Oakland Raiders: 2010 a Forerunner of Good Years to Come

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IIDecember 25, 2010

The progress in 2010 is a forerunner for great things to come.
The progress in 2010 is a forerunner for great things to come.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Good morning and happy holidays.

When we think of all the good things and all of the accomplishments of 2010, we can truly call 2010 a year that represents a forerunner of good things to come.

For the Oakland Raiders, it was the year of new beginnings. New records were set within the franchise. Let's at least be grateful for the progress that has been made.

The range of potential and possibilities was certainly demonstrated when the Oakland Raiders managed to score 59 points in one game against the Broncos.

When that 79-yard touchdown was made, it demonstrated another level of potential.

Once the Raiders defeated the Chargers and the Broncos two times in the same year, a level of consistency was demonstrated, too.

In the earlier part of the season, when there was an actual natural process for selecting who would be the starting quarterback, it was a point in the right direction indicating that all things do work together for the good of the team.

As we saw the development of Jason Campbell and watched him run a touchdown and make other on the spot smart decisions, we realize that he just may be our next "Mad Bomber."

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No one can predict outcomes perfectly. There is always a confidence range associated with most forecasts. One thing we know is that it has been a better year than those in the past.

It has not been a perfect year, but certainly you can agree that things are better.

We know that 2010 is a forerunner of even better years. We dare not get excited. We take it as it comes.

We continue and we prepare. We feel victory in the air, if not at the zenith (a Super Bowl) in 2010 at least it is near, and on the horizon.

Our holiday season is a bit more upbeat than it was in 2009. Progress usually comes in small, natural steps. When it comes so fast that velocity of the progress or rate is too great to observe, then we call it a miracle. Yes, the Raider Nation would love to have its Miracle on 34th Street in 2010.

Do we want a miracle on the Christmas weekend of 2010? Yes, if the timing is right.

If we don't see our miracle become manifest, at least we can see the progress that is a forerunner of great things to come.

Aren't you grateful for the good things that happened in the 2010 season for the Oakland Raiders?

We hope so.

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