Al Davis Makes His Case: QB Jason Campbell To Start for "Foreseeable Future"

Dallas Davis@SpreadANDTotalCorrespondent INovember 11, 2010

OAKLAND, CA - JANUARY 23:  Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis speaks during a news conference introducing new Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin on January 23, 2007 in Oakland, California. Kiffin, a 31 year-old offensive coordinator from the University of Southern California, was named as the new head coach to replace Art Shell who was fired after going 2-14 for the season.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
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As if Al Davis needed to voice his opinion, he's done it again.

The NFL fanbase understands the exponential confidence that Tom Cable has instilled within the players, so why can't the Oakland Raiders' owner grasp the concept?

In a tumultuous reign over the last decade, Al Davis has been at the center of many unorthodox decisions.

From trading for Randy Moss to starting Andrew Walter, and most famously his JaMarcus Russell fetish, Al Davis tends to make decisions based on good old-fashioned physicality. Whoever is on the sideline "running" the team is never more than a puppet, as Al remains the shot-caller.

Yesterday, Al released this statement, reported by Steve Corkran in the Oakland Tribune:

"Mr. Davis likes what Jason [Campbell] has done the past month and doesn't see the need to change when things are going well," a person familiar with the situation said. "He thinks Jason is a classic fit for the Raiders' style of play."

Tom Cable had already said that he would go with the hot hand, but alluded to the idea that the decision was not final.

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Last week, Cable told the media, "We know who our quarterback is," in reference to Bruce Gradkowski earning his starting job after he gets healthy.

Al Davis must have feared that he may not get his way.

"I really haven't wavered, but I do have a belief in me about when you're dealing it and you got the hot hand, and things are going in the right direction for your football team, why would you make a change?" Cable said.

So why did Al Davis find it necessary to drop his opinion when Cable conceded a Campbell start with his "going with the hot hand" comment?


Al Davis doesn't care what a coach says. He gets his way, whether it's already been agreed upon, or whether he's the only person on the planet to understand his train of thought.ย 

Lane Kiffin proved that with his benching of JaMarcus Russell. Al Davis responded by firing Kiffin and hitting him with a lawsuit.

Tom Cable is winning, so all is well in the Bay Area.

For now.

Here's an idea for the Oakland Raiders staff. Why do you think Campbell played so terribly in his start in San Francisco? Could it be that the fans booed him off the field in the home opener against the St. Louis Rams? No, it has to be the fact that after being yanked at halftime under the raining "Bruce" chants, he was forced to come in with low confidence in San Francisco.

I'll agree with both.

You can't pull a starting quarterback, criticize him to the core and then expect that tough love will prevail. Oakland has been tough on players who struggle because frankly, they are tired of sloppy play. Jason Campbell, by no fault of his own, had to start his career in Oakland under fire.

Yet Al Davis waits until Campbell can throw the deep ball before he makes his comments known. This kind of thing has to stop.

Tom Cable, in the wake of Al's comments, has stated that it will be his decision. Really?

If Cable goes with Gradkowski after a poor game by Campbell in Pittsburgh, Al Davis could give him the axe quicker then loggers in Oregon.

How does Jason Campbell feel about all this drama?ย 

Campbell said this, quoted by the Oakland Tribune:

"I've been in the league six years and starting for a while," Campbell said. "You have to be prepared for all types of situations. My mindset right now is not even about that. It's about going out and continuing to try to play hard and at a high level and doing whatever it takes to win."

So here is an idea, Oakland.

Be consistent.

Not when it comes to winning, and not when it comes to always listening to Al Davis.

The claim that Davis basically ushered the NFL to what it is now still stands, but that has nothing to do with his general management. I agree with his thoughts this time, but the idea of always having the last word is just getting to be plain annoying.

"Just Win Baby" clearly means, "Win by my rules, or your fired." That's more of a trademark for Al Davis.

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