Spotlight on Anquan Boldin: Baltimore Ravens 2010 Training Camp

Paul StaggContributor IIAugust 7, 2010

Spotlight on Anquan Boldin: Baltimore Ravens 2010 Training Camp

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    One of the bigger moves this off season for the Baltimore Ravens was trading a 3rd round and 4th round pick for prolific Cardinals' receiver Anquan Boldin. 

    The Ravens signed Boldin to a contract extension worth $25 Million, $10 Million guaranteed, and filled one of the obvious needs on the squad.

    Was it a good value?  Will Boldin fit in and produce?  If training camp is any indication, the answer is 'yes!'.

Value Play

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    No one can really question Ozzy Newsome's skill as a GM.  Picking up Boldin for a 3rd and 4th round draft choice looks now like a no-brainer. 

    There were no two players in those rounds who could come in and make the immediate impact that Boldin does.  One could make the argument there weren't two players in those rounds who would have the long term upside of Boldin as well.  He's an eight year veteran who has been durable over the years, and it's certainly possible he'll complete the four years on his deal in Baltimore if he can stay healthy, which is more than the three year average NFL stint.

Connecting with Flacco

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    One of the keys to a solid receiving corps are relationships between the quarterback and the guys catching his passes.  The receivers need to trust their passer, and likewise, the passer needs to know the receivers are on the same page.

    According to the USA Today, Flacco and Boldin have talked football at least twice a week during the off season.  From all accounts the connection is there.

    We can also expect Boldin's experience to be a factor in Flacco's continued development as a QB.

Fitting in the System

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    There's no question Anquan Boldin is a tough, physical player.  He's fitting right in with the Ravens' tough guy mentality. 

    He's from the same mold as the tough Derrick Mason, and will be an outstanding compliment to the speedier Dante Stallworth. 

    By all accounts, Boldin will emerge as the number one receiver, with Mason possibly even playing off the bench.  He's practiced very well in camp.

    He's also built a solid relationship with Ravens' star LB Ray Lewis, the two have become close friends.

A Career Year?

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    Look for Bouldin to have a career year with the Ravens. 

    He'll be playing in a Cam Cameron offense with a budding star QB, and there will be no question he's the number one guy.  With the consistent threats of the running game, the versatility of Ray Rice, and the addition of Stallworth as a deep threat and of course Mason as a dependable outlet; Boldin will have an opportunity to shine brighter than he already did in Arizona.

    I expect he'll be back to the Pro Bowl this year.

    And maybe win the big one.

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