Miami Dolphins Training Camp Update: Brandon Marshall

J. BrunoCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2010

DENVER - 2009:  Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by NFL Photos)
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As the 2010 regular season draws ever-nearer, it becomes increasingly evident that the excitement and expectation surrounding Brandon Marshall is only going to intensify.

With more than five camp practices under his belt, Marshall has done little else but impress the heck out of anyone paying attention. Players, coaches, and fans alike; it seems there is no one who is not in awe of the Dolphins' new aerial threat.

By many people in Denver, he was referred to as a "cancer" (an insensitive and potentially offensive term of which I grow exceedingly tired) in the locker room, and an overall liability. I admit (as does Brandon), he has acted questionably in the past, but I would never condemn a man that is trying to better himself and turn over a new leaf.

In all actuality, at present, we can see very little of the immature Marshall that has been oft-known in the NFL as a trouble-maker.  Since his move to Miami this spring, it appears that he has at last, seen the light; finally comprehending that along with recording all-pro numbers, truly great players must also sport all-pro attitudes.  

Miami's new No. 19 has done everything he can to show that he is committed to becoming the kind of all-around player that can be viewed as an asset, as opposed to a liability.

For whatever he may or may not have done in the past, it seems the Fins' faithful have already forgiven him. Thus far, he has been the hit of Dolphins Training Camp 2010, not only for his play, but for his willingness to mingle with his new adoring fan base.

But what about his play? It's pretty safe to say that The Beast is proving to everyone that his moniker is well-deserved.

From the first day of camp, he has been stealing headlines, which have been lauding his performance, and what he brings to the team.

We've heard everything about what Brandon Marshall can do for the offense, and in all honesty, it's a lot, but what has been less discussed is his potential impact on the Dolphins' D.

Day one of camp had Dolphins Nation abuzz with talk of how Marshall torched Sean Smith twice in practice, and more of the same sort of news came out of days two and three. I can absolutely guarantee, covering a player like Marshall in practice is going to be absolutely invaluable for guys like Sean Smith, Vontae Davis, and the rest of the young men who comprise a burgeoning secondary.

Sean Smith had this to say: "He showed me something new I'd never seen before. He's a vet. He has been around and showed me some new tricks out there."

Setting aside what he will ultimately do for the Fins during this season's games, I immediately recognize B-Marsh's potential to improve this team on both sides of the ball, merely by virtue of his presence at the training facility. Working out with one of the NFL's elite wide receivers has put a rush-order on the development of the Dolphins' many young talents.

As far as Marshall himself, the one remaining question of the status of his hip seemed to be answered on the first day of camp. He said that it was no longer an issue, and after seeing him him in action, it's quite apparent that he was being truthful.

He has thus impressed us with his abilities, work ethic, and seemingly brand-new upstanding attitude. The reportedly huge down-side to The Beast mentioned by more than a few folks in the media and across various NFL fan bases, has never seemed smaller.

The real bottom line is this: Until Brandon Marshall shows me that he is the problem, I am going to assume that he is the solution.

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