Hungry Oakland Raiders Prepare For Trifecta Against Broncos, Colts and Chiefs

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIDecember 17, 2010

QB Jason Campbell hands off to weapon X, RB Darren McFadden
QB Jason Campbell hands off to weapon X, RB Darren McFaddenJared Wickerham/Getty Images

 The Oakland Raiders must face their final three games of the season with  pride, poise, confidence and the worst case of hunger to do some devouring in the NFL. The Silver and Black are in a tight spot as they must defeat the Denver Broncos, the Indianapolis Colts and the Kansas City Chiefs in order to have a chance at playoff contention.

  This is no easy task for any NFL team, but this is no ordinary team. This is the Silver and Black with an improved Attack!  In fact, its a reborn Oakland Raider team with a 4-0 record ( isn't it nice to tell Charger fans we handled them twice!) against the AFC West teams and this Sunday the Raiders begin the chase with the  Denver Broncos.

  The last time these two rivals teams met, it was the Oakland Raiders who traveled to Denver to play the Broncos. The Oakland Raiders embarrassed the Denver Broncos at home on that lovely Sunday afternoon. it was also a historical game for both teams when it came to points! Oakland Raiders RB Darren McFadden had a great day as he ran for 165 yards and QB Jason Campbell threw for 204 yards to defeat the ponies 59-14.

   This time the game is in the Oakland Raiders backyard. If you have ever been to an Oakland Raider game my advice is avoid the backyard unless you 're heading for the BART. Can the Oakland Raiders repeat the game they had in Denver? The odds are pretty much in the Raiders court as they have a healthy RB Darren McFadden and QB Jason Campbell has the offensive line to himself.

  Since Jason Campbell was given the role of "field general" he has played remarkably well. One might even question the number of wins the Raiders would have had if Jason Campbell ( I admit I was all Gradkowski but now I am with Campbell ) would have played the complete season. Regardless, QB Jason Campbell defeated the Denver  Broncos once and with an explosive Darren (DMac) McFadden around, chances are the Oakland Raiders take this win at home. There's also the Oakland Raider defense which seems to be getting better and better as the seasons end draws even closer. There's win number one, especially if the Denver Broncos decide to bring in rookie Tim Tebow. Denver style horse meat will roast well and more than satisfy the hungry Oakland Raiders D !

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  Pony number two is run by QB Peyton Manning who seems to be playing much better. Indianapolis Colts, QB Peyton Manning has WRs Reggie Wayne,  Austin Collie, and Pierre Garcon in his arsenal. The running attack is not as threatening but should not be overlooked.

  In order for the Oakland Raiders to take this game they will have to really step it up. The Silver and Black attack needs to be hot that game. By keeping the pressure on QB Peyton Manning, the Raiders should expect to see a lot of sacks and interceptions by the secondary.This will be a huge game for both teams as they have playoff implications. Nnamndi Asomugha will surely shut down WR no. 1 Reggie Wayne. Since Peyton has weapons, the hurries and rushes must be consistent. Defensive lineman Richard Seymour or Kamerion Wimbley or Tommy Kelly, will more than likely take care of Peyton Manning :)

 One weakness in the Oakland Raiders secondary is just that, part the secondary.  CB Nnamdi Asomugha always plays at an elite level and was able to return last week against the the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yet, the Jaguars exposed the weak links on the Oakland Raiders defensive secondary.

  Michael Huff was burned for a TD and as he was on single coverage. Stanford Routt is another weak link as he is always chasing the opponents when they break the defensive front. CB Chris Johnson has to really steup up because he doesnt realize he can play WR and intercept the ball. 

  The defensive front of the Oakland Raiders is solid and the running game should be stopped in its tracks as the Oakland Raiders have the bigger sized linemen. Its no secret that Richard Seymour, Matt Shaughnessy, Tommy Kelly and LaMarr Houston are hungry for sacks and tackles. LB Rolando McClain also returns to damage the opposing RBs that dare to come his way. This guy is has been famished from the start as he pounds and inflicts pain when he hits you.

  On the offensive side, QB Jason Campbell will have to manage the time a lot better. there was ample time last week against the Jags but the offense was slow to get back on the line and in the end it hurt the Oakland Raiders. The secret here is continue to use RBs Darren McFadden and Michael Bush.

   One bright note is newbie Mike Mitchell. Mike Mitchell  is making a name for himself and is the new weapon for the Silver and Black. The Oakland Raiders defensively can beat the Colts if they focus on the WRs and the plays out of the backfield. They definitely have the speed to cover the Colts, but its the fierceness that will crush spirits. The Colts may buck for a bit but the Oakland Raiders will break them!

  The last and third team to defeat is an old nemesis. The Kansas City Chiefs. To be quite frank, I have felt that this last game will be the deciding factor. Should the Oakland Raiders win the first two then there's a chance for a three way tie, however, the Oakland Raiders have the most wins in the division and the win against KC may be what they need to take the lead and get into the playoffs. For those who remember the last meeting between these two, it was horrific as the referees made bad calls on both side of the ball.

 It still turned out to be a great game when a "diamond in the rough" stepped up and single-handedly saved the game. Yes, I am speaking about WR Jacoby Ford who had a dream game as he got the ball down to the Chiefs field goal to help get the game into OT with a kick by "Sea Bass" Sebastian Janikowski.

  Soon after the start of OT, QB Jason Campbell threw a bomb down field to hit Jacoby Ford, who saved the catch. Jacoby Ford out powered CB Brandon Flowers and literally striped the ball from his grasp.This great catch put the Silver and Black in field goal range and the Oakland Raiders win by a field goal in OT!!!.

  Should the first two games become two wins, the KC Chiefs will have a lot to worry about. feed the craving by feasting on the Kansas City Chiefs.

  The Chiefs have weapons WR Jamaal Charles, WR Dwayne Bowe and RB Thomas Jones in their arsenal. QB Matt Cassell should be healthy and fresh. Of course,  he will try his best to stop the Oakland Raiders and take them out of the playoffs. Lets hope the Oakland Raiders can get the first two wins because if they do then I would say the KC Chiefs will lose at home to the Raiders who will basically have swept the AFC West. I believe it can happen for the Raiders.

   In close, none of these three teams are going to be easy wins. In fact, since we are at seasons end these games will be even tougher. But toughness is what the Oakland Raiders have represented through the decades and they are now returning to that very same fierceness! Return to glory? Sure looks like it.

  The Oakland Raiders have been up and down all season with the QB changes and injuries. Overall when they are hot, they are hot! Course' when they are cold its sad, we all remember the SF game. How in the heck did the pathetic 49ers defeat the Oakland Raiders? The world may never know.

  The first big game is this Sunday!  Raidernation, grab the wife or girlfriend, kids, BBQ pit, cold brews, chips, dips and family and prepare for what maybe the greatest TRIFECTA in Oakland Raiders history. The ride begins Sunday so sit back, be proud and watch the Raiders turn the NFL upside down as the Raiders rob em of their gold !!!!!!

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