Jason Campbell Shows Bruce Gradkowski Is the Better QB By Handing 49ers a Win

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIOctober 18, 2010

Jason Campbell a heartless QB disappointing fans worldwide
Jason Campbell a heartless QB disappointing fans worldwideEzra Shaw/Getty Images

      Disgusted. That is the only word I can use to explain the loss to the win less San Francisco 49ers. The game started out with excellent position only to stopped in the Red Zone once again with Jason Campbell (Mr. 3 and out) as QB.

   Jason Campbell (Mr. 3 and out) has absolutely no heart to win the game. An example of this is when he threw an interception while passing to Zach Miller. He walks to the sideline and Hue Jackson is explaining the throw error , yet Jason Campbell just absorbs it.

  I would have hoped for something like being upset at himself. If this was a new QB like say Tim Tebow he would be besides himself in frustration and then come out playing harder.

 This never happened though. Instead, the Oakland.Raiders continued to get into Red Zone only to be let down by Jason Campbell (Mr. 3 and out).

  Sad. This is the second word I will use to  explain Jason Campbells throwing the football "behind" Jacoby Ford. How in the world is this speedy WR going to get the yards when the ball is thrown behind him? I was certain this type of throwing was removed from the Oakland Raiders when they cut the cancerous tumor known as JaMarcus Russell?

  Michael Bush and the running game kept the Oakland Raiders alive. Michael Bush was able to get the first downs. But the arm of Jason Campbell (Mr. 3 and out) and his heart just will not work in Oakland.

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Conspiracy, here's an interesting thought?: There's a reason why the Redskins let him go. Hmmm, why would Mike Shanahan let the Raiders have Jason Campbell (Mr. 3 and out). I believe this game shows it all. Payoff by Mike maybe?

 Solution: Keep Bruce Gradkowski protected from here on out. It is more than obvious that Bruce Gradkowski is a winner and he brings excitement to the team. The guy is the team. He can get the ball to Murphy and Miller. He has respect from the players and above all else, the fans know that he plays hard for the team and Al Davis.

As a fan I am absolutely tired of field goal points. Keep Bruce Gradkowski healthy and when he runs he will gain the extra five yards instead of throwing a duck interception.

 I am certain that Al Davis can not be happy with Jason Campbell.  Bruce Gradkowski is loved by the fans and they even chanted for him to play in Oakland vs St Louis. That was a win.

 Pathetic: This is the word I use for the loss to SF. This is a win less team with a mediocre QB in Alex Smith and they won the game because Jason Campbell couldn't keep the team on the field, couldn't score TD's and basically is useless in the Red Zone.

  I would have to guess that McFadden is a better QB in the Red Zone so let him take over until Bruce returns to get this team into some winning.games. Until then, Campbell made the 49ers look better than they are and he let  the team down by  a sub par performance.

 Jason Campbell basically killed a possible winning streak. I was hoping Bruce Gradkowski would play this game and win the Battle of the Bay. Instead, Jason Campbell (Mr. 3 and out) took over  and just like Qb Jamarcus Russell, the fans in Silver and Black couldn't believe that SF was allowed to defeat one of the best defenses in the NFL.

 I enjoy Raider football when Bruce Gradkowski is on the field and from here on out... I will not buy a ticket if Jason Campbell is the QB. I still can't believe that SF beat the Oakland Raiders. Shame on you Jason. I'm sure the Boos will be heard every time he is allowed to touch the football.

Jason Campbell 10.7 QB rating. What does that say? Its says that Jason Campbell is Jamarcus Russell all over again so lets get him off the team ASAP because he is hurting the Oakland Raiders.

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