Which Oakland Raider Team Will Be Playing The Miami Dolphins? Both Are 5-5

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IINovember 24, 2010

Can the Oakland Raider defense shut down the Miami Dolphins ?
Can the Oakland Raider defense shut down the Miami Dolphins ?Marc Serota/Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders, having played miserably last Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, have a chance at redemption when the Miami Dolphins come to town.

The Miami Dolphins are currently 5-5 this season. The team averages 100 yards rushing and 230 yards passing.

The question for the Oakland Raiders game is (once again) who will play quarterback? Jason Campbell played horribly last week and by the third quarter was replaced by QB Bruce Gradkowski. Of the two, one has to step up and be consistent.

The Oakland Raiders also were without CB Nnamndi Asomugha and TE Zach Miller. Both should be healthy for next Sundays game and will be needed. The Oakland Raiders have fallen from the top of the AFC West with the loss last week.

This week's game at home is pivotal if the Oakland Raiders want to stay in contention for the divisional title. Only the Denver Broncos are no threat as they are "dirt level" in the AFC West.

Only the Oakland Raider defense has shown up and played hard every week. In fact, on Sunday, defensive lineman Richard Seymour smacked QB Ben Roethlisberger as it appeared he had made remarks about the Silver and Black. The hit sent Roethlisberger crumbling to the ground, as blood splattered 20 feet around, a whiny scream was also heard by the linemen and caused some ears to pop. Just kidding, the blood letting was only five feet.

The defensive pride of the Silver and Black is still there and when you have your defense as the only performing part of a team, well it can get frustrating! It may force you to jab any opposing QB in range.

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Why haven't the Oakland Raiders used the wildcat formation? We have seen quite a few trick plays attempted by the Raiders.  Unfortunately they don't work. In fact, they look horrid.

Solution: practice more.

The Oakland Raiders will need QB Bruce Gradkowski to get the ball down field with a balanced run/pass. This should be with ease if the Oakland Raiders use all three runningbacks in various formations to confuse the Miami Dolphins. Everyone knows that Darren McFadden has great hands; Marcel Reece is basically everywhere and also has great speed and hands.

Although I use Bruce Gradkowski in this scenario, I wouldn't be surprised if coach Tom Cable decides to keep Jason Campbell in. I feel Gradkowski is the better of the two but Campbell has to get motivated if he remains in the huddle. Heck, someone needs to shock him before every play and get some fire in his pants..

RB Darren McFadden should be able to score at least one rushing TD and gain 100 plus yards on the ground against the Miami Dolphins defense.

If Jason Campbell returns home and starts off like he had against the San Francisco 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, then he should be benched immediately!!

Do not wait until the second half! He had his chance, now let the healthy Bruce Gradkowski play against the Miami Dolphins so we can get a win. A needed win!

Bruce Gradkowski matches up well with WR Louis Murphy who is back. Then there's the speedster Jacoby Ford.

With a good QB, the Oakland Raiders can use all the talents on offense and win. Look at the roster here: Darren McFadden, Michael Bush, Zach Miller and Marcel Reece.  What the heck is going on Raiders?

The weapons are surely there and should be able to score against blitzes. Down field the Oakland Raiders have both WR's Murphy and Ford. This duo is just what the team needed. If this offense can show up next week then they will destroy the Miami Dolphins at home Sunday.

Raiders rebound at home with win over Miami Dolphins 31-10.

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