The 25 Most Iconic Venues In Sports History

Michael AkelsonCorrespondent INovember 23, 2010

The 25 Most Iconic Venues In Sports History

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    There are stadiums which every sports fan dreams of visiting. Places where people would kill to watch one game. Places where you can see the history oozing from the walls.

    These are the stadiums where at one time or another something great took place, the stadiums that stand out from the rest.

    They are the most iconic venues in sports, and everyone wants to visit them.

    Here's the 25 most iconic venues in sports history. Enjoy!

Honorable Mention: Michigan Stadium

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    We start our list with The Big House.

    It's one of the loudest and most classic stadiums in all of college football and sports.

    This stadium set the record for largest attendance for a game in the history of football. 'Nuff said.

25. The Yale Bowl

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    The Yale Bowl, what a classic.

    It's almost as big a staple in popular culture as it is in sports.

    It's the Madison Square Garden of college football stadiums, and one of the most recognized venues on the planet.

24. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

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    How can you have this list without the stadium that's seen it all?

    The L.A Coliseum is not only home to the legendary USC Trojans, it is also the only stadium to ever host two Olympic Games.

    Not to mention the several World Series' and Super Bowl's the place has hosted.

23. Lamade Stadium

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    If you're 12 or 13, this is number one on your list.

    Lamade Stadium is the one place where any average kid can turn into a household name.

    It stands for what we love about sports.

    Every year, Lamade Stadium hosts the Little League World Series, where kids play for one reason, and one reason only: For the love of the game.

22. The Astrodome

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    The Astrodome is the first domed stadium in sports history.

    Considering the trend it started, that alone makes it a must-visit for sports fans.

21. Rucker Park

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    Okay, maybe it's not technically a sports "venue," but there is no place in the world quite like Rucker Park.

    This is the top streetballing location in the world.

    If you've never played at Rucker Park then you've never made it as a streetballer, plain and simple.

    If you want to see one of the most interesting basketball games of your life for free, then there's really only one choice: Rucker Park.

20. Notre Dame Stadium

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    There's no college football program that has as dedicated a following as Notre Dame.

    There is also no college football program as historic as The Fighting Irish.

    Until you've actually seen it in person you'll never understand what's so great about Notre Dame Stadium, so take the trip.

    You won't regret it.

19. Churchill Downs

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    What would this list be without the event that has hosted the biggest day in betting for the last 130 years?

    Also, what would the Kentucky Derby be without Churchill Downs?

18. St. Andrews

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    St. Andrews, "The Home of Golf."

    The oldest, most traditional, historic, amazing golf course on the planet.

    All the greats have competed here, and plenty have made their name.

    It just doesn't get much better than St. Andrews when it comes to golf.

17. Caesars Palace

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    Call it what you want, but in my mind at least, Caesars Palace qualifies as a sports venue.

    There have been some great boxing matches there, and while it may not be best known for boxing, everybody is aware of the great bouts that have gone down there.

    Consider 15 a conservative ranking for one of the most well-known places in the world.

16. Stade Roland Garros

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    Easily one of the most historic tennis venues on the planet, Roland Garros hosts the French Open yearly.

    It opened in 1928, and all the tennis greats have won there at one time or another.

    It is one of the most famous sporting venues in the world.

15. Pebble Beach

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    Golf fan or not, you gotta love Pebble Beach.

    It's one of the most historic courses in the world, it's the most beautiful course in the world, and, best of all, it's open to the public.

14. The Rose Bowl

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    Now we turn our attention to one of the most historic all-around venues in sports- The Rose Bowl.

    Not only does it host one of the best Bowl Games in college football yearly, but it also has hosted two Olympics, one Men's World Cup, one Women's World Cup, and many, many more historic events.

    Basically, the Rose Bowl is one of the most popular venues in all of sports.

13. Wembley Stadium

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    If you're from America and this name is ringing a bell that's probably because of the NFL's annual "Wembley Game."

    If you're from anywhere else this place is so, so much more than just a host of a once a year football game.

    It is the most famous stadium for the sport of soccer which is the most popular sport in the entire world.

    Unless of course you live in the United States, then it's the most popular sport once out of every four years.

12. Centre Court Wimbledon

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    Coming in at number nine on our list is the one place that every tennis fan salivates at the mention of.

    I'm talking about the Cathedral of Tennis, Centre Court Wimbledon.

    Easily one of the most recognizable and historic venues in all of sports.

11. Cameron Indoor Stadium

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    Some say it's the loudest arena in all of sports, you won't hear any objections from me.

    The stadium is home of the most popular college basketball program in all the land- Duke University.

    Some of the greatest games in college basketball history have taken place there, and some of the greatest teams in college basketball history have played there.

    This stadium is as iconic as it gets as far as college arenas are concerned.

10. Louisiana Superdome

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    The Louisiana Superdome may not have as rich a winning history as some of the other venues on this list, but it does have quite a bit of it's own history.

    You see, this dome is located in the biggest partying city in the world- New Orleans.

    However, what in my mind really makes this stadium stand out is not only the great fan support, but how what went on in it changed a city.

    During one of the biggest natural disasters of all-time- Hurricane Katrina- it was used to store bodies, and some wondered if the city would ever be the same.

    But when the Saints beat the Falcons on Monday Night Football in the first home game at the Superdome in two years, it revived the city. And when they went to the NFC Championship Game that same year, it revived the city even more.

    And when the Saints finally won the Super Bowl two years later, it re-created a city. However, none of this would have been possible if not for the Superdome.

9. Roman Colloseum

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    We move from an emotional landmark to an all-time historical landmark- The Roman Colloseum. And yes, that's spelled correctly.

    The colloseum is believed to have been built some time from 70-80 AD, and it still stands tall to this day.

    As we all know, the colloseum was originally built to host gladiator shows, which does in fact qualify it as a sports venue.

    But the fact that no more athletic competition goes on there definitely dropped it a few spots on this list.

8. Lambeau Field

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    Ah, the Frozen Tundra.

    The field where Lombardi corralled the sidelines and Starr snuck the ball in from the one-yard line on the completely icy field.

    The place where Brett Favre slapped his linemans rear end's in the snow, and where he broke Donald Driver's fingers so many times.

    The stadium where any temperature above zero is considered warm.

    There's certainly no place like Lambeau Field.

7. Wrigley Field

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    Good ol' Wrigley Field, the only stadium I know of that can host a football game with one endzone.

    The place where the fences are covered in ivy and Steve Bartman almost lost his life.

    Wrigley Field is as unique as a baseball stadium can get, and also as iconic as one can get as well.

6. Fenway Park

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    Now the oldest park in baseball, Fenway is a beauty.

    It's just crafted so originally.

    Everybody knows they're looking at Fenway Park as soon as they see it.

    From the Green Monster to the Pesky Pole, everybody recognizes Fenway Park.

5. Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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    As much as I hate auto-racing I've got to show some love to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

    Everybody knows about it, even people with not even a tiny bit of knowledge of NASCAR.

    It also hosts one of the most famous events in sports yearly- The Indi 500.

4. Augusta National Golf Club

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    Two words: The Masters.

3. Madison Square Garden

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    Madison Square Garden, does it get any better?

    The home of the Knicks and Rangers is not only the place in sports, it's also the place in entertainment.

    You haven't made it big in basketball or hockey until you've done something great at the Garden. The same goes for entertainment.

    Madison Square Garden has hosted some of the most famous events in the history of the world.

    It has also been the stage at which basketball immortals Reggie Miller and Michael Jordan were at their best. Mark Messier and Stephane Matteau lit it up as well.

    The fact of the matter is, there are few more famous venues in not just sports, but the entire world, than Madison Square Garden.

2. Old Boston Garden

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    From one historic basketball arena to the next we go.

    The Boston Garden has just about seen it all, from Bill Russell to Larry Bird, from John Havlicek to Kevin Garnet, this has been the home to one of the greatest franchises in all of sports.

    The Garden has also hosted concerts, NHL All-Star games, Stanley Cup games and so much more.

    The Boston Garden's rich basketball history is what puts it just above Madison Square Garden.

1. Old Yankee Stadium

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    Were you expecting someplace else?

    This was the most magical place in the world where literally anything could happen. The Yankees hung 26 World Series banners in this place.

    This is where you could meet at "the bat," and hear Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" daily.

    It's where you were guaranteed to see at least one celebrity, where the Bleacher Creatures did "roll call".

    This is the place where Bob Sheppard's voice echoed for decades, where Louis knocked out Schmeling, where Knute Rockne stated "Win one for the Gipper."

    Yankee Stadium is where "The Greatest Game Ever Played" took place, it's where Aaron Boone took Tim Wakefield deep.

    It's the place that was christened by two popes and Lou Gehrig declared himself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth.

    The fact is, no other place in the Solar System has anywhere close to as many memorable moments as Yankee Stadium.

    This place was special, magical and breathtaking.

    There's just no place like it.


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