Tiago Splitter and the Spurs: A Match Made in Heaven

Keff Ciardello@@bobcatkeffCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2010

The jersey held up by Splitter on the day he signed about with the spurs
The jersey held up by Splitter on the day he signed about with the spurs

As a huge Spurs fan, I was very excited to find out that Tiago Splitter was finally making his way to San Antonio and it couldn't be at a better time. Watching Splitter represent Brazil, and doing so with the grace of a 6'10" gazelle, has made me even more excited.

Each summer since the Spurs drafted Splitter in 2007, Spurs' fans have been teased with the idea of Splitter wearing silver and black, only to have their hopes dashed as he would again refuse to leave Spain.

This summer he finally came to silver and black but, it being "the summer of Lebron" and all the other free agency hoopla, it wasn't talked about much but it may have been one of the biggest moves in basketball this season.

Splitter comes to an experienced, championship team with an organization known for being one of the elite. With all the veterans resting up this off-season and not representing their home country in the World Championships this summer, everybody should be at one hundred percent. At least the big three.

The move will especially help "The Big Fundamental" Tim Duncan and his aging knees. Duncan is not a true center but he has been playing one since David Robinson retired in 2003. He can now play his natural position of power forward and will even get some more resting time with Splitter on the roster.

Who else is too old?

Dejuan Blair and George Hill are in their early twenties, both of which are up and coming stars. Blair will be a dominant role player (side note, reminds me of Malik Rose) but George Hill will be a very good player in the next few years. I would even bet he would could be an All-Star if he stays at the two guard position.

Too add to that, the Spurs get a rookie dominant center in Tiago Splitter. Don't listen to the hype that San Antonio can't compete, experience goes a long way. There is a lot to be excited about in Spurs country.


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