The Week 12 Fantasy Jackpot: WR Mario Manningham Will Outscore Some Bigger Names

Papa SmurfContributor INovember 24, 2010

Mario Manningham. He's (cough, cough) the next big (cough) WR in fantasy land (cough). Sumpin's Burnin'
Mario Manningham. He's (cough, cough) the next big (cough) WR in fantasy land (cough). Sumpin's Burnin'Nick Laham/Getty Images

Warning: Although this commentary is serious, I like to throw in a little funny with my football analysis. Read only if you have a sense of humor.

What the...where...who the fartknocker is Mario Manningham?

Well if you have wide receiver Steve Smith (NYG), then you already know who he is. He's Stevie's replacement.

Guess what? Hakeem Nicks owners know who he is too, thanks to what Mark Garafolo on Twitter reports as "compartment syndrome in his lower right leg" from his clash with Philly Eagles Week 11.

For Week 12, Mario Manningham and Derek Hagan of the NY Giants will be the front wide receiver set, or as I like to call them, "Super Mario Brothers." The difference being these brothers is they're catching footballs, not squashing mushrooms.

Just like the video game, Mario will be the most popular choice for Eli instead of his brother Hagan, the green-hatted one.

The Reasons To Pick Mario

Mario will be lighting up the field and your scoreboard because of the following reasons:

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1) Nicks & Steve Smith aren't there of course. Who else is Eli gonna throw to? Luigi?

2) My grandmother could throw 300 yards on the Jaguars' secondary. Rest in peace, gran.

3) Jaguars offense is high octane. In their past three games, they've scored an average 30 points per game, so expect the Giants to have to throw to stay ahead. (you see I didn't say keep up *smile*) 

I predict between 80-120 yards with one or two TDs from Mr. Manningham.

The Other Guys We Don't Start Over Mario

If I only had one more WR spot, I would start Mario over these guys:

1) Terrell Owens - Revis Island is open for business.

2) Steve Johnson - Polamalu has his own island too, equipped with complimentary mini-bottles of Head & Shoulders.

3) Dez Bryant - He faces the New Orleans Defense which is No. 1 in FFPTS allowed to WRs. Dez wasn't exactly lighting it up in Detroit either.

4) Reggie Wayne - He faces San Diego Defense, whcih is right behind New Orleans. Plus Reggie gets lost in one of 30 WR options.

5) Any Patriot Receivers - Expect Coach Belichick to gameplan for more running plays against an epically bad Detroit run defense. Plus their tight ends get more Brady love anyway.

6) Bernard Berrian - Just because I needed another name to fill this spot.

The Bet 

If I'm wrong about Mario outscoring these guys, next Wednesday I'll sing Afghanistan's national anthem in the lobby entrance of Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport......but if I'm right?

TSA will be violating you. Bring candles to set the mood my friend.

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