Mike Tyson: I Made Hangover Movie for Drugs

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistAugust 6, 2010

Mike Tyson: I Made Hangover Movie for Drugs

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    MILAN, ITALY - JULY 09:  Mike Tyson attends a press conference held at Just Cavalli Cafe on July 9, 2010 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)
    Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

    Mike Tyson broke into the sport as a powerful young boxer with a flair for knocking out opponents.

    During his career, he established himself as a great heavyweight fighter.

    But his career has also been riddled with controversy both in and out of the boxing ring. 

    Now he has once again made news for admitting that his much-enjoyed cameo in the hit movie The Hangover was done in order to feed his drug addiction.

    Oh Mike.  How do you always get yourself in trouble?

    Let's take a look at Tyson's life over the years leading up to his recent announcement.

1985: Here's Iron Mike

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    Tyson burst onto the boxing scene as a young and powerful 18-year-old heavyweight on March 6, 1985.

    His first professional match was against Hector Mercedes, who Tyson knocked out in the first round.

1985-1986: String of Knockouts

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    After his pro debut, Tyson won his first 19 matches all by knockout.

    Even more impressive was the fact that 12 of them came in the first round.

    He blazed through the boxing ranks and his winning streak ignited talk that he was the next great heavyweight.

    And at such a young age a title match would soon be in his future.

1986: WBC Title

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    He won the WBC title match at 20 years old after only two rounds.

    Tyson knocked out Trevor Berbick in his first ever title fight and became the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history.

1987-1988: WBC, WBA, IBF Titles

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    He was the first heavyweight to hold all three major belts at the same time.

    Thus, cementing his claim as the undisputed heavyweight champion.

    During this time, Tyson defeated some of the top heavyweights in the world. 

    He gave Larry Holmes his first knockout loss in his career and he ended Michael Spinks' career with a devastating knockout in the first round after 91 seconds.

1988: Street Fighter

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    As the story goes Mitch "Blood" Green was knocked out by Tyson with a single punch to his face somewhere in the streets of Harlem.

    The devastating blow smashed Green's face and left Tyson with a broken right hand.

    The two were apparently arguing about money from their 1986 fight.

1988-1989: Marriage to Robin Givens

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    This was the year where Tyson's marriage to actress Robin Givens received national exposure.

    Stories about Tyson's mental health and allegations of spousal abuse finally came to surface.

    The couple was only married for less than a year before Givens filed for divorce.

1990: Buster Douglas

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    After starting his career 37-0, Tyson finally suffered his first defeat.

    On February 11, 1990, Tyson lost to Buster Douglas by knockout in a match set in Tokyo. 

    It was a huge upset since Tyson was the heavy favorite to win.

    Fresh off a failed marriage and his first professional loss, more problems would follow Tyson the following year.

1991: Sexual Assault

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    In 1991, Tyson was arrested after being accused of sexual assault by Desiree Washington.

    Washington testified during his trial that she was attacked by Tyson in a hotel room and he assaulted against her will.

    He was sentenced to 10 years (six in prison, four in probation) for rape.

1992-1995: Prison and Conversion

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    His three years in prison offered him a lot of time to reflect.

    Tyson converted to Islam, a religion he continues to practice today.

1995: Comeback

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    After being released early from prison in March 1995, Tyson came back with a vengeance and defeated three fighters: Buster Mathis Jr., Frank Bruno, and Bruce Seldon.

    He won all three matches by knockout and and was able to regain his lost WBC title from Frank Bruno.

1996: Tyson Vs. Holyfield

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    The Holyfield vs. Tyson match was a long-awaited bout for many fans.

    The two were supposed to face off earlier in the decade but Tyson's time in prison delayed the anticipated meeting.

    Heading into the match, Tyson would be defending his newly acquired WBC title and be the favorite against the older Holyfield.

    However, Tyson fell to Holyfield after a Round 11 TKO.

    It was the second defeat of his career.

1997: Rematch and the Incident

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    This rematch of the two heavyweights will always be remembered for Tyson biting Holyfield's ears.

    He did it not once, but two times during Round Three of the match.  Tyson was disqualified and Holyfield won the fight.

    Camera's captured Tyson actually biting off a chunk of Holyfield's ear and spitting it in the ring.

    Tyson would later tell reporters that he was retaliating from Holyfield's headbutts.

    His boxing license was rescinded for the incident but would later be restored in 1998.

2002: Last Championship Match

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    In 2002, with his best boxing days behind him, Tyson had one last chance for a heavyweight title match

    With the IBF, IBO, and WBC titles on the line,  a 35-year old Mike Tyson lost to Lennox Lewis.

    Lennox defeated Tyson with a knockout in Round Eight.

2003: Bankruptcy

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    In 2003, Tyson faced a tough year.  With a lifetime earnings estimated at $300 million, he had to file for bankruptcy.

    He still showed signs of his old self, however, after knocking out Clifford Etienne 49 seconds into Round One. This victory came after Tyson was criticized for getting his new facial tattoo instead of spending more training.

2005: Retirement

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    Out of shape and with no more will to fight after losing three of his last four fights, Tyson called it a career in 2005.

    He dedicated more of his time taking care of his collection of 350 pigeons at Paradise Valley in Arizona.

2006-2007: DUI and More Jail Time

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    On December 29, 2006, Tyson was arrested for suspected DUI and drug possession after nearly crashing into a police SUV.

    He stood trial and checked into a rehab facility for a several undisclosed addictions. Tyson was sentence to 24 hours in jail, community service, three years probation, and was lauded by the judge for his attempts at drug rehabilitation.

2009: Death 0f Daughter

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    The biggest personal tragedy of his life was the death of his four-year old daughter, Exodus.

    In a tragic accident in May 25, 2009, she was found unconscious and strangled by a cord hanging from a treadmill.

    She died the next day as a result of injuries from the accident.

2009: Scuffle with Photographer

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    He was arrested in November 2009 for allegedly punching a photographer.

    After already being in rehab for his drug addiction, Tyson showed the world that he still had some unresolved anger management issues.

    No formal charges were made against Tyson.

Other Marriages and Children

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    He is a very complex person and his family life is every bit as complicated as his personality.

    Tyson has had three marriages and fathered seven children from different mothers.

    But Tyson is very thankful for his kids and credits them for wanting to clean up his act and turn his life around.

2009-2010: Cameos and a New Man

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    Instead of fighting in the ring.  Many believe that Tyson is now counting on using his TV appearances and movie cameos to work his way out of debt.

    His cameo in The Hangover reacquainted him to the masses and the tragic loss of his young daughter endeared him to the public.

    Her death motivated him to lose weight and become committed to his family and children.

    But it was his recent revelation that he used his earnings to feed his drug habit that once again has shocked the public. 

    Here's to hoping that Mike won't go back to his old drug addict ways and that he truly is a changed man.