NFL Rankings: Razor's QB Rankings at Midesason

Sanjay BeastimuffamucusContributor INovember 11, 2010

NFL Rankings: Razor's QB Rankings at Midesason

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    DETROIT - NOVEMBER 07:  Mark Sanchez #6 of the New York Jets looks to throw a pass during the game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on November 7, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan. The Jets defeated the Lions 23-20 in overtime.  (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty
    Leon Halip/Getty Images

    For the past few seasons I have been compiling QB rankings for every quarterback who has met a certain number of requirements. Season to season the number of quarterbacks who make this list end up around 38 near the end of the season. The only requirements necessary at this point of the season is that a QB must have thrown 100 passes or more. Not completions, simply thrown out of their hands. QB's are then weighted on three parameters, each weighted equally, these being Yards per Attempt, Touchdown to Interception ratio and Completion Percentage. Each player is given a rank from 1 (the best) to 36 (the worst) in each category. The highest possible score is 3, and the lowest possible score is 108. Without further babbling I will give you the list.

1. Philip Rivers

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    Laserface is out of control
    Laserface is out of controlJeff Gross/Getty Images

    Rank. Name (Sum totals) Change in Rank from week 5

    1. Philip Rivers (14) Up 4
    Well deserved, going by tier systems alone, Rivers ranks as my only elite QB. It's not surprising that he's consistently elite, but that no one else besides him is in that category. Rivers is doing it with less as well, Crayton and Arojitutu are not starting caliber WR's. Rivers is leading the league in YPA, top 5 in completion percentage, and is 8th in his TD to INT ratio. Beast.

2t. Most Valuable Peyton and The Guy He Played Last Sunday

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    PHILADELPHIA - NOVEMBER 07:  Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles throws a pass against the Indianapolis Colts on November 7, 2010 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles defeated the Colts 26-24.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/
    Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

    2t. Michael Vick (25) Up 4
    Vick is amazing right now, he hasn't thrown an interception yet, and he's top 5 in the league for his YPA. The only knock on him is his middle of the pack completion percentage, but that comes with his style. Vick is having quite a revival in Philly, and it's good to see a humble Vick playing better than he ever has before.

    2t. Peyton Manning (25) Same
    Peyton does not screw around. He's finally playing up to the MVP caliber we expect of him. He just seems to make number 2 receivers out of nothing, and he's even grooving without Dallas Clark there. Almost as impressive as Rivers.

4. The Indomitable Benjamin

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    CINCINNATI - NOVEMBER 08:  Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger #7 of the Pittsburgh Steelers throws throws against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium on November 8, 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Steelers defeated the Bengals 27-21. (Photo by Matthew
    Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

    4. Ben Roethlisberger (26) Unranked
    Benny Boy just barely qualified for this article, his Monday night performance actually dragged him down a bit, but that's understandable against a tough Bengals D. Once again Roeth is dominating the YPA category, and he is a solid 12th in both completion percentage and his TD to INT ratio. He's gonna stay near the top for a long time.

5t. Kyle Orton and David Garrard

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    I want you... to block this time!
    I want you... to block this time!Chris McGrath/Getty Images

    5t. Kyle Orton (28 ) Down 1
    Orton is just the little engine that can't carry his team. He sure tries, but trying to lead a dysfunctional organization is like trying to make love to a cat. Awkward. Anyway, his completion percentage has really dropped over the past few weeks, and that's why he has gone down slightly on this list.

    5t. David Garrard (28 ) Up 8
    What the hell? I guess beating up on the cowboys really shot Garrard up the rankings. His completion percentage is great and he has a competitive YPA and TD:INT ratio. He is actually a mere .03 YPA away from the elite category. I am shocked too.

7t. Tom Terrific and Romogenized Milk

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    Who has one thumb and did your sister? This guy.
    Who has one thumb and did your sister? This guy.Jim Rogash/Getty Images

    7t. Tony Romo (29) Same
    Romo's season may be done, but he is still a great QB, through and through. I feel really bad for the cowboys... well not really, just Romo, Dez and Ware, the only players on that team who seem to want to win.

    7t. Tom Brady (29) Down 6
    Losing Randy Moss hurt the Pats, it may hurt to admit, but Moss has made the teams around him play better, and made the QB's better. Moss may not be the beneficiary of those plays, but Welker and Harvin certainly miss the guy. Brady protects the football well, has a good completion percentage, but his YPA has really taken a hit without that deep threat.

9. Elisha

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    Did you just fart?
    Did you just fart?Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

    9. Eli Manning (30) Up 6
    The major thing hurting Eli is his 11 interceptions, but he has been effective completing passes to his tough receivers. Top 5 in completing passes and 7th in YPA makes for a deadly passer, and if the balls didn't bounce off his receiver’s hands so often he'd be even higher up this list. As you can plainly see, outside of the top spot, this group is really tight.

10 And 11.Forever Young, and Beardy

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    I just really liked this photo.
    I just really liked this photo.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    10. Vince Young (31) Same
    The only thing keeping Young down is his awful completion percentage (59%). He has the second best TD:INT ratio and 3rd best YPA. He is a good quarterback, even if he's not asked to pass a lot, he manages better than nearly everyone. And yes, this is a passer ranking.

    11. Aaron Rodgers (36) Down 2
    Rodgers looks nothing like he did last year, the deep game seems hindered, he's throwing way more interceptions and his completion percentage while good is down from last year as well. Conversely, he is taking less sacks, I wonder if there is some kind of inverse relationship there.

12. Les Schaub

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    Look at this bruise!
    Look at this bruise!Bob Levey/Getty Images

    12. Matt Schaub (39) Same
    Schaub hasn't dropped any in rank, but this seems to be his ceiling this year. What happened? Is playing from behind so often really that harmful to his numbers? Texans still can't get over the hump either, they've fallen out of the AFC Race for the most part. The Texans kind of blow this year.

13. Drew Brees. Yes Really.

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    NEW ORLEANS, LA - OCTOBER 31: Drew Brees #9 of the New Orleans Saints looks on during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Louisiana Superdome on October 31, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Matthew Sharpe/Getty Images)
    Matthew Sharpe/Getty Images

    13. Drew Brees (40) Down 5
    Brees still has the top completion percentage in the league, but teams are forcing him to play small ball and it's really hurting him. 12 interceptions, and less than 7 YPA are pathetic compared to what he did last year when he was the top QB hands down. Payton is a great coach, the Saints are winning games with adjustments on that defense, while their offense is simply average.

14 And 15. Oh Hey These Guys Are Playing Tonight.

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    I don't have a lame unibrow.
    I don't have a lame unibrow.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    14. Joe Flacco (42) Up 12
    OK, look at that up 12 number there. He's still being dragged down by a bad game against the Bengals, but you take that embarrassment out and you're looking at a top 5 QB. Flacco has really stepped up his game over the past few weeks and it shows. Next Thursday features episode 1 of the Flacco Ryan match-up. Should be the game of the week.

    15. Matt Ryan (44) Up 2
    Hey, what do you know, I mention Matt Ryan earlier and he shows up here. Like I had it planned or something... Anyway, Ryan's is helped by his refusal to turn the ball over easily. He has a solid completion percentage but if he wants to mentioned among the elite QB's in this league he needs to get his deep game working effectively. He's still a great QB to have though.

16 and 17 Wallace and Freeman

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    Holy crap I have 3 arms
    Holy crap I have 3 armsKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    16. Seneca Wallace (47) Down 6
    Hasn't really done anything since his last game, so I can't really say much. He dropped because a lot of these other guys improved. I'll talk about the guy who'll be starting from now on in McCoy since he's not on the list. McCoy is deadly right now, his completion percentage is great and he's been effective in getting the ball to his play makers, Holmgren and Mangini can stake their futures on this kid. Just don't let Delhomme play for the love of god.

    17. Josh Freeman (51) Up 2
    Freeman is up and down, to be expected of a rookie learning the ropes. He has been stellar in the 4th quarter most of the time, but he didn't do enough against Atlanta. He definitely has the makings of a franchise QB, so don't sleep on him. He's coming along just fine.


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    I'm gonna hold my breath until you guys block for me!
    I'm gonna hold my breath until you guys block for me!Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    18. Jay Cutler (52) Down 16
    As you can see from before, Cutler had ranked 2nd overall by week 5. A few weeks has dropped him back to about where you'd expect him to be. This is not all his fault though, he faces pressure on at least 40% of his snaps, no way in heck any QB is coming out of Chicago smelling like a rose. They just don't do offense there. Other than a high YPA, Cutler looks bad, man.

19, 20 and 21. Two Benched and One Who Should Be.

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    Break a leg!
    Break a leg!Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

    19. Kevin Kolb (55) Down 1
    Kolb sits at the average mark here, he's a decent quarterback, but it looks like Vick is above and beyond what Kolb is doing right now. Philly fans want accuracy, he'll give you that, but his interception total is a little high and his YPA is a little low. Definitely not Rivickulous.

    20. Brett Favre (59) Up 10
    Ugh gross, Favre is looking better than before. I believe that's because of something called the Randy moss effect... and the fact that he threw for a career high in yards last week. I don't know if he has it, but believe it or don't, he's finding a groove. I feel sick.

    21. Chad Henne (60) Down 6
    Henne is throwing picks like a madman, that drops him unbelievable far down the list. His completion percentage is really good, and his YPA is an alright 6.86, but his interceptions are brutal. The Dolphins can't win games like that, so Henne really needs to improve his game. He actually got benched after I originally wrote this, so I'm a little surprised. Looking forward to seeing Pennington out there, interceptions shouldn't be a problem anymore.

22. Matt Cassel

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    I blew it again, guys.
    I blew it again, guys.Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    22. Matt Cassel (61) Up 7
    Cassel has a really good TD:INT ratio (3:1). He's 28th in completion percentage and 28th in YPA with a low 6.6. I mean as long as he's avoiding throwing interceptions that's good, but he still hasn't shown he can win a game for his team without a lot of help. And a young team needs a strong leader at quarterback.

23 and 24. Bengals Reject and Soon To Be Bengals Reject

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    break a leg... oh wait, that already happened.
    break a leg... oh wait, that already happened.Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

    23. Ryan Fitzpatrick (64) Down 9
    Talk about falling back down to earth. Now I know the stories, “but Raz, the Bills suck, and they should get out of the league, but Fitz has been good for them.” Enough. The Bills need to stop making the same mistake. You haven't had a QB worth his salt since Flutie. Is it really gonna take you an 0-16 season to realize you need a franchise QB? Fitzpatrick, Edwards, Levi Brown, Assy McGee, none of these guys are gonna win you games, no matter how decent they are.

    24. Carson Palmer (66) Down 2
    Dunno what to tell you about Carson. Did you watch Monday Night against the Steelers? Sums him up in a instant. Slow, afraid, tunnel vision, scared out of his jock. Carson isn't the guy we thought he'd be, it's a shame but it's true. Something is up with him.

25. Jason Campbell

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    Oh u mad cuz Im stylin on u
    Oh u mad cuz Im stylin on uJed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    25. Jason Campbell (67) Plus 1
    Yeah, that's only a slight improvement. The Raiders dominate their opponents these past 4 weeks, and the QB at the helm during that time only goes up 1 spot, and he already in that worrisome category of pretty bad QB's. This is something interesting though, his completion percentage is horrible for once, but his YPA is a really impressive 7.32. I don't know if it's just the quality of his receivers, but it's a weird kind of change for JC. Seems to be for the better since he's finally winning.

26. The Franchez

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    This is not how you throw a pass.
    This is not how you throw a pass.Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

    26. Mark Sanchez (70) Down 5
    The Franchez started throwing picks, and that pretty much explains why he's so low. His receivers don't help him with their drops, but even then he's still uncomfortably low. He has the third worst completion percentage of all qualifying quarterbacks, and that is worrisome. At least he helped the Jets come back against the lions.

27. Donovan McNabb

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    Looks like he's gonna get sacked.
    Looks like he's gonna get sacked.Leon Halip/Getty Images

    27. Donovan McNabb (74) Down 8
    Maybe Shanny was right to bench McNabb. Poor completion percentage, more interceptions than touchdowns, all he really has going for him is Santana Moss and Anthony Armstrong getting deep for him every now and then.

28 and 29. Backup Brigade

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    Smells like Beans.
    Smells like Beans.Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

    28. Shaun Hill (75) Down 4
    I have nothing much to say, looks like he'll be starting again for the Lions though, so it'll be nice to see if he can improve his rank from where it is now.

    29. Jon Kitna (76) Unranked
    Sorry Cowboys fans, this is what you're stuck with. A washed up old man that throws picks like I down Dr pepper. His completion percentage is respectable, but that's all he has going for him. Only 8 more weeks until the season is over right?

30. A Guy With Too Many Chances

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    DEAR GOD TAKE THE HOT POTATO.Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

    30. Alex Smith (82) Down 7
    I really hope Coach Sing gets the message now. Alex Smith will not help your franchise in any positive way. He is a bust, plain as the sunshine, shitty as an untouched ass crack. I have him listed as an average QB, but he really straddles the line between acceptable and garbage in all three parameters. Troy Smith will help the 49ers claim the division. Alex Smith will turn them to a 3-13 team.

31 And 32. Intangible Men

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    Funky throwing motion, lose 5 marks.
    Funky throwing motion, lose 5 marks.Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

    31. Bruce Gradkowski (83) Down 6
    Gradkowski rides on intangibles alone. Having him ranked as the 31st QB is proof enough of that. I don't think the Raiders would go wrong with Campbell or Gradkowski, but they aren't the greatest of options. One thing is for certain, the Raiders look good.

    32. Sam Bradford (86) Down 1
    A lot of these players go down because of the other guys moving into the list leap frogging them. Bradford hasn't been terrible, his completion percentage gets better by the day, and he's throwing less picks, but his Yards per Attempt is horrible right now. He's not Rivers yet, but I wouldn't expect a rookie QB to help his once horrible team to a .500 record without any weapons.

33 and 34, The Rest of The West

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    MINNEAPOLIS - NOVEMBER 7:  Quarterback Derek Anderson #3 of the Arizona Cardinals throws a pass against the Minnesota Vikings at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on November 7, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings won 27-24 in overtime. (Photo by Steph
    Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

    33. Matt Hasslebeck (95) Down 5
    Garbage, trash, pathetic, awful... Hass does not have anything anymore. I did call to start Whitehurst, but then he sucks too. The Chargers took you to the tool shed with that Whitehurst trade. Maybe Jake Locker will fall to them.

    34. Derek Anderson (96) Down 2
    Derek Anderson is so bad, that being 3rd last on this kind of list is an improvement. Seriously, the NFC West QB situation is freaking terrible, and that alone explains why the division winning will have a .500 record or worse.

35 and 36. Panthers Fail

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    So much fail
    So much failScott Heavey/Getty Images

    35. Matt Moore (100) Unranked
    36. Jimmy Clausen (108) Down 3
    Say it with me now. LOL PANTHERS QUARTERBACKS.

    I would have loved to end on a positive note, but Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen are just so bad. Seriously, combine one QB who can't throw deep and one who can't throw short and you get either Jimmy Moore or Matt Clausen. They are so awful that they make JaMarcus Russell seem like a tangible option at QB. I just puked a little in my mouth.

    Well I hope you enjoyed this article, there will be two more upcoming after weeks 13 and 17 are over. Thanks for reading everyone and be sure to share your thoughts.