WWE SMACKDOWN 11/12/10 Review: Beat Edge or Else

Jay BrennanCorrespondent INovember 13, 2010

Opening Segment

The show opens with a video package with highlights of Monday Night RAW. Wade Barrett told Otunga that he wants him to face Edge at SMACKDOWN. Barrett said that if he doesn’t win, he won’t be NEXUS, he’ll be against us.

Fireworks exploded next to the United Kingdom flag and the announcers gave us the match line-up for the night.

Edge made his way to the ring in street clothes to address the UK fans. He said that he planned on being World Champion at Wrestlemania.

Edge said that Otunga should continue to depend on his wife, because he was going to be in the unemployment line.

The NEXUS surround the ring with a plan to attack Edge. Vickie Guerrero showed up and said that she was in charge tonight.

Vickie told Otunga that if any of the NEXUS members entered the ring he would lose his match, thus resulting in his excommunication from NEXUS.

Vickie announced that Edge vs. Otunga would be a lumberjack match. Vickie then forced Edge and Otunga to shake hands. Edge ended the segment by spearing Otunga out of the ring onto NEXUS.

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I don’t understand why Edge is participating in this NEXUS angle considering that when at their first inception, he along with Jericho were hesitant in assisting John Cena's battle them.

His little feud with Otunga is entertaining but he has a world title match at Survivor Series. They should have him pushing his program with KANE more.

Segment Rating: 7/10

Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio Match

Kingston controlled most of the first part of the match with little offense by Del Rio. Kingston thrilled the crowd with high-risk maneuvers. The UK fans were especially pleased with Kingston’s suicide dive onto Del Rio in the outside.

Del Rio turned it around when he hit a kick to the back of Kingston’s head, sending him to the outside. Del Rio used some brutal strikes thereafter.

Kingston then hit a frog splash style body press from the top rope. He followed it up with a superman punch and the Boom Boom double leg drop. We thought Trouble in Paradise was next but Del Rio was able to avoid it.

Del Rio sent Kingston’s arm into the ring post and landed a drop kick on his arm. He finished him off with the cross-armbreaker.

Rey Mysterio attacked Del Rio and hit the 619. The Rated PG Superstar got a huge pop from the UK fans.

This was a surprisingly grade A match. Kingston looked impressive in his loss. I am a baffled that Kingston jobbed to Del Rio to simply push the Mysterio/Del Rio program.

Match Rating: 10/10

NEXUS Backstage Segment

The NEXUS discussed the lumberjack match. "The One Man Rock Band" Heath Slater said that he wasn’t willing to risk his career by being surrounded by the Smackdown roster.

Otunga tried to get the rest of NEXUS to get behind him. He appeared to have gotten them pumped, but the closing seconds showed a reluctant group of faces.

Segment Rating: 7/10

(Divas Champion) Layla vs. Natalya Match:

The daughter of Jim Neidhart showed some power with a stalling suplex with standing squat on Layla.

Layla showed a mean streak and attacked Natalya aggressively. Layla’s countrymen didn’t appear enthusiastic about her offense.

Natalya got a decent pop from the UK fans after hitting a tornado clothesline. She later followed it with a sharpshooter to get the victory.

It was a good match by both ladies. I am not sure what Natalya’s chances are against both Layla and McCool at Survivor Series.

Match Rating: 7/10

Kane Segment

Kane talked about the burying the Undertaker. He said that nothing can stop him and that he is the champion.

The horror music in the background made this segment silly.

The Undertaker recently had surgery which will put him out of action up to six months. I doubt that he will miss Wrestlemania. The career of the Undertaker is certainly in its twilight.

Segment Rating: 5/10

Edge vs. David Otunga Lumberjack Match

NEXUS and the Smackdown roster surrounded the ring for the Lumber Jack match.

During the early part of the match, Del Rio pulled Edge off the apron causing him to hit his head on the side of the ring.

Later, Edge paid Del Rio back with a drop kick when Del Rio wasn’t expecting it. This caused a brawl between members of the Smackdown roster.

Edge prepared to execute a spear when Mr. Perfect Jr. tried to interfere. Edge speared him and re-set for a spear on Otunga.  Kane then entered the ring and dropped Edge with a chokeslam. Otunga covered Edge for the win.

The announce team mentioned that NEXUS helped Kane in his match against the Undertaker. I am guessing they forgot how Kane smacked around NEXUS members last week.

Who is Edge feuding with? Is it Kane, NEXUS, or Del Rio? This must be a set up for a future four-way match at year’s end.

I am glad Otunga is staying with NEXUS. He is a perfect fit for the group.

Match Rating: 7/10

(Intercontinental Champion) Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP Match

MVP is out again with his new music. He really needed this recent push.

I guess they are dropping the Daniel Bryan/Ziggler feud. I was certain this would lead to some merging of the titles at Survivor Series.

Matt Stryker is totally in love with Kaitlyn.

During the match, Ziggler attempted to loosen the turnbuckle when the referee stopped him. MVP rolled him up for a 10-count but the distracted referee didn’t make the count.

MVP had a few near falls. He hit the Ballin’ elbow drop followed by the Drive-By boot to the face. Ziggler continued to kick out and survive.

Ziggler hit the Zig Zag out of the blue and made the cover. Ziggler got the victory despite MVP having his foot on the rope during the count.

MVP really needs some wins or else is going to end up like Carlito; disgruntled and eventually unemployed.

Match Rating: 8/10

Cody Rhodes Segment

Cody Rhodes gets some heat from the UK fans by making fun of their teeth. He introduced another Dashing Grooming Tips video.

I am fan of Cody Rhodes, but this was a terrible waste of time.

The only way this segment could have gotten worse would be if they had involved Hornswoggle.

Segment Rating: 2/10

(World Heavyweight Champion) Kane vs. Big Show Match:

Prior to the match, Kane was shown backstage searching for Paul Bearer.

During the match, it looked like Kane was in big trouble when Big Show did a Vader Bomb (Swagger Bomb).  They both snatched each other’s throats in attempted chokeslams. Kane delivered a clothesline that caused both of them to topple over the top rope.

Paul Bearer was shown backstage tied up and gagged.

Edge interrupts the match by bringing out a restrained Paul Bearer on stage. The distraction gave Big Show the chance to chokeslam Kane for the win.

Edge ends the show by wheeling off with Paul Bearer backstage.

Okay, so why didn’t Kane give chase? Edge is wheeling around an a little fat man, I am sure that Kane could have caught up to him.

Final Thoughts

I hope this is the last of NEXUS on Smackdown.

This week was better than last week’s episode. Some of the segments weren’t great, but the matches were more competitive and we were spared any squash bouts.

Wins by Otunga and Big Show didn’t help promote a stellar World Championship match between Edge and Kane.

I am not ultra excited about this year’s Survivor Series so far. They have yet to announce any traditional Survivor Series matches.

Final Rating: 7/10

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