Michigan Wolverines Fans: Tips for Preparing for a Losing Season

Jason BarczyCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2008

Well, this is certainly going to be different. As a lifelong Michigan Wolverines fan I have never in my 26 years of existence seen a losing season come out of Ann Arbor.

The last time Michigan had a losing season was under Chalmers "Bump" Elliot in 1967 when the Wolverines posted a 4-6 overall record and went 3-4 in the Big 10.

My father doesn't even remember that. He probably blocked it from memory, which is exactly what I'm going to do to this season after it's all over.

I'll do it the same way I'm going to block the Appalachian State game once ESPN quits showing highlights of it and people stop bringing it up every time I wear something Michigan related to the bar.

So how are we as Michigan fans going to deal with this? I would suggest seeing a therapist, but some out there can't afford it.

Here are some tips on how to cope:

1. Don't Expect Anything

The second you put expectations on the team is the second you set yourself up for a letdown. This already happened to me when I predicted Rich Rodriguez would win his first game 35-10 and blew it.

By not putting any expectations on the Wolverines this year we could all be pleasantly surprised when they actually do something good. Or when Nick Sheridan throws a complete deep ball and it doesn't look like it's going to be picked off.

2. Find Something to Pound On

Like a little brother or something. Just kidding. No, but find something to take your frustration out on, like a punching bag. Or start going to the gym regularly. You'll feel a lot better about yourself than you did when you were watching the 4-3 zone get picked apart.

And if you choose the gym, by the end of the season you'll be looking great and be able to say to an Ohio State fan that at least you don't look like the blimps above the horseshoe.ย 

3. Smile

Try to find at least five things about every game you watch that you can point out later that were positive about the team.

Like that Obi Ezeh had 15 tackles and an interception and is the emerging leader on defense. Or once Martavious Odoms gains more than a yard on a reception it must be that Greg Matthews is teaching the youngens how to play.

4. Jump on a Bandwagon

Now normally this is just a whacked out idea but we have to find something to root for. Since the Detroit Lions aren't normally any help and the Red Wings don't start until Oct. 9, I suggest finding a team that Michigan will never cross paths with that will be mildly successful.

For instance, I'll be following my alma mater Central Michigan in hopes of a third straight MAC title. If you actually went to Michigan and don't have an alternate like I do, root for Utah. Hey, they won't be playing Michigan anytime soon and I thought they looked good.

Plus, rooting for the team that beat Michigan to be successful just shows how good the team that beat them is. It also shows good sportsmanship. Ohio State fans, you could learn something about that, trust me.

Now don't just stop rooting for Michigan and completely jump on whatever team's bandwagon you choose. All I'm saying is, take a rooting interest in another team.

5. Take Pride in History

Pop in that DVD you have of the '97 season or the 100th game and put on Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days." Read a book about the grand history of Michigan football. Anything to take your mind off of how bad it is now.

Remind trash talkers that Michigan is still the winningest program in football history and remind Ohio State fans that they're still 16 games behind Michigan in the all-time series.

Things will turn around soon enough for the Wolverines. RichRod will make this a successful program once he gets the athletes he needs and doesn't have to put up with Sheridan or Steven Threet.

But in the meantime, Wolverines fans, don't make any rash decisions.


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