Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger Scandal: Sterger Camp Finally Meets with NFL

Mary Ann Reitano@MusingMaryAnnContributor IIINovember 12, 2010

Minnesota Viking Brett Favre, forever the warrior
Minnesota Viking Brett Favre, forever the warriorJim Rogash/Getty Images

The NY Daily News is reporting that Jenn Sterger, her attorney and her manager, all met with League officials today for nearly three hours.  The only hint at details of the meeting came from Phil Reese, Sterger's manager, who was quoted as saying, "We can confirm that a meeting took place with the NFL today and we cooperated fully by providing them with substantial materials in our possession." 

Obviously, Reese wanted to give the impression that Sterger had a significant amount of damaging evidence against Favre, most likely to spur on the media to push the NFL for details.  Sterger's attorney, Joseph Conway, was much more tight lipped, only saying, "We cooperated fully with their investigation."  He did add that, "It's their timeline."  

So now what?  Will all those Favre haters out there get their moment of glory watching his official fall from grace? Will those who see Sterger as a gold-digger get confirmation that she may well have embellished her story, while the NFL decides to not suspend Favre?

One thing is quite clear. If Favre had any damaging evidence against Sterger, he certainly didn't hang on to it.  Sterger is apparently the only one holding any cards at this point, and while her credibility and motives are highly speculative, depending on the weight the league puts on the 'substantial materials,' public opinion on Sterger and her rationale for going public may well be moot. 

While many in the sports world will be anxious to see what the next move by the NFL will be, as far as Sterger is concerned, it is a pretty sure bet that her 15 minutes are up.  She may have thought this was her ticket to the A-list, yet based on the fervently negative opinions of her across cyber space, that certainly is not the case.

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Once the final article about this scandal is written, Jenn Sterger will be forever remembered as the scantily clothed vixen who felt her only way to fame and fortune was through the public destruction of another human being.  We will most likely see her on a few seasons of Tru TV's "World Dumbest" series, cracking jokes with the likes of  has-beens like Danny Bonaduce, Tonya Harding and Todd Bridges.  The fact is, she is now taboo.  Her just desserts in this writer's opinion. 

While Brett Favre's off-field reputation may well be tarnished for good, his on-field accolades are still going to put him in the Hall of Fame and he will be talked about as one of the best players to ever play the game. Something that even Jenn Sterger cannot take away from him. 

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