Decision Day: Which Team Needs Randy Moss, and Where Will He Go

Marco Scola@@Marco_ScolaContributor IIINovember 3, 2010

Moss awaits a team to claim him, but who wants him? And where does he fit?
Moss awaits a team to claim him, but who wants him? And where does he fit?Jim Rogash/Getty Images

With Randy Moss now officially waived from the Minnesota Vikings, we await which of the 32 NFL teams take their best stab at Randy. 

First off, here's how the waiver process works:

1. All 32 NFL teams are issued a list of waived players. 

2. Each team goes through the list and puts a check mark next to the player they wish to claim, as well as a write-in on which player they wish to drop for that particular player. This is done to keep the 53-man roster limit in check.

3. Say all 32 teams put a check next to Randy Moss. Moss would go to the worst team. The order is determined in reverse-order of the current standings. (1. Bills; 2. Panthers; 3. Cowboys; 4. 49ers; 5. Broncos, etc.). The team with the highest seed in that order gets the right to claim Moss.

4. Once Moss is claimed, Moss and the team go through contract negotiations. If terms are not met, Moss clears waivers and becomes a free agent. 

So where does Moss end up?

Taking into consideration the order of the teams, there really is no clear favorite in the top fivelet alone top 10that would bite on Moss.

The first team, Buffalo, has already committed to claiming Shawne Merriman off waivers, thus making it highly unlikely that they claim Moss too.

Not to mention, did we all forget how great T.O. did in Buffalo? Same scenario.

In Carolina, it's not the wide receivers that's the issue. It's the development of Jimmy Clausen they're concerned about.

The last thing they need is a hot-headed "quitter" on the roster.

San Francisco is fine with Michael Crabtree at wide receiver and Vernon Davis as tight end.

Denver doesn't seem interested, though I believe they should be interested in Moss. They've slipped drastically since the departure of Brandon Marshall.

Detroit is solid with "Megatron" Calvin Johnson. 

Minnesota is definitely out.

Cincinnati, though that would be interesting, is fine with T.O. and Chad Ochocinco.

Cleveland has shown no interest.

San Diego is fine with Antonio Gates, and they don't need another Vincent Jackson fiasco.

There's your top 10, friends.

So where does Moss fit? And more importantly, where will he actually go?

Any team that's showing interest in Moss needs to be in dire need of a wide receiver (Hello, St. Louis). But more importantly, a wide receiver that can stretch the field.

That team also needs to consider the potential distraction Moss can bring to the locker room (the Vikings, Raiders and Patriots know what I'm talking about). Can they handle that?

But most importantly, the team needs to be ready to contend for a Super Bowl right now. 

Because that's all Randy Moss needs: a ring. That will seal his legacy as a great wide receiver.

Moss isn't happy because the Vikings are going down, and he feels they're taking him with them.

So Who are Those Teams? 

New York Jets (26th in Line)

Moss wants a team that's a Super Bowl contender.

And the Jets need that one wide receiver that can stretch the field. I understand they have a plethora of wide receivers in Jericho Cotchery, Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards, but each of those players lack the downfield ability. 

St. Louis Rams (13th in Line)

Hear me out.

Chances are, they're the weakest team of the 4-4 bunch, but the one position they've taken a beating at all season is the wide receiver. Moss can come in and give rookie quarterback Sam Bradford a chance to stretch the field.

Moss could be that missing piece that pushes the Rams over the edge and helps them capture the division title. 

Seattle Seahawks (16th in Line) 

Seattle is 4-3 on the season, 3-0 at home (unbeatable), first in the NFC West and still has five home games remaining.

Playoff-bound? Randy Moss can help.

The Seahawks' missing link has been the wide receiving position. Golden Tate and Brandon Stokley are doing a fair job, but Moss would bring the added element that pushes them over the edge.

But will Moss want to play for Pete Carroll? And will he want to play in the Pacific Northwest?

But most importantly, will the Seahawks be willing to take a gamble on him? Doubt it.

Miami Dolphins (18th in Line)

Miami is 4-3, and the Brandon Marshall show is really looking the Denver 2009: The Sequel.

Miami needs someone to compliment Marshall. Is Moss the guy?

I think it's a good fit. That could make that already-dangerous offense deadly. 

New England Patriots (Last in Line)

This is a severe long-shot.

How great would it be to trade Randy for a third-round pick, only to get him back four weeks later for a cheaper price!

But here's the underlining theme, folks. Moss was traded for a reason.

It's highly unlikely that Moss returns to the Patriots, even after his high praise for Bellichick and the organization. 


It's unlikely that Moss ends up in New York, New England or Seattle, but those would be great fits for Randy.

My guess? He ends up in St. Louis or Miami.  


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