Arizona Cardinals vs. Tennessee Titans: Five Things To Watch

Chad MiddletonContributor IAugust 23, 2010

1. The second cornerback.

Who is going to step up opposite DRC? It's been quite the battle between Greg Toler and Trumaine McBride. I gotta think that Greg may one up Trumaine, but he isn't going down without a fight.

Tomorrow, we should see who is going to step up even though Tennessee isn't known for its strong passing game. Okay, so it was a pass that beat the Cardinals last year on the final play of the game which could have been the most exciting game of the year but don't expect that again. My heart says Greg will win the position, but let's watch it unfold tomorrow.

2. Matt Leinart.

If you are like me, I would be happy with no injuries to Matt and a touchdown pass. When is the last time you have seen him through a touchdown? Yeah, I can't remember either (I can, but you get my point). 

A couple of other things that would be nice to see from Matt are true confidence and poise.  Help us believe that you want the job and feel like your offensive line believes in you. I suppose we will see Matt for most of the first quarter, so if he can make the most of it, it will instill confidence in the Cardinal faithful...at least for another week.

But Whisenhunt wants to see that first team offense click more than last week. He was irritated with all aspects of the offense, so Matt has to lead the troops to score more than zero.

3. The battle behind Matt Leinart.

Sorry folks, but I felt Derek Anderson played entirely too long last week. I wanted to see Max Hall get some playing time. Don't get me wrong, I really liked what John Skelton did. His confidence was apparent, but what puzzles me is how bad he struggles in practice.

Maybe he is the type of player that thrives in the real game situations. Maybe he subscribes to the Allen Iverson Role of Practice blog. I don't know; I'm not a doctor, but I was impressed with the kid, but I want to see Max Hall this week. His practices are solid, and that should be rewarded with playing time. I would give each quarterback a quarter unless you can get away with giving Anderson no time.

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4. LaRod Stephens-Howling.

We know what he can do on special teams, but do you sense that Coach Whisenhunt has an expanded role for this guy? I do, in fact, he will slide into that third string running back real nice. I suspect coach doesn't want to show too much, but let's see what he can do out of the backfield after an extended look. 

5. Andre Roberts, Max Komar, and Stephen Williams.

I probably shouldn't worry about Andre Roberts, but with the competition so close I do. When you have guys like Williams and Komar making plays day in and day out, Roberts has to look better. The dropped balls and misread routes make it hard to give him the nod but he's a third round pick. 

We are more likely to give him some more rope, but tomorrow night with Larry Fitzgerald hurt and Early Doucet healing, the wide receivers' battles are going to be intense for the next 11 days. I gotta think Williams should be a lock. The other two have to make plays for a spot on the 53.

6. Also, lets take another look at Darryl Washington. His first game was unbelievable, and he was everywhere the ball was. Didn't you think Karlos Dansby when you saw him play? I did. But was it a fluke? Let's see if he can move into some first team defense plays.

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