Pete Carrol's Secret Hidden Weapon Possibly "Big Vick?"

lee springContributor IAugust 14, 2010

NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 23:  Kevin Vickerson #96 of the Tennessee Titans lifts and tackles running back Thomas Jones #20 of the New York Jets during the game at LP Field on November 23, 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Since Carrol has been in charge of the Seahawks, I have not heard too many concerns about the big issue with the defensive line, and being able to sack and pressure the quarterback, or drop a running back in the backfield for a loss. Earlier today, I may have found out why.

Kevin Vickerson is his name, or at camp the team calls him "Big Vick."  Kevin is a guy who may do a lot of good in the center of all the chaos. With a height of 6'5", and weight at 321 lbs, he is nothing to shake a stick at. The Titans had him play defensive tackle last year.

The reason he was not noticed during the trade was because of the timing; this is when White was traded as well. Carrol sees him as having the ability of "the run stuffer," and is having him compete against Coline Cole for the starting position of nose tackle.

Later today The Seahawks will be playing their first preseason game against "Big Vick's" previous team, and one of Carrol's puzzles to turn this franchise into a winning organization is to see how well he competes against Cole for the nose tackle position. 

"Big Vick" seems anxious to prove he is first string material by showing his old team that trading him was a mistake. His goal today is to show Carrol that he can keep the "mean streak" he has been noticed for during practice, and draw two offensive linemen to block him so our defense can get to the quarter back that much easier, and or stuff the run.

Seattle's defensive goal from my understanding of things is that they want teams to feel that they have no choice but to have their running backs run to the outside of the field (part of the Leo defensive scheme, I am guessing) then the rest of Seattle's defense can have the scrapes.

If Vick can accomplish this then I would be more than happy to see him on the field. Hopefully Vick and Cole can both be on the field defensive tackle or nose tackle, whichever works out best for them to succeed as a team.   

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If Vick does succeed, and is going to be the player Carrol is hoping he is, then this would be an extreme nightmare for other teams—especially if both Vick and Cole are playing at the same time, and the opposing team has to have four out of their five offensive linemen protecting their backfield from just two out of four of our defensive linemen! 

It would be nice to see Vick and Cole taking up four of the five offensive linemen while Reed and Jackson came from the edges, then all of a sudden one or two of the linebackers—Curry, Tatupu, Hawthorn, or possibly Hill?—come out of nowhere and we see a lot more sacks, or running backs being dropped for a loss in the backfield this season.

This could be the surprise that I hope will happen. "Big Vick" could be the key to putting Seattle's defense in the top 10 to 15 maybe better (wishful thinking), a big improvement considering they were ranked one of the worst last year.

So If you watch the game tonight 7 p.m. E.T. check out "Big Vick," No. 94. He could be Carrol's secret weapon we don't know about yet.    


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