Brett Favre Retires: Top 10 Things He Can Do After Football

Elias Trejo@@Elias_TrejoSenior Analyst IIAugust 3, 2010

Brett Favre Retires: Top 10 Things He Can Do After Football

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    Reports of Brett Favre retiring are taking over the news and internet. There are many questions to ask if this is true.

    Is Favre serious? Are the Vikings' title hopes over? How old is Favre really? What will he do after he retires?

    I don't have the answers to every question, but I have compiled a list of ten things Favre can do if he truly does retire.

WalMart Door Greeter

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    A WalMart door greeter would be a great option for Brett. Most of them are old and friendly. Favre would be very qualified for this job because he is old and has that Southern Hospitality.

BP Damage Control Representative

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    BP needs all the help it can get right now. The oil spill was one of the worst disasters in history. Favre could be the guy to turn this franchise around and make people forget about all that oil...or not.


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    Favre is a very popular man in Mississippi, so perhaps he can run for president of the world or of the United States. I'm sure he is as smart or smarter than some of our recent Presidents.

Farmers Insurance Agent

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    I'm not saying this because I help develop agents for Farmers Insurance, one of the greatest insurance companies in the world, but I can see Favre on Team Farmers. He's competitive, he's tough as nails, and he's been around since 1928, just like Farmers Insurance.

ESPN Analyst

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    Brett Favre has the looks for TV and the personality. He also has the credentials as a player to analyze and criticize other players. He could replace Trent Dilfer who shouldn't be doing much talking. Dilfer's career numbers and percentages are closer to Jamarcus Russell's than Favre's.

    I guess riding Ray Lewis and his defense to a Super Bowl title qualifies you for anything.

Hollywood Actor

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    I can totally see Brett Favre in a movie like his appearance on There's Something About Mary. He could be the leading actor in a few of these titles. The Buckets List 2, A Few Good Old Men, Honey I Shrunk My Junk!, and my favorite Old School 2. Favre can be the new Blue!

American Idol or America's Got Talent Judge

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    Paula Abdul, Ellen DeGeneres, and now Jennifer Lopez are or have been judges for American Idol? That tells me that you don't have to know how to sing to judge someone's singing ability.

    David Hassellhoff and Howie Mandel judge a talent contest?

    Favre is just as qualified as these judges to take their current jobs.

Reality TV Show

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    If Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens have their own reality TV shows on VH1, then Favre can get his own on CMT or even ESPN. It will be called "Keeping Up With the Favres," and all they do is follow him around in Mississippi. I can see it now. Tonight on CMT, "My Redneck Wedding," followed by "Keeping Up With the Favres."

Viagra Spokesman

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    When you are around the age of Bob Dole and Brett Favre, Viagra is not only something you need in your daily life, it can also bring in some money. I can see their new slogan now with Favre. "Fall down 365 times, Get it up 366 times."

Late Night Talk Show Host

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    Favre could take over David Letterman's spot as the talk show host when Letterman retires. Then he could make his own top 10 list, until David steals his job because his new show on primetime sucks.

    Only one more til Conan O'Brien's show on TBS!

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