The Oakland Raider Defense Improved With Veteran and Rookie Additions

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIDecember 14, 2010

Rolando McClain is an agressive player. Here he is shown tackling  WR Danny Amendola
Rolando McClain is an agressive player. Here he is shown tackling WR Danny Amendola

Mr. Al Davis and the the Oakland Raider organization have done a great job turning this team around. Compared to last years season the Raiders have overcome some huge obstacles. The first of course being the QB issue.

 This season the Oakland Raiders retained head coach Tom Cable. Tom Cable has proven to many that he is devoted to the team. Since his hiring Tom Cable alongside Hue Jackson and John Marshall have put up some great numbers this season. They haven't won every game but  the offense and defense look much improved.

The Raiders are now 6-7 overall, 4-0 against their rivals in the AFC West, and they are in the hunt for the playoffs.

They say defense wins Superbowls and if the Raider defense can remain healthy, they may be the "ace in the hole" when the Raiders play the Kansas City Chiefs in the last game of the regular season in Kansas City.

For some bizarre reason, I feel that this final regular season game will be the determining factor. QB Matt Cassell of the Kansas City Chiefs has already missed one game, resulting in a loss, and may miss another?

The Oakland Raiders can take advantage of this opportunity. Yeah, it was a close loss in Jacksonville but it could have gone either way. The Raiders have a narrow shot but they can make it to the playoffs and one huge factor is, of course, the defense.

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The 2010 Raider roster is filled with both rookies and veterans; it is this balance that makes a great team.  Since the Raiders have done an excellent job in the draft the past four years, the players are all finally on page now. 

I still don't feel the Raiders have reached their full potential. QB Jason Campbell can only get better; he is familiar with the Raiders playbook and also has familiarity with his WR's. Jacoby Ford is another great addition.

However, this article is about the improved defensive line of the 2010 Oakland Raiders.

It's about a Superbowl champion veteran and a rookie, fresh out of Alabama. These two athletes are veteran DL Richard Seymour and rookie LB Rolando McClain.

Richard Seymour was acquired from the New England Patriots in 2009. Since his acquisition, it seems like the Raiders played a lot harder. Seymour brings in a healthy work ethic and this seems to have rubbed off on the defense.

Since Seymour's arrival, Tommy Kelly's play has vastly improved, as has S Michael Huff, who many thought should be cut.Richard Seymour had four sacks last season and this season, currently he has 5.5 sacks. His performance has been continuous that is huge for Oakland. Richard Seymour is always in the limelight hurrying the QBs, this is an area of improvement as the Oakland raiders had little pass rushing last season.

To compliment Richard Seymour, the Oakland Raiders then picked up Kamerion Wimbley from the Cleveland Browns. This was a great deal as Wimbley has been solid and already has 48 tackles, six sacks and is just as aggressive as Richard Seymour..

Since the start of the season, the defense has also done a decent job preventing the run.

They played against  RBs like Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson and held up, well, maybe messed up a few times, but otherwise much improved. The addition of this next player is huge. Enter Rolando McClain.

Picked up eighth in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders surprised millions when they picked up this future and present star linebacker..

Rolando McClain was drafted to start, and talk about an impressive start. He has not only covered and tackled well, he also makes opponent pay with body jarring hits or slams.

Rolando McClain literally grabbed St. Louis Rams WR Danny Amendola out of the air and took him into a suplex move to ram his body to the ground.

How tough can you get? He has brought the legendary image of toughness back to Oakland. Oh yeah!

Rolando McClain has 64 tackles and I can tell you that for all those tackles, someone paid.

When the Oakland Raiders took on the San Diego Chargers two weeks ago, McClain made a crushing hit on RB Darren Sproles. This impact was so hard that Sproles was taken out of the game with a concussion and lifelong memory of McClains power.Now imagine a small RB named Maurice Jones-Drew  trying to attempt the same thing last week against a healthy McClain. Concussion?

It was like a Peterbuilt versus Datsun B210 and the collision was heard  and seen around the world.

For most of the Raidernation, it was a great payback on the RB who had taken the win from them on opening Monday Night Football last season. There would be no more running for Darren Sproles a.k.a. Datsun B210, the rest of that day. This sounds a lot like the Raiders of past,. Jack Tatum possibly?

I am certain that Rolando McClain and Richard Seymour will greet RB Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles, when they meet for the final game, in an aggressive manner. Should it end up that the last game is the determining game for the playoffs, the Oakland Raiders will win. It will be a great gift if the Raiders sweep the AFC West. The Raiders will more than likely post a 9-7 in 2010 and this is a welcome stat to the Raidernation. The Raiders are on their way back to glory nd may even squeeze there way into a playoff berth.

I am also certain Nnamndi Asomugha will shut down Dwayne Bowe and as for Jamaal Charles..well let me introduce ya to Mike Mitchell and Rolando McClain.

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