Nike Pro Combat NFL Uniforms: Check Out Fake Unis That Tricked Fans

Sam WestmorelandFeatured ColumnistNovember 19, 2010

Nike Pro Combat NFL Uniforms: Check Out Fake Unis That Tricked Fans

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    Those Nike Pro Combat NFL Uniform prototypes really had you going, didn't they?

    You thought they were the real deal, that Nike had accidentally let their designs slip for the 2012 season, when they take over for Reebok as official apparel provider of the NFL. 

    Hopefully, the thought of these jerseys being put on NFL players made you as nauseated as it did me. But you can relax.

    They're fake, although many corners of the blogosphere still haven't caught on to it yet. 

    It was all created by some fan (who, apparently, can't come up with creative concepts for the vast majority of the NFL, and might be the worst uniform designer of all time) and posted as such on a forum. But some knucklehead took them to be legit and ran with them.

    And now, here we are. 

    Let's take a look at what this knucklehead thought was the future of the NFL, shall we? Oh, and those of you with weak constitutions, please leave. 

Arizona Cardinals

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    Just because a team uses black to outline their logo, or dot the eyes of their mascot, does not make it a part of that team's color scheme.

    For Pete's sake, people! This one makes me want to vomit, although the wings on the shoulder aren't awful.

    And that helmet? Yeesh. 

Atlanta Falcons

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    This one's not too bad, although you can't see most of the elements that make some of the other ones so horrendous.

    There's not nearly enough color, and it's kind of boring. 

Baltimore Ravens

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    This one isn't the worst of the lot, but it's pretty bad.

    The helmet shouldn't be white, the Raven is backwards, and there's just too much going on here.

    I do dig the socks, though. 

Buffalo Bills

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    This one I actually like, for the most part.

    The red Buffalo should be on the helmet instead of the more modern one. And you need to take that red string pattern off the shoulders (and possibly that upper set of stripes).

    But otherwise, someone call Nike up and tell them we've got a winner!

Carolina Panthers

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    This one's pretty harmless, other than the ridiculous slashes of blue on the pants and underarm sleeves.

    Come on! 

Chicago Bears

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    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    I don't know why this guy didn't get the message. 

Cincinnati Bengals

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    Dear, sweet, Paul Brown!

    I didn't think we could get worse than the Bengals' current uniforms. Then I saw these. 

Cleveland Browns

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    This one's nice, but what's different?

    They smartly didn't change much of anything for the Browns, which is a big positive. 

Dallas Cowboys

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    Let's just move on before Jerry Jones gets any crazy ideas. 

Denver Broncos

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    Hooray for bringing the Bronco back!

    But yeesh, those side panels. And maybe flip the orange and the blue, so you don't look like traffic cones?

Detroit Lions

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    I know the Lions have been bad for a long time, but when did they join the CFL?

    Their second color is also silver, not the white in these pictures. 

Houston Texans

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    Ladies and gentlemen, your 2012 Winnipeg Texans!

    In all seriousness, though, this one's not terrible. Although the shoulder stripes are perplexing. 

Indianapolis Colts

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    Other than the blue pants, there's not really much new here.

    I feel like linemen would look like Violet from Willy Wonka

Jacksonville Jaguars

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Kansas City Chiefs

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    I dig the helmet concept; paint it red and you've got something there.

    You don't need the feathers on the shoulders, but they're not awful. The typeface is clunky, and the socks look like Charlie Brown's shirt. 

Miami Dolphins

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    Granted, he didn't have much to work with.

    But even the teal would have been a better choice than the orange for the helmets. This one seems busy, and it makes the front of the jersey look like a bib with the piping. 

Minnesota Vikings

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    It looks like the horns on his arm are jutting out of his torso.

    And there's a reason why almost no one wears yellow pants. 

New England Patriots

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    It's like the American flag got sick all over the Patriots. 

New York Giants

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    Switch the black accents to red, and make the numbers a bit bigger, and we might be getting into decent-looking territory.

New York Jets

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    Where is there black in the Jets logo?

    Can someone answer that for me?

New Orleans Saints

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    This one's not terrible, but it kind of feels like a high school team. 

Philadelphia Eagles

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    I just have one question for you: When did the Eagles become the Oregon Ducks of the NFL?

Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Ummm...Yeeeah...I don't know. 

St. Louis Rams

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    Nice, but not a lot original about it.

    It could be a whole lot worse. 

San Francisco 49ers

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    I don't know where they got the idea that the Niners wear yellow, but it needs to be stopped yesterday.

    Other than that, it's a pretty unremarkable uniform. 

Oakland Raiders

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    Yeah, nothing great here, other than the lack of a silver helmet.

    Which is a bit of a travesty, but compared to some of the wrongs on this list, it's minor. 

Seattle Seahawks

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    It could be worse; the whole thing could be the color of the undersleeves. 

Tennessee Titans

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    I actually like this one.

    Simple, modern and classy. Overall, Nike should probably take a good look at this one. 

Washington Redskins

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    There's a reason why the Redskins don't wear yellow jerseys often.

    They look like this.  

    I realize Nike loves patterns like this in basketball, but that doesn't make it OK. 

    That's all we've got for now. if you didn't see your team in the mix here, consider yourself incredibly lucky.


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