Ten Fun Sports That Should Be in the Olympics

ThomasSenior Writer IAugust 5, 2008

Every two years the Olympics come and Olympics go.  There are some great sports included in the Olympics.  Basketball, soccer, hockey, and skiing are among my favorite events. 

I think ten special sports should be included in the Olympics—not necessarily because they mean something, but because it brings fun and enjoyment to the games.

1.  Foosball (or Table Soccer, whatever you Brits call it)

I could spend all day playing foosball. I have a foosball table at my house and me and my brother play it all the time.  I think that if foosball were included in the Olympics, it could have a mens single, womens single, and doubles tournaments.  How fun would that be?

2.  Motocross Racing

Now that BMX is finally included in the Olympics, it's only a matter of time before motocross is included.  At least I hope it's a matter of time.  Motocross is a huge sport and it's time it gets respect.

3.  Duckpin Bowling

Now, anybody can bowl, but not everyone can duckpin bowl.  I found that out when some friends and I went and played in town.  Do you know how hard it is to knock down more than one pin?  Only a true Olympic athlete can do it every time, I think.

4.  UFC Fighting

UFC is a huge sport—who knew?  With taekwondo already in the Olympics, another combat sport is needed.  Just think, Jon Fitch from the USA against Thiago Tavares from Brazil (or whoever you want), fighting it out for the gold.

5.  Water Skiing/Wakeboarding

Every summer, millions of guys and chicks go out to the beach or lakes and water ski  or wakeboard.  It's time to make it a true sport by including it in the Olympics.  It'd be fun to watch and it'd cool people off too.

6.  Dodgeball

After someone commented about two other sports that could included in the Olympics, I decided to officially add them.  First, the ultimate game of dodgeball. 

Who doesn't love dodgeball?  I have let out much rage against my brothers and friends playing dodgeball.  If dodgeball does become an Olympic sport, don't throw tools at yourself to practice—throw watermelons or bags of money or something not deadly.

7.  Golf

Sure, we've got too many golf championships out here, but I think we should add the Olympics into the mix.  Imagine Team USA against Team England or Team Korea.

8.  Rugby

Personally, I don''t exactly like rugby, but I've gotten some suggestions to put it up here, so here it is.  Now that I think about it though, I guess I would like to see huge guys beating each other up over a ball.

9.  Football

This is a long shot because the US and Canada are the only countries that seem to love American-style football.  Who knows, maybe some day they'll start having the World Bowl against Team USA and oh, I don't know, Team France.

10.  Paintball

Many sports were originally created to prepare soldiers for battle.  In the modern world, paintball continues that tradition.  I've had some of the best times with my friends playing paintball.  Who wouldn't want to watch countries actually shoot at each other for fun?


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