse or lying student, not a coach who tries to supposedly practice his kicker before they start SEC play.

Tebow backed up his coach, saying, "You can talk about running the score up, I don't care.  (Miami coaches) are paid to stop us and (offensive coordinator) coach (Dan) Mullen is paid to score.  They don't do that, oh well.  But you don't have to talk about coach Meyer as a person.  That's not necessary."

Now Big Ten, ACC, and Pac-10 fans are chiming in, saying that the SEC is known for running up the scores on all its opponents, while the SEC faithful disagree adamantly.  Now it seems like it's all of college football vs. the SEC. 

Ultimately, it's now your choice: Who is right and who is wrong?

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