Football Is Better Than Soccer: Five Reasons

Dan WheelerCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2008

Here are my top five reasons why football is better than soccer.

1. In football you run and rip someone to the ground and then do a happy dance. In soccer you run and slide and hit someone in the shin guard? And then help them up?

2. In football you use brute strength to throw a ball 85-yards for six points. In soccer you use your whole body strength to kick a ball 85 yards for a slight chance at one point.

3 In football when you score you run around and head-but each other and chest bump each other, because its awesome. In soccer when you score a point you high five each other and only head-but when your angry.

4. Football is the No.1 contact sport, soccer is No. 2.

5. More people watch football in America then soccer and that's, because we suck at soccer and are amazing at football.

So, there you go; my favorite reasons why football is better than soccer and soccer is for boys, football is for men.

Just ask the guy who has to go toe to toe with the patriots center Vince Wilfolk and then go to the guy who has to face David Beckham who is more intimidated?


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