Brett Favre vs. Brad Childress: Who's at Fault? The Saga Continues

Dallas Davis@SpreadANDTotalCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2010

Farve and Childress strategize during training camp
Farve and Childress strategize during training campScott A. Schneider/Getty Images

For the 10th time, it looks like Brett Farve is finally at the tipping point. Regardless of playing in 291 games straight, leading the world in interceptions, and mastering the underhand flip pass before being smothered, Farve has finally hit a glass ceiling that cannot be broken through.

Public blunders, including his admitted creepy messages left on a female Jet's reporters cell phone, as well as head coach Brad Childress outing him on a nationally televised postgame press conference for "not knowing when to accept a punt" have been the icing on the cake for what is quickly looking like the end of the road for ol' Brett.

Never mind the fact that the Vikes have unheralded offensive potential with Moss and AP: The friction between Childress and his veteran QB will prove fatal in the 2010 Minnesota campaign.

To gain the utmost credibility as a head coach in the National Football league, the notion of keeping issues "in-house" is key. Similar to a shrink who swears confidentiality, then tells everyone involved what they think of your problems, Childress has laid all the blame on Brett Farve and his team. But wait a second: Wasn't it Childress who took Brett back, and gave the cold shoulder to a rapidly improving Tarvaris Jackson?

For a dynamic squad like the Vikings to be in a position where the Oakland Raiders have better depth at quarterback has the state of 10,000 lakes a little shaky.  Stack on the fact that the Vikes face the Patriots in New England this weekend, you'd have to think that a second bye week is on the Vikings wish list. 

After New England, the Vikes host a must win game against Arizona, before traveling to Chicago to take on 'Da Bears', which should be a winnable match.  However, not one fan can consider that game as the lock it should be.  Minnesota could very easily end up at 3-6 in as little as three Sundays from now.

Farve has been limping since hopping off his tractor to talk with Jared Allen, Steve Hutchinson, and Ryan Longwell about a possible comeback this Fall. Everyone in the sports world knew that No. 4 wasn't the same guy after his interception last year in the playoffs sealed an eventual Saints Super Bowl win.

So why is it Brett's fault?

Childress is a man who looks uncertain of his own team, choosing to slate Jackson to the bench, and go with a quick fix in Farve, who now has fractured bones in his foot, and might be ending his amazing run at consecutive games played.

If only Childress had some inspiration in what to do...oh wait, that Aaron Rodgers guy is pretty good, how did he get the starting job again? Exactly.

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