Denver Broncos Victims of Oakland Raider Defense for Second Time in 39-23 Loss

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIDecember 20, 2010

Tim Tebow could not escape the rushing  Raiduhs!!!
Tim Tebow could not escape the rushing Raiduhs!!!Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders hosted the Denver Broncos on a muddied field in an Oakland Coliseum filled with thousands of fans in Silver and Black.This was to be the game that could put them 5-0 in the division. This was definitely a game they had to win. Every game for the Oakland Raiders is a win or die scenario. The Oakland Raiders are battling for survival.

The Oakland Raiders must win these three games in order to get into the playoffs. The Silver and Black attack started game one by defeating the Denver Broncos 39-23 and handing QB Tim Tebow his first of many, many losses in the Oakland Raider backyard.

At the start of this game, upcoming star Jacoby Ford ran for a 71-yard TD. For the most part, don't most of the Raiders' games begin that way?

Then it appeared that the Denver Broncos started getting "love" from the referees as they were allowed to hold onto the defense of the Oakland Raiders. There was even a punch thrown on a downed lineman and the referees went blind. What gives?

QB Tim Tebow was shown more "love" as the NFL referees gave him a passing TD in which WR Brandon Lloyd had no possession of the ball until his body was out of bounds. This game was quickly becoming the same soggy, bad play calling, game the Oakland Raiders had played on Nov. 7. Once again, it was against a rival team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Does anyone remember the poor NFL officiating that game?

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The game turned out to be a duel in the first half as each team scored 17-17. The Oakland Raiders first half performance was far below par as they created three turnovers. Yet, being the current " Bearers of the  Raiders Shield" the Oakland Raiders bounced back in the second half to knock the Denver Broncos out COLD! Welcome to the NFL, Tim Tebow.

The second half exhibited a team reminiscent of the legendary Oakland Raiders defense. A defense that wore down offensive lines. Is that the Matt Millen, Howie Long, Lyle Alzado out there?

The Oakland Raiders came out harder and tougher and the Denver Broncos crumbled. One great play was the tackle made by Quentin Groves for the Oakland raider safety! The Silver and Black attack was everywhere. The Oakland Raiders forced Tim Tebow to throw bad passes as he was hurried constantly. He quickly became a three-and-out QB.

RB Darren McFadden sliced, spun and burned through the defensive line as the offensive line manhandled them. Darren McFadden rushed for 119 yards on 20 carries. McFadden would have had two TDs, however he seemed to always get caught within a few yards of the end zone. Regardless, he passed the 1,000 yard mark and still has two more games to increase those numbers.

QB Jason Campbell has improved and continues to impress as he is comfortable in the pocket, he will be the factor in defeating the Indianapolis Colts next Sunday. The Oakland Raiders must defeat the Colts or they are out.

The athleticism of all three running backs for the Oakland Raiders is a positive as all have played remarkably well. Backs Marcel Reece, Darren McFadden and Michael Bush are all hard pounding, great-catching runners. They are the backbone to Jason Campbell's success.

If the powers above are with the silver and black, we can expect a Chiefs loss next week as they will play the Tennessee Titans. My speculation is that there will be a KC loss because for some reason, NFC West teams—i.e. the 49ers and Rams—seem to lose to Oakland Raiders rivals.

The Titans, however, are AFC South and they are playing really well. Anyhow, I will rooting for the Titans and WR Kenny Britt to take out the Chiefs. Go Titans!

Next week's game against the Indianapolis Colts will be a test for the Oakland Raiders defense as they must stop RB Donald Brown and hurry QB Peyton Manning and get him to make mistakes.

At this point, the Oakland Raiders' defensive attacking is phenomenal!  LB Rolando McClain is a fast powerful hitter and the defensive front is huge. The defense of the Raiders should be able to contain the running game.They are getting penetration and breaking down their opponents, as QB Tim Tebow can explain in detail.

Knowing what a loss can do has really fired up the Oakland Raiders. This win put the team 7-7 and 5-0 in the AFC West division.

It was a great win and the team looks unstoppable. The Oakland Raiders are returning to glory!  Who would have thought that after last year's performance the silver and black would be 7-7, in the hunt for a playoff spot and undefeated in the AFC West division? I still feel we will be 9-7 after defeating the Chiefs at home.

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