Oakland Raiders: Charge Forward and Challenge the San Diego Chargers

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IIAugust 4, 2010

One article that I published on B/R got folks so heated up that there were more than 170 comments, and it made the front page. I guess when you write an article about your next door neighbors and rivals it can get to be the "wild, wild west" in the comment strand.

Thank goodness there are Raider Ladies who can handle a good debate. Jeanette Raider punched the intellect of some of the participants. Did they admit defeat? No. In fact, I noticed that even today comments are still being posted.

Well, I have to move on and here is a little "something to chew on."

Here is a chart that is the support data for this discussion.

DallasOakland    ChargersYearCompareChargers with Oakland
6 8 6 1982 >   O  
12 12 6 1983 =   O  
9 11 7 1984 >   O  
10 12 8 1985 >   O  
7 8 4 1986 >   O 
3 7 6 1988 >   O  
1 8 6 1989 >   O  
7 12 6 1990 >   O 
8 8 8 1999 =   tie  
5 12 1 2000 >   O  
5 10 5 2001 >   O  
5 11 8 2002 >   O 

This time, I left the Dallas data in the table, showing the comparison using the less than, equal or greater than sign. The eras in which Oakland dominated in wins when compared to Dallas are made bold.

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The comparisons of the San Diego Chargers with the Oakland Raiders are coded with C for Chargers if their wins were greater in a given year, O for the Oakland Raiders and "tie" is used if both the Chargers and the Raiders had the same number of wins during a given year.

The article photo shows that Oakland has had eras where they clearly dominated in the number of wins. Those years are highlighted in red in the table of data.

As you study the graph, you see the eras in which Oakland's line graph was above that of the Chargers, and, of course, in more recent years the Chargers graph is above the Raiders.

Clearly, there are three time periods in which Oakland dominated the Chargers. Although the Chargers have exceeded Oakland in wins during a couple of eras, the area between the two curves is not as large as the area between the curves during the years in which the Raiders had more wins. More recently, however, the Chargers' curve is above that of the Raiders, with a larger area than in past eras.

Other factors enter into this discussion. There are things that transcend the numbers. There are stochastic variables or probabilities. The quality of the coaching and the frequency of injuries are all variables in this discussion. There are many other factors and variables that could be included. Today's discussion is more narrowly focused to share a method of giving a comparison with support data.

You may not understand the passion of the fans of the Raider Nation, but try to understand a few things.

The stuff that the Oakland Raiders are made of is like a visco-elastic material, strong and durable, tough and elastic with the capability of surviving periods of deformation, and being restored and returned to its original glorious form.

The steel-like will and determination of Al Davis and the enhanced coaching of Tom Cable, flanked by Hue Jackson and others are variables that are difficult to quantify but are forces to contend with. It is indicative of the spirit of the team in 2010. And as you know from history, the spirit of the team (and of the people) can often transcend other factors which attempt to overcome the team.

So, charge forward Oakland Raiders, and challenge and conquer the San Diego Charger!

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