The Most Intimidating Fans In Sports

Joe CipollaContributor IAugust 12, 2010

The Most Intimidating Fans In Sports

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    The orgin of the word "fan" is derived from the word fanatic.

    According to, the definition of the word fanatic is as follows:

    • –noun 1.  a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal

    A loud, brash and rowdy fan base can be instrumental in giving a home team that edge to help them achieve victory.

    The following list of fans are the cream of the crop when it comes to craziness and intimidation. These fans have sent chills into the backbones of their opponents so much that they dread playing away games at these stadiums/arenas.

Montreal Canadiens - The Habs

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    Hockey is not just a sport in Montreal, it's a way of life!  As one of the "Original Six", the Candiens and their fans expect perfection.

    No one is safe from the wrath of the Habs.... even their own players!

    Boos are showered upon their own players if they don't perform up to snuff.

    Opposing team's players are met by thunderous boos any time they touch the puck and are serenaded with cheers if they get hurt on the ice. 

    Not even the USA's nation anthem is safe, as it has been booed several times before the beginning of a game.

    Needless to say, visiting teams do not look forward to playing in Montreal.

Boston Red Sox - Red Sox Nation

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    The Red Sox may be the only team in professional sports whose fans actually have a governing body. Red Sox Nation has a president, vice president, and regional governors representing all six New England states.

    Opposing players (and fans) entering Fenway Park are always in for a long day full of profanity-laden heckling, and in some cases, beer soaking harassment.

    Not even Red Sox players are immune from their fans if they are under-performing.  And if a former Red Sox player comes back to Fenway in another uniform (especially a Yankee uniform), there is no love lost as the boo-birds are out in full force.

Seattle Seahawks - The 12th Man

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    Qwest Field is the loudest stadium in the NFL.  The stadium is actually designed to project noise onto the field!

    Seahawk fans take pride in being as loud as they can, causing opposing teams to commit multiple false start penalties.  They do this so effectively that the scoreboard has a false start tracker on it!

    The excessive fan noise has prompted teams to accuse the Seahawks of playing crowd noise over the stadium's PA system. Following an NFL investigation, it was concluded they do no such thing, the fans are just that loud!

    The number 12 has been retired by the Seahawks in honor of their fans.

Cleveland Browns - The Dawg Pound

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    In the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium, the Dawg Pound struck fear in the hearts of opposing teams.  Fueled by massive quantities of beer (they have been known to sneak kegs into the stadium), their antics are the stuff of spectator legend. 

    Adversaries (including referees) of the Browns could expect to be hailed with a barrage of milk-bones, dog food, batteries, plastic beer bottles... basically anything the pound can get their hands on.

    These actions have actually affected the course of games. Once, a referee actually ordered the teams to switch the direction of play in mid-quarter to avoid the storm of debris from the Dawg Pound.

    The Dawg Pound of the new Cleveland Browns Stadium is a bit more reserved than it's predecessor, but they can still get rowdy with the best of them.  Check out the greeting Ochocinco got when he tried to leap in to the Pound...

Oakland Raiders - The Black Hole

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    Just look at this bunch of lunatics!  Hunter S. Thompson wrote of Raider fans: "The massive Raider Nation is beyond doubt the sleaziest and rudest and most sinister mob of thugs and wackos ever assembled." (source: Wikipedia)

    It looks like a small portion of hell appeared in the endzone of the Oakland Coliseum.  Their appearance alone is enough to scare the hell out of visiting teams, not to mention how rowdy they get.

    They've been know to bring dummies and fake severed heads of opponents to throw around the section.

    Their tailgating parties are also the stuff of legends, notorious for starting days before the game.

Philadelphia Eagles/Phillies - The 700 Level

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    Philadelphia fans may be the most unrelenting, unforgiving, and unsympathetic fans in all of sports.  No one is safe from their wrath.

    They booed Santa Claus. They booed a 12 year old girl singing the National Anthem. They cheered as Michael Irvin was carted off the field on a stretcher with a broken spine.

    The Mecca for the ravenous fans was the "700 Level" of the old Veterans Stadium. 

    Upon entering the 700 level, one was greeted with the aroma of beer, pot, vomit and urine. God forbid you were an opposing team's fan... there was a good chance you wouldn't make it out alive.  The 700 level was notorious for getting opposing fans removed from the section just for their safety!

    The new stadiums for the Eagles and Phillies don't have an equivalent of the 700 level at the Vet, they just allowed its former patrons to spread out around the entire stadium. They're still just a notorious.

New York Yankees - The Bleacher Creatures

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    From the roll call to the profanity laden chants, who's better than the Yankee Stadium "Bleacher Creatures"?

    OK, OK, I'm a Yankee fan (whose had the pleasure of being a creature on more than one occasion) so I'm a bit biased here... but you have to admit, the bleacher creatures are one hell of a bunch of fans.

    The last thing you ever want to do is sit in the bleachers wearing an opponents paraphernalia.  The best you can hope for is just to get the "Gay Man" song sung to you. The worst, which I've personally witnessed, is having the jersey and/or hat ripped from your body, torn to shreds and set on fire, after which you are escorted out by the NYPD for your own safety.

    And opponent's right fielders are in for a long day of taunts so brutal that it wouldn't surprise me at all if they went back to the dugout and cried.

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