The 20 Funniest T-Shirts in Sports

Zachary D. Rymer@zachrymerMLB Lead WriterNovember 2, 2010

The 20 Funniest T-Shirts In Sports

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    When it comes to gameday garb, sometimes a funny t-shirt can be an even bigger statement of your fanhood than a piece of official team clothing.

    We see shirts like these every time we go to the ball park, arena, or race track, and they're always good for a laugh. And if a shirt is funny enough, it can make somebody with a player jersey look down at his abdomen in shame.

    And then there are the ones that are just plain inappropriate, albeit hilarious.

    Here are the top 25 sports-themed shirts that are good for a chuckle or two.

20. Referee Vision Test

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    The best part of this shirt is that it can be worn at just about any sporting event except a baseball game, which are judged, of course, by umpires.

    The shirt's message isn't all that clever. It doesn't even have a pun in it (amateurs!), but it deserve some points for design and execution. But not that many, hence the reason it barely made the cut.

19. Tiger and Big Ben Meet The Farrelly Brothers

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    What do you do with the two most infamous womanizers in contemporary sports? You put them on a shirt and make a half-assed reference to Dumb and Dumber.

    A little too easy, perhaps, and it's not nearly as funny now as it might have been a couple months ago now that both Tiger and Big Ben are back in the swing of things in their respective professions.

    Nevertheless, it's good enough to crack the list.

18. Dogs Hate Michael Vick

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    If you're going to kill a living thing, don't kill an animal. And if you're going to kill an animal, don't kill a dog.

    Michael Vick found this out the hard way, and he's probably going to be a villain for dog lovers everywhere for the rest of his life.

    This shirt is kind of an eye roller, but there's no denying that you would have to laugh if you saw somebody taking their dog for a walk with one of these shirts on. And then you would probably strike up a conversation about football.

    If nothing else, that's an effective t-shirt.

17. Quitness

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    Before "Quitness" found its way onto a t-shirt, it was a beer brewed specifically for those in Cleveland who needed a slight assist in their efforts to get over LeBron James' exit from Ohio.

    The beer was an IPA that left a "bitter aftertaste."

    Indeed, the beer is way more amusing than the shirt. That's why it's fairly low on this list.

16. Kerry Collins Sucks

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    It was a little difficult to determine who is being referenced in this shirt, but the lab has recently come back and revealed that it is, in fact, Kerry Collins who sucks.

    While this is not exactly true - Collins has long been a productive quarterback in the NFL, and even took the Giants to the Super Bowl one year - the guy has a point. Kerry Collins is kind of like the NFL's version of a sugar cookie. You'll take it, but you'd rather have something with more flavor.

    As such, give this guy and his shirt points for being bold. And it actually is pretty funny that anybody could have that much disdain for Kerry Collins.

15. Lamar Got The Ugly One

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    While Kim Kardashian seems intent on sleeping around with as many figures from the sports world as possible, the Lakers' Lamar Odom took her sister, Khloe Kardashian, off the market in September 2009.

    The shirt came after a sign that appeared in a game against the Boston Celtics.

    Why is this shirt funny?

    Well, because it's true.

14. Yank Deez

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    There are many Yankee hating t-shirts out there, but this gets the nod because it’s just a little bit more sassy than “Yankees Suck.”

    in addition, you have to love a shirt that contains a marvelous pun, a lewd suggestion, an homage to a classic Dr. Dre track, and a takeoff on a classic New York pastime all in one.

    Put simply, this one's a must for Yankee haters.

13. Wilson! Wilson! Wilson! (tie)

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    If you think all those "Fear the Beard" t-shirts are uber lame, you are indeed correct.

    But it's hard to hate on this one, which does a much better job of honoring the San Francisco Giants' eccentric closer.

    If you didn't already know, Brian Wilson's beard is not naturally black. It's an effect that he accomplishes with shoe polish. The shirt's primary reference is to the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away, in which Hanks spends the better part of the movie talking to a volleyball with a bloody handprint on it.

    Besides, it's just plain funny to look at.

13. Fantasy Football (tie)

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    For people who have no idea what you're talking about when you say you play "fantasy football," it's not a stretch to imagine that the image on this shirt is similar to what they're thinking.

    And in a way, that's just half the humor. The amount of obsession that goes into fantasy football, or any other fantasy sport for that matter, is definitely akin to the geekiness surrounding Dungeons & Dragons or World of Warcraft.

    Well played, wizard. Well played.

12. Jesus Hates The Yankees

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    If there has ever been a truer statement that the one uttered on this t-shirt, it has yet to be discovered by man.

    And that's sort of the point of this t-shirt. Whoever designed the shirt knew what he or she was doing. The point was to craft a message that was universal, and impossible to argue.

    We all hate the Yankees, and nobody is going to argue with Jesus. Hence the reason why this shirt ranks this high.

11. We Are All Pissed

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    You could probably do a whole slideshow based on the shirts churned out by pissed off Cleveland Cavaliers fans.

    As it is, the two on this list is pretty good, and this is the funnier of the pair.

    The joke, as with "Quitness," is on the slogan "We are all witnesses" that defined LeBron James' recent seasons in Cleveland.

    Well, they didn't witness a championship, and now they're pissed. As such, this shirt deserves points for its efficiency.

10. Don't Hate On The Raiders

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    The only people on earth who don't hate the Raiders and Raider fans, and they're an ornery bunch.

    Believe it or not, this is actually one of the more tame shirts you're liable to find in and around the Oakland Coliseum on game day. And if you're wearing anything other than silver and black, you're going to have to answer to somebody.

    So if you're not a Raider fan, consider yourself warned. If you are a Raider fan, cheers.

9. Got Get 'Em, Tiger

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    At long last, here come the Tiger t-shirts.

    Who can forget the moment that Tiger first burst onto the scene, with that now legendary fist pump? Who can forget the day we found out that Tiger was also a legendary lothario with women all over the world?

    Well, the moments are combined quite wonderfully here. And the result is just delightful.

8. I Love Me Some Me

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    If ever there was a shirt that more perfectly encapsulated the pretentious sensibilities former Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver Terrell Owens, this is it.

    Yes, Owens sure did love him some him, as the shirt says. And we all love to make fun of him for it, hence the reason this shirt deserves props.

7. Tiger, Are You My Daddy

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    They're coming fast and furious now, and we're not done yet.

    Honestly, would anybody actually put a shirt that says "Tiger, are you my daddy?" on their infant child?

    I for one really hope not.

    But it's still hilarious.

6. Did You Mean Bootyism, Tiger?

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    As part of an effort to help himself heal his wicked ways, Tiger Woods said that he was going to turn once again to Buddhism, which he had grown up with.

    Did anybody buy it? Maybe.

    But definitely not the person who designed this shirt.

    You can turn to any system of spirituality you want, Tiger. But rest assured people will be able to find the innuendo in it, and turn it into a t-shirt.

5. Get Off My Mound

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    It was a late April game at the Oakland Coliseum between the A's and the Yankees when Alex Rodriguez went from first to third on a fly ball. The only problem was that the ball dropped foul, and A-Rod had to go back to first.

    He did so by way of the pitching mound, which was being manned by future perfect game hurler Dallas Braden. The A's lefthander apparently told A-Rod to "get off his mound."

    Braden's brand kind of Walt Kowalski badassery has since become legend, probably thanks in part to the fact that he went after one of baseball's most hated figures.

    Cheers, Dallas.

4. 18-1

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    At one point before the Patriots' loss to the Giants in Super Bowl XLII, there was a book in the works called "19-0: The Historic Championship Season of New England's Unbeatable Patriots."

    Needless to say, that one never made it to print.

    Luckily for Giants fans and Patriots haters, this shirt did. It didn't jump the gun, and it is absolutely correct.

    Owned, indeed.

3. Just Do Her, Tiger

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    First it was the strange car accident that may or may not have involved Mrs. Tiger Woods threatening the world’s number one golfer with one of his own clubs. Then it was the revelation that Tiger had fooled around with another woman or two.

    And then one or two became one or two hundred.

    Not much longer after that came this t-shirt. And it’s brilliant in its simplicity.

2. Let Tim Smoke

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    Yup, those Giants fans sure are a clever bunch. Especially when it comes to sassy t-shirts.

    When San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum was caught with a couple grams of weed during a traffic stop in his native Washington during the 2009 offseason, those of us in the Bay Area had one question.

    "So what?"

    Indeed, we're about to legalize the stuff in California, and we say Tim should be allowed to smoke!

    And so does this t-shirt.

1. Who Let The Dongs Out

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    As far as facepalms that are actually laugh out loud funny are concerned, this might be the best that sports fans have to offer at the moment.

    We all know the Jenn Sterger by now. While she and Brett Favre were both employed by the New York Jets, certain "inappropriate" texts and voice mails found their way from Favre to Sterger.

    The investigation is ongoing. But there's no reason football fans and Brett Favre haters alike can both proudly wear this shirt.

    Why is this shirt the best? Because even somebody with the most elementary knowledge of the Favre-Sterger scandal is not going to be able to help themselves from having a laugh.