WWE Showed Interest in St. Louis Rams LB James Laurinaitis While at Ohio State

Christopher DunfeeContributor IIDecember 9, 2010

St. Louis Rams Linebacker James Laurinaitis
St. Louis Rams Linebacker James LaurinaitisJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. What a rush!”

Who didn’t love the old school entrance theme to quite possibly the greatest tag team in professional wrestling history, The Legion of Doom?

While Road Warrior Hawk might have passed away at a very early age and Road Warrior Animal‘s days inside the squared circle seem to be over, it still seems as if another Road Warrior was being pursued by World Wrestling Entertainment.

He is the son of Road Warrior Animal and the nephew of John Laurinaitis, Senior Vice President of Talent Relations for WWESt. Louis Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis.

Considered one of the greatest linebackers in college football history while playing for the Buckeyes college football program at Ohio State University, he flashed his athleticism on the field and it was enough to lead him to earn All-American honors three consecutive years.

Although he decided to pursue a career in the National Football League, being selected by the St. Louis Rams with the No. 35 overall selection in the second round of the 2009 NFL Draft, he said he was once pressed by World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahon about his interest in joining “the worldwide leader in sports entertainment.”

“One or two times when I was at OSU, he said to me, ‘You know, what do you think about coming into the family business?’ But to be honest, I hope this football deal works out long enough where I don’t have to do any of that,” Laurinaitis told James Oldham of The Lantern. “I know the beating my dad took from it. He had to have nine surgeries. He can’t even lift his right arm above his head anymore.”

Since being drafted by the Rams organization, Laurinaitis earned the starting middle linebacker position at the beginning of his rookie season and led the team in tackles. Laurinaitis was also awarded the Carroll Rosenbloom Memorial Award, which goes to the Rams' rookie of the year and was also named All-Rookie by Sporting News.

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It definitely would have been interesting to see if the NFL star, who has gone on to an outstanding career thus far, would have taken WWE up on their offer. Maybe “The All-American American” Jack Swagger would have to come up with a new gimmick to get over with the WWE Universe.

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